What Your Handwriting Says About You

I’m always so interested to see the handwriting of people around me. We all learn how to construct the alphabet in a similar way, yet we each take our own approach to creating every letter; word; phrase, making our handwriting completely unique to ourselves only. I’ve always heard that handwriting can say a lot about a person, so I did a little bit of research on how to decode it.

I asked a group of people from our home office to handwrite the phrase “_______ is what free means to me” on a piece of paper, so that I could compare their handwriting styles. They were told to fill in the blank with whatever they wanted.

Let us know if the descriptions for your handwriting style link up to your personality traits!

If the size of your letters is…

Large: Your personality is likely to be big, as well. You’re an outgoing person who enjoys attention. When you enter a room, you do not go unnoticed.

Small: You are on the shyer side and look into yourself often. You have the ability to remain focused and can concentrate on the task at hand.


If the shape of your letters is…

Rounded: You are a creator. You’re an artistic soul whose talents are recognized.

Pointed: You are smart, direct, and intense. You enjoy the feeling of being in control.

Letter shape

If your letters slant

To the right: You are open to the world and tend to be optimistic. You’re a social person who very much enjoys interacting with others.

To the left: You prefer working alone and do not enjoy being in the spotlight. If you are right-handed, a slant to the left could indicate a rebellious side.

Neither left nor right: You are a practical person who acts based on logic rather than emotion.

Is what free means

If the spacing between your letters and words is…

Narrow: You draw energy from being around other people; you prefer not to be alone.

Wide: You like your freedom. You prefer to steer clear of crowds.

Means to me.

If the speed of your writing is…

Quick: You are impatient and often in a hurry. You don’t like being held up by delays of any kind.

Slow: You are neat, organized, and meticulous. You have a plan, and you stick to it.

And in case you wanted to see how everyone filled in their blanks…

Free Quote 4

Free Quote 2

Free Quote 3

Free Quote 5

Free quote 1

Does your handwriting fit with your personality? Comment to let us know!

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  1. This was such a great post… I love looking at other people’s handwriting. Will be sharing this post :)

  2. I always have been curious about the meaning of handwritings (but I was probably too lazy to check it out).Thanks for posting this! Also, I think the quotes really added a fun touch to the post.

  3. My handwriting seems to fit my personality perfectly! How funny and interesting! Thanks for this post, loved it! :)

  4. Love!
    It’s exciting and fun to test my creativity but I’ve never thought about how my handwriting can mean something. This pulls you in and makes you feel important no matter what your style is!
    Of course, my results were geared towards the small and rounded artsy, independent, and focused side.

  5. This is so interesting. I always wanted to have someone read what my handwriting means about me!

    Do you think there is a difference whether you write in cursive or print?

    (: Lauren

  6. I’ve always wanted to know what my handwriting says about me, but it’s tough because I have so many different handwritings, haha! Seriously, my schoolbooks used to look like a mess ’cause every class I’d have a different handwriting – big, small, loopy, straight, slanted…you name it! I wonder if having tons of different handwriting say something? :P

    x Renee

  7. Interesting idea, and it also depends if you are left-handed or right-handed (right-brained or left brained) analytical or creative…I did my Master’s thesis on left-handedness and brain laterality. If you are right handed, you are left-brain meaning analytical, you tend to be better at the sciences, math; in regards to left handed people are right-brained, the creative, the artists, singers, actors…

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