DIY Twig Tabletop Teepees

I’m always looking for new ways to use twigs and branches as décor, and today I want to share an idea that I think is just so adorable. These tabletop teepees are probably one of the easiest crafts you’ll ever make, and what I love most about them is that they’re totally customizable – there are so many different ways to make this project unique to your personal decorating style.

All you need is a few twigs or branches (that are of similar size to one another) and something to tie them together. You can use any kind of string or twine… even fabric scraps.

Mexican blanket, twine, twigs

All you have to do, as you can probably guess, is set up the twigs in a teepee-like shape and tie them together at the top, leaving a bit of twig showing above the tie. It’s easiest to tie them together when they’re lying flat, like this:

Twigs and Twine

Then, you can maneuver them into place. I used 4 twigs for my teepee — I’d say anywhere between 3 and 6 would be best.

Twig Teepee

If you want your teepee to be extra secure, you can add a little hot glue in the area where all the twigs come together.

Glue gun, twigs, twine

These teepees are super cute on their own, but I like the idea of adding little personal touches to make them a bit more interesting. One thing I did was wrap some some twigs with colored embroidery thread, which I secured in place with hot glue.

Embroidery thread on twig

I also added a few decorative feathers hanging off the top.

Twigs, embroidery thread, feathers

This project was so easy to do that I had to make two more. This time, mini teepees!

Mini twig teepees

One I painted using acrylic paint, as well as some fabric puff paint. Look how cute!

Mini painted twig teepee

And for the last one… I had to incorporate dried flowers. I also dipped the bottom in dried lavender buds and added some moss, as well.

Twig teepee with dried feathers

These teepees are awesome decor accents that can be used anywhere. I have mine at my desk, but I’m going to make a bigger one for my bedroom, too!  They would make excellent gifts — especially a surprise “just because” gift.

Tabletop twig teepees

P.S. For some reason, they really remind me of little reindeer in the picture above. Anyone else?!

Twig teepees

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  1. These are so great but I honestly thought you were going to glue some lace fabric around them !!! I am going to make mine that way I bet that little added detail will make these perfect

  2. This is a great idea! I was looking for a new way to incorporate some pics in my room. Instead of feathers Im thinking of use the floss to hang pics.

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