DIY Dip Dye

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“She drips in color” comes to mind whenever I see this trend — it brings a certain happiness to tees, dresses, shorts, shirts… almost anything!  And, it has become an eye opener look for spring and summer.  We love how dip dying your basic tee gives it new life in a fun and creative way.  There are so many different ways you can experiment with this technique that you can kind of get carried away – here we love the subtle approach with a sprinkled burst of color.

Follow these easy steps to create your very own dip dye tee — you can do it with cotton dresses too!!


What you need: A tray, 1 measuring cup, salt, Dylon dye of any color (not the machine washable ones), heavy duty cleaning gloves and a basic white tee.

Mix a quarter of the Dylon dying powder into the tray with 4 cups of warm water and 4 tablespoons of salt. Once the powder has dissolved, fill the tray up with water to make a very diluted color. Soak the bottom of the tee so the color will trail up it nicely.

Place the tee slowly in the color until you see the color running up. Keep it in there for 1 minute (you want the color to be quite faint), then drain the excess water and rinse in the sink under cold water.

Hang to dry for 15 minutes until it’s damp.

Take the leftover dye powder and sprinkle onto the tee as much as you like. It creates a lovely speckled effect!

Hang to dry. Once it’s fully dried and the dye has absorbed in, give it another rinse in the sink and dry again. Then you’ll have your very own dip dye tee for the summer!

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  1. What a beautiful and creative idea! Never have seen a DIY tyedye that was that well done! Thinking I may have to give this one a shot on a lazy summer afternoon :)! Great post!

  2. I love this speckled dip dye look! Thank you for posting easy steps to follow. Time to gather up all my old whites and get started!

  3. I love the dusting technique…I accidentally did this to the top of my dryer, but never thought to try it on the fabric!

  4. Really cute idea! I have to say though, I miss your blogs old layout. It’s a pain to have to click on every single post to look at the whole thing. I miss the days of being able to simple scroll through all the lovely images you post!

  5. So pretty, I love it! I’m going to try this with sheer white curtains for our sliding glass door and kitchen window in sea glass colors for a beach-y vibe. thanks for another inspiring, yet easy idea!

  6. This is such a beautiful shirt and when I did it as a project with my daughter it came out exactly as it looks in the picture… Until it got washed. Then all 3 shirts we made turned light pink with some darker speckles at the bottom. We followed the instruction exactly but unfortunately the idea didn’t seem to pan out past the initial stage.

  7. de mais legal mais eu sou brasileira mais muito estilosa ne gente i love dip dye !!!! =) biju laisinha mello s2

  8. Hi! i want to know if this Dylon Dye is for polyester or modal fabric ? I dont know HOW to call This in de US because I want to do this, but this t shirt after the dying i want to sublimate ( a type of stamping method in some fabrics) Thanks, and sorry for my bad english :)

  9. I just did this. I used a different kind of powder dye but it works the same. And i used a color t shirt. Its not so easy to get a straight across line when you wet it and its really messy, but its pretty cool =]

  10. I loved this idea! I tried it with the single tone ombre look and also did a two tone with orange and red. I did find some issues though, the back of the shirt was hard to do and when you washed it the color also showed up on the white part of the shirt. Still looks awesome though! Cant wait to try in again except with the hand washing method!! Thanks for the awesome idea!

  11. I am new to crafting with fabrics and I love this idea. I have one question though. Is there any way to possibly do this effect with a black t-shirt? I’m trying to spice up some old shirts I have and most are black. I know you’d have to bleach out some of the color and I’m not sure how easy that would be! Thanks!

  12. Totally copy-and-pasting this around to all the FB bloggers, in hopes of a reply!
    I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask the FP blogger (or anyone else who’d like to help me out), I love the style of photography you all have, and am just wondering what cameras you all use? I’m hoping to get a proper camera, and love the arty side of photography, but am hopeless at understanding the technological side. If you could let me know, I’d be so grateful. (If your sugesstions turn out to fit my price range I’d be even more grateful!!)

  13. hello Jemma
    what color is that in te picture. I would like to do this to the valances in my daughter’s playroom.

  14. hello Jemma
    what color is that in the picture. I would like to do this to the valances in my daughter’s playroom.

  15. Love the speckling! Adds a unique touch to the finished product :)
    Do you know if the dye works with polyester / chiffon blouses too?

  16. Can you use other fabric dyes such as Rit? I’ve done a watermark shirt with Rit and I still have some left. If it doesn’t work that’s fine but I just wanted to ask.

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