How To Style Black & White

Lately I have been finding myself putting together black & white outfits more and more. There’s something about pairing together the darkest and lightest of hues that is just so very striking. One thing I’ve come to find with styling black & white outfits is that you can’t really go wrong. You can wear black on top, white on bottom; white on top, black on bottom; all black; all white; mostly black with a touch of white; mostly white with a touch of black; black and white stripes with black or white bottoms — it’s all fair game!

I asked one of our stylists for her tips on pairing black & white. Here’s what she said:

“Sometimes, less is more. I love a clean, crisp white blouse with flattering skinny dark bottoms for an easy work outfit that looks effortlessly chic. I also love styling with subtle black/white prints, striped tees and tanks are great wardrobe staples, as well.”

All black, brick

Viper Room Top, Timeless Seamed Legging, Mira Pendant.

White tank, black skirt

LA Nite Tank, Skater Baby Circle Skirt.

Overalls, black and white

We The Free Boxy Crop Tee, Washed Denim Overall.

Black and white, tutu

We The Free Boxy Crop Tee, About Girl Tutu Mini.

Black, steel toe boots

Sparrow Chelsea Boot.

Black hat

Buffalo Nickel Leather Hat, Mi Amore Lace Dress.

Maxi skirt, hat, stairs

We The Free Circle In The Sand Tee, Solid Fringe Maxi, Buffalo Nickel Leather Hat.

How do you pair black & white?

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10 years ago

when I do wear black and white I always have one that has some sort of print…either stripes or polka dots…love your choices!

10 years ago

Ohhh I love these photos! So much black and white outfit inspiration! I usually do all black or white with a touch of the other color.

Juliette Laura

10 years ago

love it <3

10 years ago

I am a huge fan of black and white – so simple and chic!

10 years ago

<3 this, my wardrobe tends to be very basic (and ALL FP!) LOTS of black, gray (all shades from silver to charcoal), ivory, white, and denim blue. White can be tricky tho, and I'm thankful I have very white teeth, if your teeth tend to be on the ivory side (doesn't matter HOW much whitening procedures are done) wearing white will make your smile look yellow, so with that in mind stick with the ivories, off-whites if your pearlies tend to be more ivory Also something to think about if you like black tea (hot or cold-it CAN permanently discolor the teeth) Herbal teas are great tho!!!

10 years ago

Love the pictures. I wear black and white together rarely. I don’t like how I look in white so I only buy white clearance items in natural fabrics with the intent of dying them. Wish I could pull off white near my face!

10 years ago

I love wearing black and white with a small splash of colour, whether its in my hair or a red belt i love it. I used to not be able to leave the house without my black and white suspenders.