DIY Tree Branch Clothes Hanger

I’m on a constant search for new ways to incorporate both nature and fashion into home décor – and today’s DIY does both. I’ve always loved the idea of displaying some of the prettiest pieces from your wardrobe around your bedroom, and these tree branch clothes hangers are the perfect way to do it. They’re incredibly simple to make, too!


Tree branch clothes hanger DIY
Metal hanger hooks (I used hooks from hangers of mine that have broken)
Sturdy tree branches
Wood sealant
Nail (should be approximately the same thickness as your hooks)
Hot glue or a polyurethane glue such as Gorilla Glue
Paint and paintbrushes (if you want to decorate!)


First, shake any loose dirt or bark off of your branches. Spray them with a coat of sealer (like Shellac) to keep any remaining debris from falling off.


Take one branch and balance it on one of your fingers. This will show you where to attach the hook.

Balancing twig on finger

Hammer your nail about ¼ inch into this spot on the top of your branch.

Hammering nail into branch

Pull the nail out using the back of your hammer. Then, cover the tip of a hook in glue and twist it into the hole as far down as it can go. I used hot glue, but a polyurethane glue might be a better option if you’re planning on hanging heavier clothing.

Tree branch hanger

Allow the glue to dry, and decorate as you please. I liked putting a watered-down coat of green paint for a subtle effect, or painting small patterns on the edge. These hangers also look awesome without being decorated!

Painted tree branch clothes hangers

Slip on branch hanger Black and white, bra on branch

Product pictured: FP One Battenburg BraletteDitsy Dot Mesh CamiLace Triangle Bra.

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10 years ago

that looks beautiful, just wish i had more room so i could do that haha

10 years ago

Love this! I hope I can find some nice branches to try this for my home :)

10 years ago

Such a darling idea!!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

10 years ago

Love the idea of bringing nature inside!

10 years ago

I love hanging some of my favorite pieces of clothing around the house like its on display at a museum or something =D This is beautiful <3
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10 years ago

I have sooo many pieces of drift wood from this summer, so I am definitely going to make a bunch of these!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Wow I need to do this ASAP for some of my favorite dainty items.

instead of an elephant

cartierlovejesduas Yes, you can wash them in cool water with a bit of castile soap, then pat dry.
rolex femme oyster perpetual contrefaçon

3 years ago

It is really so cute and easy to make. And I guess it is one great way to organize and keep clothes in great shape.