Vegan Breakfast Recipe: Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats

One of our Free People girls recently went vegan, and told us that the biggest struggle when it came to changing her eating habits was breakfast because she loved eggs and cheese so much.  She was excited to discover a breakfast meal that she could eat and enjoy — overnight oats.  She shared the recipe with us and we couldn’t wait to try it out on the blog!  It is so easy to make, can be changed up depending on what you’re in the mood for, and is a delicious and healthy way to start your day.  Here’s how to make it!

overnight oats recipe

Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats

(Yields 1 serving)


½ cup of rolled oats
1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk
1 medium banana (Bananas add natural sweetness, so no need for added sugar!)
1 cup of strawberries
1 tbsp chia seeds

Recommended: 1 tbsp hemp powder (You can omit this, but it adds good protein!)

12-oz mason jar with a lid

overnight oats recipe


Mix it all up in the jar, cover it and let it sit overnight in the fridge.  It will be ready to enjoy in the morning!

overnight oats

What is your favorite vegan breakfast?

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8 years ago

I’m also vegan, and she’s right! The hardest part about the transition for me was breakfast! Then I discovered tofu scrambles, which when seasoned right, tastes just like scrambled eggs. Now I don’t miss eggs at all, and for the cheese cravings, there are many great dairy-free cheeses that you can find in the “health food” section of any local supermarket, like Daiya brands. They melt well and taste great!

This recipe looks delicious! I’m going to try it tomorrow morning :)

8 years ago

I’m not vegan (but vegetarian, so a little easier) but this recipe definitely looks worth trying. Healthy, and in a jar? I’m sold!

Juliette Laura

8 years ago

My version is greek yogurt, chia seeds, and a smashed banana.

8 years ago

Hmm look yummy, very inventive ideas here. I like the concept

8 years ago

So delicious as breakkie or an anytime-snack…I like to add a big scoop of homemade honey-almond butter! Bananas+almond butter=heaven.

8 years ago

Going vegan isn’t as hard as people think! You just always have to remember the reason why you made the change and that should be inspiring enough. Some of my favorite breakfasts are…
Smoothies (fruits, oats, nut butters, spinach, kale)
Toast with almond butter, banana slices and honey (or agave nectar)
Granola over soy/coconut milk yogurt
Cereal with almond milk and fruits
The list goes on!

8 years ago

Sounds delicious but seems like a LOT of food for one person.

8 years ago

My favorite vegan breakfast is:
vegan toast, schmeared w/ avacado, choice of minced fresh herbs, (I like basil) halved cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of EVOO & salt .n. pepper….. It is simply divine

8 years ago

I live on tsampa!!!! Sometimes I mix porridge into it and either add hot water or rice milk to it.
Mostly I´ll eat it salty, because I´m not too much into sweet breakfast, but otherwise it´s just as nice if you add fruits. :)

8 years ago

that’s awesome!-breakfast in a jar!! for instant vegan breakfast blend 1/2 banana, chia seeds, coconut or almond milk, aloe juice, blueberries, coconut shreds, one dried apricots, trader joes multigrain flakes plus a few baby swiss chard leaves from my garden-Sláinte

Chelsea Hull
8 years ago

What are the grams of protein in this?

8 years ago

Fruit smoothies with rolled oats stay with me longer.

8 years ago

Steel Cut oats are a healthier and raw option. Rolled oats are often heated numerous times in processing. Steel Cut have a few less steps to go through before we buy them. Plus they are more hearty!

8 years ago

Loved it! It’s great to be vegan with recipes like these ;) Thank you for the idea, I’m looking forward to other vegan recipes..

8 years ago

Sorry if this is a dumb question – but do you eat it cold out of the fridge, or can you warm up in the microwave or on the stove? I just wonder what would happen to the fruit, but I think I would prefer this warm. Or does it turn into a yogurt type consistency with oats and fruit mixed in? Also, do you quick cook oats or regular oats? Thanks!

8 years ago

I’m a recent vegan convert, too, and my new fave breakfast is toast with veganaise, lots of avocado, salt, pepper, and chili powder sprinkled on top! I used to do something similar with fried eggs, but this is way healthier and super delicious!

8 years ago

I love to make tomato sandwiches, we have been vegan for 4 plus years and always looking for new breakfast ideas, one we eat is just toast a good whole grain bread and put veganaise and pesto on it, sliced tomato and onion and spinach or lettuce and avocado if you have it..warm and crispy and SAVORY yum

8 years ago

The picture make it look Eaasy

7 years ago

Does anyone know how many calories this is?

6 years ago

look delicious niam niam.

5 years ago

I will try this this kinda looks good