Rambling Rose: Inspiration From Our Latest Lookbook

We don’t always post lookbooks on the blog, but our latest, Rambling Rose, is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen and I had to share the images here on the blog! Featuring the beautiful model Eniko Mihalik, the lookbook was shot by our frequent catalog photographer Guy Aroch, adding to its editorial feel.  It was shot in upstate New York, the perfect setting to add to the bohemian feel of the styling. Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot, paired with complimentary images and lyrics from the Grateful Dead song, “Ramble On Rose.”

Above: Estelle Maxi Dress, Crescent Amour Collar.

rambling rose lookbook

Safari Feather Hat

rambling rose lookbook

Estelle Maxi Dress, Woven Fringe Poncho, Drazen Tall Boot.

rambling rose lookbook

FP Cord Super Flare, Paths of Fancy Blouse, Hard Bangle Set.

rambling rose lookbook

Mixed Print Easy Pleat Pant, Embellished Bell Sleeve Pullover, Crochet Canvas Brimmed Hat, Floral Chainmail Fringe Necklace, Harvest Collar, Brass Garnet Horn.

View the full lookbook, Rambling Rose!

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7 years ago

These photos are so incredible, this look book really is a beautiful one! I adore every single outfit!

Juliette Laura

7 years ago

This is so SO beautiful!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

7 years ago

beautiful photos and clothing…oh my. The fringe kimono from Spell is breath taking…

7 years ago

absolutely beautiful!!! lookbook is perfection xoxo

7 years ago

I was in love with the beauty and expertly done styling on this shoot. Great job!

7 years ago

Stunning photos and beautiful clothes! I always keep a pile of FP catalogs by my bed to look at for inspiration- your styling is nothing less than perfection!!
Halfway to Harmony

7 years ago

Ramble on baby, settle down easy. :)