Photo Tour: Inside Our Intimates Merchandiser’s Bright Space

Our intimates merchandiser has a love for simplicity, as well as antiques. She has an eye for creating simple yet powerful vignettes, which can be seen as soon as you enter her bedroom. Early mornings, her bedroom space is flooded with light, which reflects off her white walls, illuminating each found object that she has carefully curated and positioned just so. Her job title is certainly suiting, as a small collection of FP intimates can be seen hanging daintily throughout the space. Enjoy this tour of her bedroom!

Wooden crate, vintage map, dried flowers, vintage beer can

Slip on door

Perfume tray

Cami on antlers

Makeshift closet


Free People Intimates Merchandiser

Antique bench

Antique dresser

Candles on windowsill

Product pictured: FP One Rosebud Slip, We The Free Touch Down Tunic, Zinke Lace Crop Bralette.

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10 years ago

Oh wow this space is ideal! I absolutely adore this! I love when you show employees decor! Simply Beautiful!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

I miss having a bright white bedroom, so angelic like <3
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10 years ago

Loving this space! I am trying to get my place De-cluttered and hoping to make it look similar to this :) …i’ve got the lace curtains up already..and I’m pretty sure my hubby loves every inch of it haha ;)

10 years ago

Love. But where in the world do you store your toiletries.
I have all these rubbermaid plastic container that are so ugly for them.
Perhaps I need to hit some more flea markets for prettier pieces to store my stuff in.

What a great home. Loving the white space.

10 years ago

most of your employees have white walls! where’s the color?! you guys should definitely show us a an employee with a colorful home—blues, greens, browns… anything! :)

10 years ago

What’s the name/company for the lovely, warm white used on these walls???

10 years ago

If you go all (or mostly) natural with toiletries a lot of them have multi uses and you will realize you have ALOT more then needed. Go simple, save space, store them in pretty containers that become decor themselves :)

10 years ago

Where are her throw pillows from? I’ve googled for hours and haven’t found anything! I’m obsessed, please share :-)