Join Our Team! We’re Looking For A Creative Product Copywriter!

Do you always stay up to date with current fashion trends, pay close attention to detail and love to write? If this sounds like you, we are looking for a product copywriter who has a strong understanding of the Free People brand. Check out what a typical day entails below, and click here for more info about the opening!

Could this be you….?

8:30AM: You pull into Navy Yard Campus and park your car (or bike).

8:45AM: Stop into Jharoka for coffee and fruit to kick start your day, though you can’t help but eye up all of those yummy pastries.

9:00AM: Sit down at your desk and get organized for the day ahead. Don’t forget to visit your favorite office pup on your way in! Open up your email to make sure you follow up on any buyer or merchandiser requests for updates to copy, or any rush items that need copy by the end of the day or sooner. This way you can add them to your list of items that you need to track down samples of throughout the day.

9:05AM: Open up Free People’s Merchandise Tracking System to check what the photo studio has shot the previous day. These samples most likely are hanging up on the rack outside the photo studio, set aside by our wonderful stylists. These items are the ones you need to grab. The photo studio can help you track down any missing samples that weren’t set aside for you.

9:30AM: Start describing the Free People product that you have samples for! Use beautiful adjectives like “delicate” and “flowing” to bring the product to life and let the customer know all the special details about it that they probably can’t get just from a picture, such as a side zipper, an attached slip, or a subtle beaded trimming.

beaded details

10:30AM: Email the buying team regarding items that you cannot find certain information on, such as measurements, content, care and country of origin. Every single details counts, and the more information you can provide the customer the better. Is it a vibrant wash? Does the pattern vary? Is it made from all vintage materials? Is it made in USA? Is it exclusive? Is there a hi-low hem? The customer wants to know!

11:30AM: Check to see what the studio has shot so far today! Continue to keep a list going throughout the day of these items so you make sure to get a hold of them the next time you run up to the photo studio. Samples easily get lost, sent to meetings or misplaced, so the sooner you get a hold of them after they are shot, the better! And make sure to bring them back to where you got them once you’re done, or leave them organized on your rack of clothes for buyers, stylists or merchandisers to seek out samples they need.

rack of clothes

12PM: Lunch time! Today’s featured salad at 543 is calling your name. Enjoy the summer weather by sitting outside on a blanket and catching up with your co-workers!

12:45PM: While you digest your lunch, take a browse through the What’s New page to double check the copy of the items that just went online. Double check grammar, spelling, spacing and measurements. We are all human, so mistakes can happen, but we want to be the first to catch them, not the customer! Take this time to also get back to our customer service team with help answering any questions that customers have about certain product. As a copywriter, you have a lot of insight because you see the product up close and personal each and every day.

2:00PM: You have copy done for all products shot yesterday, and are currently working on what has been shot today. Each day you will be sent a list of items from the web production team that need copy ASAP, mostly because they have recently come into stock, or a buyer or merchandiser wants them up in time for an email or homepage.

2:30PM: A lot of product gets shot each day, and it’s always good to work as a team. Take some time to help the photo editor. The number of files in her folder grow each and every day, so take a peek in them and help with renaming them with the correct style number and color code and order of how they will show up on the website. This helps the entire process of getting an item up online faster and more seamlessly.

3:00PM: Snack time! What’s the special today: Philly pretzels or a $0.85 latte?

3:30PM: Finish tracking down the rest of the samples that are on your list and continue to update product descriptions that you have been emailed about throughout the day.

girl with tape measure

4:30PM: Every single day is different. Some days you are working on product descriptions non-stop. Some days you are getting vendor information about expensive jewelry to work into copy. Some days you are mostly looking at the future product and starting to set them up with measurements and other technical information. Some days you are hand-measuring vintage product and researching a certain decade for a cool call-out in copy. Some days you are running up to the photo studio, to the buying team and all over the office to track down samples. Some days you might be working on fun creative copy for an email or homepage. It really depends on how you spread out your time on each project throughout the day.

6:00PM: If you have a little time left in your day, help our SEO (search engine optimization) team come up with some fun and light, creative category descriptions to help our site rank higher on internet search engines.

If this sounds like you – click here for more info and to apply!

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10 years ago

I swear, this is pretty much my dream job! Somehow, l don’t think it’s even a possibility for me whilst i’m living on the other side of the world, insert giant sad face here. I’m sure whoever does get this position will have a fantastic time working with a fantastic team!

10 years ago

Oh my goodness my absolute dream job! Once I am done with schooling I plan to apply to FP! Oh, and cutest listing ever!

Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Sigh. Why can’t every job post listings like this! Whoever thought of this,..amazing! Sadly I am more of the scientific type rather than creative, but this listing had even me convinced it was my dream job haha

10 years ago

I so wish I could apply for this dream job! I’m not sure if I would be able to relocate for it at this time..and I also have a bachelors in business so I’m not too sure if that counts as a related field….hoping in the future working for free people could be something I am definitely doing

10 years ago

It seems a really good job. Funny and interesting. What a pity that I can change my job during this years.

10 years ago

Kudos to Jana for being a FANTASTIC member of the Free People blogging team!
This description is both informative and inventive. I feel like I have a perfect picture of the actual job in question, the work culture of FP, and fashion copywriting jobs in general. :)

10 years ago

Oh man. If I lived anywhere near Philly I would so be your woman for this. I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Creative Writing, and experience writing ad copy. And I’m obsessed with FP. I’d kill this job. Too bad I’m stuck in gross Florida :(