Instagram Giveaway: Win Prints Of Your Photos!

It’s funny – I remember when Instagram launched, and how new and exciting it was. Now, it’s become such a routine part of daily life (especially for our blog team, since we are the ones posting to the Free People Instagram account!). I love Instagram – I love capturing little moments and having a place where they are all stored. Looking back through my photos brings back so many memories of fun times, trips, and people I love.  We recently discovered Social Print Studio, which offers a variety of ways to print your Instagram images, and we’ve become obsessed! You can print your images in some really cool ways — from tiny booklets, stickers and magnets to larger, high quality prints and posters. We ordered some from the Free People Instagram and they are so adorable. Imagine how great it would be to have a little booklet full of Instagram photos from a specific trip or even an event like a wedding! We teamed up with Social Print Studio to offer a giveaway through our Instagram so that you can win just that — a selection of whatever form of prints you’d like, for a value of up to $50.

To enter: Post a summer-themed image to Instagram, tagging @freepeople — and be sure to include the hashtag #FPlovesIG

social prints instagram giveaway

social prints instagram giveaway

social prints instagram giveaway

For an awesome way to use your printed Instagram photos, check out FP Jana’s DIY Instagram Coasters!

Follow the Free People Instagram.

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9 years ago

Just a question! Is this open to international readers :) ?
Thanks xx

9 years ago

I’m obsessed with photographs!! I have been since I was a young one..I use to take my moms photo albums and look through them and organize the photos to my liking…I have over 600 photos on my phone alone..(mostly from my recent vacation to Florida, who doesn’t need 500 photos of the ocean!?!) Almost 1400 photos on my instagram, that I would love to have prints of! I am completely obsessed! :)

9 years ago

So cute! Definitely will be entering!

Juliette Laura

9 years ago

Love the idea of making a little scrapbook of the photos! It’s so cute, and looking through old photos always brings a smile to my face!
Halfway to Harmony

9 years ago

so cute!

9 years ago

Just today or do we have a couple days?

9 years ago

can we add tags to a picture we already have? 0:)

9 years ago

What’s the deadline?

9 years ago

I love this company. I ran across them recently. Can you imagine the cool holiday gifts you could create with this?

9 years ago

It is so cute! I want to enter this.

9 years ago

When was the deadline? is there a winner yet? :D where are you gonna announce it?