What To Pack For Pitchfork Music Festival

I’m heading to Pitchfork festival Thursday evening and I am stoked! There is so much awesome music to be heard and festival fashion to be captured. Plus, this will only be my second time ever traveling to Chicago, so I’m really excited to discover all that this lovely city has to offer!

I’m going to be running around for three days straight, taking it all in, so I’m making sure my outfits will allow me to run free. I’m bringing with me two pairs of boots, some skirts and tops, a few necklaces, a belt, and a backpack to carry my festival necessities. Here are my Pitchfork outfits broken down by day!

Day 1:

Pitchfork - what to pack

You guys need to see this mini skirt in person. The shells and beadwork are to die for!

Products pictured: Moroccan Top, Gilliam Bay Embroidered Mini, Crochet Lengths Vest, Triple Crescent Collar, The People Slash Boot, Harper Leather Backpack.

Day 2:

Pitchfork - what to pack 3

I love the asymmetry on both the tank and the maxi skirt! The two look awesome paired together with a belt at the hips.

Products pictured: We The Free Side Swept Tank, Layered Convertible Skirt, Graceland Hip Belt, Floral Chain Mail Fringe Necklace, Buckle Back Ankle Boot, Harper Leather Backpack.

Day 3:

Pitchfork - what to pack 2

I love how casual this outfit is. I’m going to live in this mini skirt all the way through fall.

Products pictured: The Saturn Tee, FP ONE Third Charm Mini, Pisco Sour Necklace, The People Slash Boot, Harper Leather Backpack.

If you live in Chicago, head to your local Free People store for a festival event this Thursday! Get prepped for Pitchfork with hair braiding and a flower crown DIY, all while enjoying sweets and refreshments from VitaCoco! See the event on Facebook for more info.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates during the festival! I’ll be there shooting festival fashion — I might just capture your outfit for the blog. :)

Follow FP Brigette on Twitter.

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7 years ago

Oh my goodness! I love all of these outfits! I wish I could go to Pitchfork! And the FP hair braiding flower crown fun! Seriously though, these outfits are perfect! Have fun!

Juliette Laura

Beth C
7 years ago

Welcome from a Chiacgoan! I love my city… So enjoy your time here! Wish I was going to pitchfork, but I have a wedding to attend instead.

7 years ago

Thank you for the inspiration! Getting ready for the next festival to come :)


7 years ago

Ooh love the outfits! You will be super comfy & cool. Those events at the Chicago FP sound fantastic – have fun!


7 years ago

Love your blog! I have a request / challenge for you. I recently purchased the French courtship slip, I love it and think it is beautiful and charming! My one issue with it is, how to style it? Other then a slip under it or tee over it. I would love, love , love to see a few different takes on this piece! It’s a great summer fall transition slip, I just am a bit stumped. Thanks so much for considering!!

7 years ago

dynamite outfit collage.

I’m also going to pitchfork! and very excited to see M.I.A., Belle and Sebastian & Chairlift again.

does anyone live in chicago that could let me know some fun things to do while i’m in town?
dancing/ good restaurants / fun activities?/underground stuff?, looking for more local type activities than touristy.


you could post them in my ask box on my site or here

7 years ago

Wow! The second is amazing outfits! The link does not work shoes … What is the brand?