Getting Dressed Bra First

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, we all have a starting point. Maybe you have a brand new pair of boots that you want to build your outfit around; maybe you’re really feeling a certain dress that day, and you want to start your outfit from there. But the launch of our intimates ebook this week got me thinking… does anyone ever get dressed bra first? Of course I don’t just mean putting on your bra before you put on your top – I’m talking about creating an entire outfit around a specific bra that you know you want to wear. We’re all for letting a black bra peek out of a sheer top or wearing an off-the-shoulder top that shows just enough of a  lacey bra strap. What do you think?

Lace top, black bra, backwards necklace

Lace bra

Lace top, black bra

Lacey bra, wood floor

Lacey bra

Cross back bra

Pictured: V-bra, Lace Pluge Underwire.

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I’ve always thought a little peek-a-boo bra was super adorable and sometimes a little on the edge sexy, as long as you wear it correctly. Great job with this piece, and I adore the bra you guys have chosen for the photos!

If you bra is pretty, then I say Why Not!? :) I just bought some brand new super girly bras and I want to share them with everyone, but I don’t think my hubby would like that too much so I decided to stick with a subtle peekaboo from the strap.

Love wearing sheer tops when I have a really pretty bra on. What’s the point in buying such cute lingerie if you don’t get to show it off? :)

<3 dani


I really like this look, but I think there’s a fine balance between cute and sexy, and trashy. It all ddepends on how you style it. I like the look but dont know if I could style it correctly.


I love this look, but never have been able to pull it off. It just looks like my bra is showing!

What’s the secret, besides a pretty bra of course? Thinner straps? Matching the bra to to top? Any hints?



I think bralettes are a great think to wear with sheer tops. And as long as the bra doesn’t expose cleavage but has a little coverage in the front. Also open backs are a great way to show a little cute detail, like the black and white bra here, it’s so pretty!
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Oh my goodness, I get dressed bra first 90 percent of the time. I normally do so when wearing a strappy or lacy bralette (never a regular underwire bra!). And lovely photos!

xo, Juliette Laura

I looooovee this look. I think this has convinced me to buy that adorable little black and white bra. It’s amazing!


It truely is a sad life for DD girls…


what tops are those models wearing (over the bra?)


Are those lovely bras available in your store?

if i had smaller boobs i would be more for this! it’s hard to make this look cute when you’re in the DD + range.
LOVE these photos for this post though!! :)

lovely ,stylish and beautiful

I love it.. Its perfect, stylish and bold.