4 Ways To Extend Your Tan

Labor Day Weekend is quickly approaching – a weekend that I always view as my last chance to truly celebrate all that summer is about. After spending many-a-weekend under the sun’s warming rays, I’ll bet that many of you have developed quite the summer glow on your skin. And since those lazy beach days are slowly coming to an end, I wanted to share a few ways to extend that glow into the new few weeks!

1. Exfoliate Pre-Sun

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When you develop a tan, it’s the outermost layers of your skin that change in color. If your skin is covered in dead cells when you go out in the sun, your tan will disappear before you know it! Before you head out into the sun this weekend, give your whole body an exfoliation treatment. This will ensure that your youngest skin cells are the ones that change in color, maximizing the life of your tan! To get a head start on this step, read our post on 4 ways to exfoliate.

2. Moisturize Post-Sun

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The sun is known for drying out the skin, and dried skin is prone to flaking off  — which is bad news for a fresh tan. To make sure your glow lasts as long as possible, moisturize your body twice a day – especially after being under the sun. If you want to get a little crafty, you can even make your own DIY lavender after-sun lotion!

3. Stay Hydrated

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It is believed that staying hydrated helps to extend the life of your skin cells, so make sure to drink as much water as possible. We’ve been obsessed with these infused water recipes all summer long!

4. Whiten Your Teeth & Lighten Your Hair

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This tip is actually more of a mind trick than a way to physically extend the life of your tan, but having bright, white teeth and sun-lightened hair will undoubtedly make your tan appear more intense. Here are 3 natural ways to lighten hair, as well as 4 ways to whiten your teeth. Another way to do this trick? Wear bright, white clothes!

While being under the sun offers many incredible health benefits (like these), I think it’s important to note that too much sun can certainly do the opposite. I absolutely believe that you should enjoy this long weekend in the presence of the sun’s rays – just please make sure you do so responsibly. Have an awesome Labor Day weekend! :)

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