Summer Nights Release Your Inner Child

There’s nothing like a beautiful summer night to bring out the kid inside of me. Being outside among the sweet smell of fresh, warm air; the peaceful sound of crickets; and the sight of lightning bugs dotting the sky… I love it all. It makes me want to run around outside and play the night away, so that’s just what I do.  This week, FP Jana and I got a hold of some sparklers. When nighttime came, we blasted music and ran through the streets, watching the sparkling flames light the darkness around us. Sparklers make the best photo props — it was really fun setting up a tripod to capture some long exposure shots like these! This summer, let your inner child come out and play. Grab some sparklers and go have fun! Just be careful, please.



Playing with sparklers

Sparklers girls



Happy (almost) 4th of July!

More inspiration from BLDG 25.

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    whats new!

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