Free People Horoscopes, July 22-28

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.


zodiac sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

The exhilarating energy of the sun—your ruling planet—permeates you as it arrives in your sign this week. But your celebratory season gets off to a complex start with a full moon immediately following the sun’s entry into Leo, nudging you to consider other people’s needs in addition to your own. Although that’s a rather unwelcome reminder when you’re poised to blow out candles, no-nonsense Saturn’s involvement with this sun-moon tug-of-war suggests that you’re better off setting goals than making wishes. It’s normal to want good things to just happen or to thrive on encouragement from others, but a friction-filled week like this sends a signal that we all need to adapt to circumstances not quite of our choosing. If you sense a delay or lack of support now, simply revise your timetable and strengthen your resolve. Valuable Venus in your worth zone represents the main bright spot in your week; taking a moment to treasure what you’ve already got will have a positive impact on your perspective. So first write in your gratitude journal, and then make that list of goals.


zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

Despite all the disagreements between the planets this week, you get a treat in the form of amiable Venus entering your sign. Venus rules beauty, desire, love and relating, so expect her presence in Virgo during the next few weeks to increase your aesthetic attunement, pleasure, sociability, powers of attraction and feelings of affection. Venus in Virgo is disposed to demonstrating fondness through acts of service, and a full moon in your duties sector further highlights your need to be useful. You probably have very specific ideas about what you want and what you ought to be doing. But you don’t always have as much control as you’d like, a fact that this week’s stresses will underscore. For instance, the reaction you’re hoping for from others could continue to elude you. It’s important to maintain faith in humanity and to trust that things will work out as they’re meant to, if not as you’d like them to. Whatever you’re struggling with in your head this week, seek a happy medium between complete control and going with the flow.


zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

You’re better equipped than other signs to handle this week’s oppositions between the sun and the moon (aka a full moon); Venus and Neptune; and Mars and Pluto. Libra—the sign of the scales—officially commences the second half of the zodiac, so you’re all about balancing one thing against its opposite. Part of you feels like making a career push now, and another part wants to socialize. Your creative or romantic needs could be pitted against your role with a group, and your finances may complicate that situation further. Home life and work life don’t mesh too well now either. As you can see, there’s a lot going on! With your ruling planet Venus slipping into your solitude sector, you’ll probably be inclined to simply hide out if life gets too tense. Snag some quiet alone time to re-center yourself, contemplate your priorities and revive your belief in the direction you’re heading in.



zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

You’re used to things not being easy breezy, with challenging Saturn camped out in your sign, so you can handle rocky weeks like this. Although doer Mars’ hookup with optimistic Jupiter in your vision house puts you in the spirit to go for broke, Saturn soon after spars with the sun and moon in your career and home sectors, pushing you back into a more wait-and-see mindset. The sun is vitalizing your ambition, but the moon draws your attention to private feelings. And when your co-rulers Mars and Pluto face off, you may feel the opposition coming from outside or within your own head. Allow timekeeper Saturn to slow things down, and accept that total satisfaction will elude most people this week. Stop and plan what you want to happen next, and consider who you have around you to support your new goals. Your path may appear to be narrowing for the moment, but pausing could give you a chance to see a different route—maybe even a better one—opening up.



zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Joint efforts continue to be emphasized, with mobilizing Mars aligning with your ruler Jupiter in your sharing house at the beginning of the week. But as Venus moves into your ambition angle and the sun enters your freedom sector, you may start leaning toward pursuing your own aims. And with Mars facing off against controlling Pluto days later, collaboration becomes even more challenging. The full moon brings new information to light, but you won’t know what to make of it right away, as doubts pervade your thinking. Give yourself a chance to process the various elements in your life that aren’t coming together as effortlessly as last week, to say the least. Look at what you find yourself wanting to go after this week or what you seem to be drawing to you. Then ponder how that matches up with the goals you’ve been keeping under wraps and an opportunity to partner with someone.



zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

A full moon in your worth zone could strain your finances or your confidence, and the harsh angle it makes with Saturn in your group sector suggests that your friends, professional network or another group factor into this strain. And with provoker Mars conjoining excessive Jupiter in your relationship angle and then opposing Pluto in Capricorn, it’s easy to project—for better and for worse—onto others. In an effort to duck the tension of the week, you may choose to believe what you want to believe. Venus in your perspective zone is coaxing you to value the truth above the more convenient stories we tell ourselves when things don’t go smoothly. Venus is a relational planet, and she’s harmonizing with planets in your humanity and partnership houses this week, indicating that taking a broader view of people will not only brighten your week, but also improve your relationships.



zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

The sun crosses your relationship angle this week and then almost immediately opposes the moon, forming a full moon in your sign. Restrictive Saturn in your authority angle is hassling both the sun and the moon, putting stress on your one-on-one relationships and causing you to feel like it’s difficult to get what you need or like you’re not allowed to feel how you feel. These effects are temporary, but may feel like a big deal, since the full moon intensifies emotions. As a rise-above Aquarius, it probably seems to you that other people can be quite dramatic, and in a week with three different planetary oppositions, the natural tendency—for all of us—is to point the finger. But try to be mindful of your own role in a conflict, as the moon may be setting your teeth on edge. Focusing on a business partnership, intimate relationship or close friendship can prove rewarding, with valuable Venus in your sharing sector being the main player in this week’s rare pockets of peace.



zodiac sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

With go-for-it Mars hooking up with extravagant Jupiter in your joy sector and amorous Venus crossing your relationship angle, it’s only natural that you’re craving love and happiness. You want to express yourself and feel connected to people. But vaporous Neptune in your sign can make it difficult for others to read you, authoritative Saturn in your beliefs house can make you assume you know more than you do and destructive Pluto in your network zone can make you feel like your ties to friends or another group are at risk. So it could be hard to get a handle on interpersonal dynamics. Take yourself seriously, but try not to take anyone’s response to you personally. It’s a week when a few planets are clicking and a lot of planets are clashing, and everyone’s trying to roll with it as best they can. A full moon in your subconscious sector accentuates private emotions and may increase your feelings of vulnerability. Bonding with others is important to you now, but you should also take some time to yourself when you need it.


zodiac sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

With almost all of the planets squabbling with each other this week, one saving grace for your sign is that Uranus in Aries is not involved in any of the skirmishes! So your urge to revolt won’t be quite as overwhelming as it has been at times in the last few years. But your ruler Mars does align with overblown Jupiter early in the week and then opposes domineering Pluto in your authority angle days later, which could set you up for some friction. It will either seem like warring elements within you or a battle that you’re fighting externally, the latter of which will have a me-against-the-world feel to it. Whether it’s the needs of the group, friends’ feelings, a controlling parent or boss, partnership commitments or professional responsibilities, it will probably appear to be standing in your way. No one is meant to get their way 100% right now, so try to glean satisfaction from adapting effectively to limitations and crafting compromises. Your natural strength may be to push, but you can learn from having to operate in a modified manner this week.


zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

Balancing home, work and relationships won’t be so easy this week, with the full moon spanning your domestic and career houses and conflicting with restrictive Saturn. Pleasure-loving Venus has just entered your fulfillment zone, increasing your desire to be happy and have a good time, but that won’t come without some give-and-take right now.  And you may not be too clear on what you want to begin with, since Venus is facing off against disorienting Neptune in your hopes-and-wishes sector. If your ideas are challenged by someone with strong opinions or more expertise than you, you’ll likely be tempted to argue. But the multiple conflicts between the planets this week remind us all of the need to work things out amongst ourselves. These annoyances are relatively fleeting, so don’t let them get to you too much. Rather, use them as a lesson in coexisting and weighing your own wants, needs and thoughts against those of other people. Honest communication and respect for others will help make it a better week.


zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI

May 21–June 20

We’re all kept in check in various ways this week, with the planets forming several discordant angles to each other. Keep an eye on your budget, as overconfidence or impulsiveness could cause you to make a financial move that later proves unwise. Part of you is craving a feeling of comfort and security and harboring ideals of success, but the less-than-glamorous fact is that disciplined, focused work is the way to go—and on some level, you know that. It’s just that it’s hard for a Gemini to keep plugging away; you naturally want to shift gears. The sun’s entry into your cognition sector revs up your curiosity now, but it’s challenged by the full moon in your education zone, Neptune in your ambition angle and Saturn in your duties house. So your perspective, your goals and your ways of doing things may need to change based on the information that you’re gathering. Geminis are into getting the info, but this week reminds you of the need to analyze it, figure out what it means and decide what to do about it.


zodiac sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Your confidence and your urge to act may peak with the alliance of bold Mars and boundless Jupiter in your sign early in the week. But when the moon—your ruling planet—lights up your sharing sector, you’re compelled to factor in the needs of others. Plus the moon is full, opposing the sun in your resources zone and asking you to look beyond what you’re trying to get going for yourself and consider the unspoken contracts you have with others. Stern Saturn is giving both the sun and the moon a tough time, driving home the point that we have to earn much of what we want in life, and even when we get it, it may not be exactly what we thought it would be. An opposition between Mars in Cancer and Pluto in your relationship angle indicates a possible power struggle, but don’t let it dictate your mood. The fights between the planets this week are affecting every sign, so resist your natural inclination to personalize it. Staying connected to people and showing your affection will offset other unpleasantness in your week.


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I love that FP horoscopes are always chalk full of advice and explanations to go with the predictions!

Juliette Laura


These are now the only horoscopes I read. They are so accurate and are very realistic. Thank you for another great post! x

Love this quote, and love how in tuned with the moon FP is. Especially given the fact that I’m a cancer, and it’s my ruling planet : ) Xo


always so accurate..