Pitchfork Final Photo Diary

The incredible music, fashion, food, and fun that is Pitchfork Music Festival has sadly come to an end, but it was a weekend that will certainly not go forgotten. I had to leave the festival early yesterday to fly back to Philly, but I was luckily able to catch Foxygen, Blood Orange, and a little glimpse of Yo La Tengo before heading out! Foxygen was an absolute spectacle to see live – I loved every minute of it… but more on that tomorrow! Here’s a photo diary of day 3:

Feet, train station

Chicago train

Sam France, Foxygen, Pitchfork, climbing rafters

Sam France from Foxygen climbing the rafters during their performance!

Pitchfork chilling

Pitchfork crowd

FP Brigette, Pitchfork

Trying to soak in every last drop of the festival before heading out!

Pitchfork festival crowd

Sam France, Foxygen

This is the last photo I took at Pitchfork. Sam from Foxygen being a nut! I told him to do something “a little crazy, a little normal.”

Stay tuned for more music highlights and festival fashion from Pitchfork tomorrow!

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7 years ago

Sam’s my cousin– he really is a nut, isn’t he? Most talented musicians are! x

7 years ago

love your outfit Bridgette! thanks for sharing the photos – they are great!

7 years ago

These pictures are so perfect! Love it! Can’t wait for the festival fashion photos! And I love your outfit!

xo, Juliette Laura

7 years ago

That first photo is truly breathtaking!

7 years ago
7 years ago

looks amazing! great pics!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

7 years ago

Love the photos! Love your outfit! Looks like you had such a blast!!

7 years ago

I’d love to know how you’re editing these photos? They’re so beautiful!