August Catalog Styles: Sneak Preview

Today we’re excited to share a little secret with you! You can get access to some of our favorite styles from the upcoming August catalog by using our iPhone app! To be a part of the excitement, we chose some pieces and styled them up as we pleased. If you haven’t already, make sure you download the Free People iPhone app right now! Click here to download and learn more about it.

app exclusives outfit 1 front

app exclusives outfit 1 back

app exclusives outfit 2 front

app exclusive outfit 3 back

More fashion inspiration from BLDG 25.


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10 years ago

Hey I want to order that sweater like what is the item nimber and how come i cant find it on the website or the cat.

10 years ago

^ They state right in the blog post how to order the items….

10 years ago

When will FP have an android app?

10 years ago

Like Kelly above, wishing they had it available for Android! Or rather, wishing I had an Iphone! But love the way you ladies have styled your outfits! That white dress is so cute!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Hi Jana! I love your beanie, is it available for purchase through free people or is it an item of your own?