Recycled Book Keepsake

Growing up, I was never really one to keep a diary or journal. My mom would always buy me blank notebooks, but I would use those to sketch or doodle instead of writing down my secrets. Over the years, I have acquired many sketchbooks and I have stored away many drawings in all of them. They all seem to be in different places though — some are back at my childhood home in Florida, a few are at the foot of my bed, and then there are the random ones that I find in old purses or in my car. Each time I find one, I look back through it and get inspired by my past sketches.

I recently picked up an old book and decided that this was going to be my next sketching medium, but in addition to sketches, I wanted this to be a place where I could store little things that were special to me. I wanted to have a keepsake that I could use when I was feeling inspired, but also to look back through to get inspired.

feather sketch

geometric sketch

flower sketch

moon sketch

This recycled book keepsake is going to be by my side until all of the pages are filled up. When it’s complete, I will have something that reflects this time in my life and everything that was inspiring me. I will have a story on top of a story.

sketching in grass

Where do you store all of your inspirations?

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10 years ago

I love this idea! I’m deffo going to have to give it a go :)

10 years ago

Oh I love this! It is so so beautiful! I’m the same way filling notebooks with drawings, but I am also a list person, so i am always filling notebooks with lists. Maybe I will fill a book like this with drawings, and a separate notebook with lists! Love it!

Juliette Laura

10 years ago

If I had time to document moments in a book, this would be the route to go.
It has such a vintage feel to it.

10 years ago

I have a tiny box of treasures my son (5) gives me. I call it my burn box. Feathers, rocks, shells, dried flowers…now I know what to do with it all, because I could never bear to part with such gifts!

10 years ago

This is such a lovely idea, but the bibliophile in me would be too horrified to desecrate a book… even one I wasn’t interested in reading. Lol I couldn’t find the strength in me to even attempt it.

10 years ago

I do this, too! I kind of stole the idea from a girl I used to hang out with, but I call it the Book of Wonders and let people doodle, write, or whatever they like in it when they come over during a party or get-together. I just leave markers and things out and let people have at it! It’s interesting to go through later and wonder who wrote what!

10 years ago

Love this idea. I wasn’t much on writing in journals when I was younger I was more of a doodler too. I have random ones my mom got me here and there, full of little doodles, random poetry and phrases that would come to my mind at random moments.

10 years ago

Jana did you sew the charm type stuff to the pages, or glue it? A few how to hints would be awesome:)

10 years ago

Beautiful!When i was little i wrote journal about my little secrets and wishes,my childhood crushes and even animals our family had.Now it’s so wonderful that i can read all that and have a little journey back.Few year ago I started “Melancholia journal”. I have always been thinking that journal writing helps you,when you’re sad, makes you feel relaxed and inspired!

10 years ago

Love this idea! Blank white sketchbook pages somehow intimidate me, so maybe starting with something messy like an old book would be perfect.

You know what would be a cool idea too? Creating poetry by circling words that are already printed on the book page, then doodling over the unwanted words! I’m totally trying this idea this summer.

10 years ago

What a creative project! I, too, have never been much of a diary type of girl, but I keep a quote journal where I write down lines from poems or songs I love, collect thoughts from books or articles I read, and even sometimes add some of my own writings (but only sometimes). Maybe this is what I should do for the next one!

10 years ago

I’ve done this also, only in the artists community it’s called “altered” books. First time was for an altered books show at my local library that was put on by the library and local artists…it’s an interesting concept. If you have a hard time like I did to cut-out or re-vamp a book, go to the book sales section of your local library, there are tons of books out there that should never been printed (I’m also a bibliophile, with over 2 (literally) tons of books, 1st editions etc, so I don’t take destroying books lightly) Not only do you get to be creative, you also help your local library!