Shop-able Street Style From LA

This week’s shop-able street style is from LA. We always love the cool hippie style that the west coast has; the free and easy vibe, the eclectic mix of prints and color and the sunny approach to styling. We love how this girl has thrown on an oversized mini printed dress with some colorful sandals and a brown bag. It’s super easy for those days when you’re hunting around flea markets and just strolling under the sun. It’s a great look for summer.

Here’s how to get the look:

shop-able street style LA


Vintage Loves Vintage Purple Indian Print DressĀ , Vintage Belt Tote, Warrior Sandal

Photo credit: Alkistis Tsitouri / Streetgeist.

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  1. Hi Julene, I’m petite too! I usually wear my baby-doll dress really short and put bike shorts under them. You can always try wearing them with a little heel as-well to give you a little height :)

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