5 Alkalizing Foods To Eat Every Day

Life is all about balance. Ying and yang; light and dark; work and play…and our bodies are no different. The human body is constantly striving to maintain a balanced pH level in the blood in order for it to survive. When food is digested, it produces an ash that is either acidic or alkaline. The ideal pH level is just slightly alkaline, which means we should consume slightly more alkalizing food than we do acidizing food. This sounds simple enough, but there’s one big issue. In general, the typical diet these days is made up of mostly acidizing foods like processed sugars, refined grains, and conventional meat and dairy products.

A diet too high in acidizing foods can create a multitude of health problems – it’s arguably a big reason why so many of us suffer from  chronic, seemingly incurable illnesses. It’s important to make sure you’re consuming ample alkalizing foods, so today I want to share 5 that are readily available and easy to incorporate into your diet! A good reference for alkalizing foods is available here.



While lemons are an acidic fruit by nature, they actually produce alkaline in the body when digested. I’ve read time and time again that in addition to helping balance your pH levels, drinking lukewarm lemon water every morning does absolute wonders for your digestion, can clear your skin, and more! Go here for a great post about lemon water from Beth of Tasty Yummies.



In addition to using them for their alkalizing properties, cucumbers are excellent as hydrators, as they are made up of 95% water. Their anti-inflammatory properties make them a great vegetable to use externally, too, for skin irritations and sunburn. Add them into your diet with this delicious thai coconut cucumber salad.



Leafy  greens like spinach and kale will help to balance your pH levels and supply your body with boatloads of nutrients. I love making kale chips or including kale in healthy juices like this kale and parsley juice.



I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t like avocado. How could you live without guacamole? Avocados offer up healthy fat that’s burned easily for energy and are also filled with tons of essential nutrients. One of my favorite ways to eat avocados is as part of this quinoa recipe.



Root vegetables – like carrots, beets and radishes – are known as “yang” foods in traditional Chinese medicine. They offer healing, cooling benefits to your body and can help you feel grounded. Try adding a bunch of carrots into a fall soup like this delicious red lentil soup.

What’s your favorite alkalizing food? Tell us how you like to eat it!

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  1. I have been looking into yin & yang, and traditional chinese medicine and principles a lot in the past year or so… I’ve found that my overall health has improved beyond measure when I started trying to find a balance instead of a remedy. Great post!!!

    <3 dani

  2. Enjoyed this post a lot! And @Dani thank you for the comment. I love the “Find a balance instead of a remedy.” Great way to think about things. Needed that today. Headed to the farmers market in the morning to find some good foods. <3 FP <3

  3. My mom is the only person I know who hates avocados…. But I think she’s crazy for thinking that :) oh well, more guac for me and my dad!!

  4. These foods all have wonderful nutritional benefits but it has nothing to do with blood pH… which is not affected by what you eat. Your body regulates pH through a balance of carbon dioxide and bicarbonate… an imbalance in pH results from serious medical issues like respiratory depression or kidney failure. I love this blog but implying that eating “alkalinizing foods” can cure “seeming incurable illnesses” is offensive to anyone with a basic medical education. Promoting the idea that “alkalinizing foods” will cure your illnesses is as irresponsible as promoting juice cleanses to “clear toxins”… which they don’t. Kale is rich in fiber and vitamins, and is a great component of a well rounded diet. It doesn’t need to have magical pH properties to be healthy

  5. Yes, the foods you list are great healthy foods. I drink lemon water, blend kale and carrots into my green juice, and eat cucumber quite often. I don’t eat avocados much but my wife absolutely loves them! I feel good healthy when I often consume these foods, but lately I’ve been off them because of a change in my lifestyle. Hopefully I can get back quick to making these nice alkalizing foods.

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