Office Style: Long Lengths

There’s something about wearing a long dress that is so soft and feminine. I don’t normally wear maxi dresses, but if I wake up and feel like dressing girly, that is the first thing I gravitate towards. I really like how easy they are to throw on, too. A long dress is one of those pieces that don’t need much extra effort in styling to look good; the dress speaks for itself most of the time. This week, I was loving some of the dresses the girls were wearing around the office.

brown leather bag detail

Our senior graphic designer is wearing the Mix In The Crochet Dress in white.

long green dress

back detail of long green dress

I really like the rope back detail on the dress that our accessories buying assistant was wearing.

black dress and jacket

leather jacket and jewelry detail

long tribal printed maxi dress

collar necklace detail

Our social media intern accessorized her tribal printed maxi with the Ombre Finge Collar in orange.

long blue striped dress

blue dress and small dog

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  1. Is the bag in the first picture free people?? where did she get that, it’s so beautiful!!

  2. Dresses should be quick and easy – if my wife wanted to wear an extra piece, why not go with a top and pants or a skirt? I think that not all dresses fit every person.You have to see what works on that person depending on body type. And of course the style is the key to. I bought her last long dress online and I have to say that I’m pretty pleased –

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