Cornwall Street Style

While here in Cornwall, I’ve really enjoyed getting to see the different types of fashion and style that exists over here. Cornwall is famous for it’s beaches, and the fashion I’ve seen so far while on this trip is definitely reflective of that. From girls walking around with wetsuits on and surfboards in tow, to casual and cool looks paired with sneakers, I would say that the overall look for Cornwall is a mix of boho surfer girl and vintage casual. Here are some of the looks I’ve captured during my stay!


I love how these ruffled socks look paired with closed toe shoes!








I noticed that most girls always have a bathing suit with them, either on or in their bag!


These two girls had such a cool and casual vibe about them. I like how they have girly touches, like a pink beanie and a cropped shirt mixed in with their tomboy looks.



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  1. The piece in the 4th and 5th photos is the Shirred Peasant Tunic. It’s online right now for $148.

  2. Does anyone know where the girl in the first picture on the left got her denim dress or where the girl on the right got her gorgeous skirt? Awesome pictures!

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