The Wabi-Sabi Way Of Life

Nothing can be perfect. Imperfection is in some way essential to all that we know in life. Imperfections make you enchanting; make you unique; make you interesting. If you were perfect it would get pretty boring over time.
Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term derived from the Buddhist idea that everything is impermanent. It is something I have been thinking about lately, trying to appreciate the fact that we’re here to enjoy what we have, while it lasts.

Wabi-sabi has taught me that it’s the imperfections that hold the beauty, something that many people don’t understand. I have spent years contemplating why I’m not good at certain things, why this and that can’t be better or why a certain something doesn’t look they way I want it to. I have learned to let those thoughts drift away and just accept the now and what I have. I constantly remind myself that nothing that lives can be rigidly perfect. All things are more beloved when they have imperfections. They’re enchanting, different and unique.

wabi sabi


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