Scenes From The Office

Here is this week’s recap through some behind-the-scenes office pictures! It was a hot one this week in Philly with a little bit of rain and a little bit of shine. Above, our dry dock heats up under the sun. This is the perfect spot to take a little afternoon break!

home office hallway

conference room

Conference room.

fp bird

cool desk

I love all of the news printed pictures at this desk!

hanging necklaces

plants on a desk

vintage clothes on a rack

racks of clothing in the studio

Our studio is always overflowing with clothes!

dream catcher

the cutest puppy

The newest addition to the office dog clan is too cute.

Have a great weekend!

More scenes from the office.

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10 years ago

This just strengthens the fact that I am hoping to work here. So SO perfect.

Juliette Laura

10 years ago

That pibble warms my heart.

10 years ago

Looks beautiful! Love that little pup & the pretty conference room :)


10 years ago

absolutely love your blog! I’m based out of ventura, ca and make all upcycled wearable art. would love for you to stop by my pages and see if you’d like any of my pieces for your santa barbara or manhattan beach locations. i’d love to make something original just for your guys! you can check out all my pieces on fb in photos at or or tumblr/pellasunique all pieces are completely handmade by me. thanks so much for any consideration! love, peace, n’ smiles!!

Rhonda True
9 years ago

I love your conference room chairs. Please tell me where I can get them? I am redecorating my office and using a lot of Anthropology furniture but have to find your chairs for conference room!
Your clothes are amazing and you guys look like you have a wonderful and fun working family!
Thank you so much,