Blogger Diary: The Relaxation Room

We’ve all imagined our dream home. Maybe yours is a bright, spacious home with overgrown gardens and little stone pathways. Maybe it’s a cozy wooden cabin nestled deep in the woods, with not a soul in sight but the animals that run free through the trees. My vision of a dream home is always evolving, but no matter what my mind constructs, there’s one element that always remains the same: the relaxation room.

I’ve always imagined one specific room in this future home of mine. It isn’t a bedroom, a kitchen, or a dining room. It’s a room totally unique to any of that. And its sole purpose is to ease the mind. When you enter this dream room, you don’t wear shoes. In fact, you don’t even wear socks. You step onto the stone floor and a big, arched wooden door closes behind you. It’s not a huge room, but it gives you a feeling of openness nonetheless. The ceilings are high, and the stone walls echo the sound of a homemade waterfall that exists peacefully in the corner. You’re totally surrounded by greens; living plants that seem to grow straight from the floor, even though you’re three stories high. You walk over to a giant window and peer out into the yard. You see nothing but nature beneath you. The only other object in the room is a bench made from natural wood. It, too, is surrounded by greens. You take a seat on the bench, close your eyes, and just breathe.

I’ve imagined this room time and time again, and each time the image seems to get clearer in my mind. Even just thinking about this room makes me feel instantly relaxed. In fact, I just decided — right this moment – that the next time I’m feeling stressed or anxious, I’ll picture this room. I’ll bring my mind deep into this place where nothing and no one can interfere. Even if I never get to physically create this dream room of mine, I’m happy enough knowing that it exists in my mind.

Bare feet, toe ring, anklet

Purple flower

Red hair, flowers

Purple flowers

Lace, rings, flowers

Red hair, lace dress

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10 years ago

Oh that sounds SO magical. I would love to have a relaxation room. But I agree, for now, dreaming of one works as well. Also, you look beautiful in these photos, I love your dress! and rings!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Beautiful idea. I love dreaming of my perfect home…. I have visions of an old stone building or old glass greenhouse at the back of a garden, white paint peeling, vines creeping up the sides… the insides my “studio” where I can paint and work in peace of body and mind … ahhhhh I’m relaxing just thinking about it :)

<3 dani

10 years ago

I actually have a room that I consider my relaxation room – it’s in my attic and it’s all mine. No hubby or kids are allowed in it! I love that top/dress you are wearing…is it FP ?

Gorgeous photos. Lovely idea.

10 years ago

I wish I had a room dedicated just to relaxing!

10 years ago

relaxing is my favorite!!!!

10 years ago

Great post! Reading about the room was like mediating for a minute.

10 years ago

Gorgeous photos. you look beautiful in these photos, I love your dress…

10 years ago

Thanks to my father who told me regarding this website, this web site is actually awesome.

9 years ago

Relaxing is imperative to a healthy life. For me, it is spending time in my hammock. There is just something about being suspended in the air and feeling the weight of the world lift away that keeps me craving more.

8 years ago

Love this idea! I have my own relaxing room and it has been such a big help to me! Nothing like snuggling up with a blanket and journaling on those late nights when you’re feeling stressed!