Guest Blogger Competition: Be The UK Blogger!

Calling all British Bloggers! Don’t forget to enter our guest blogger competition, ending this Sunday! Enter for a chance to be our UK guest blogger for a month and win a £500 Free People shopping spree.

We’re new to the UK and on the hunt for the best spots only the locals can recommend. We want to know your local town, city, or favourite neighbourhood, and why it inspires you! And, don’t just tell us, SHOW us! We are inspired by amazing imagery. From parks, festivals, and street style to coffee shops, markets, and hang outs… we want to see it all!

uk flags

london uk


How to enter:

1. Write a post on your blog about your favourite local hotspots — at least 250 words with at least 3 images.

2. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog post entry.

Three semi-finalists will have their blog entries featured on the BLDG 25 blog, where our readers will vote for their favourite entry. The winning blogger will then get the chance to blog for us for a month and win a £500 Free People shopping spree!

Good luck, we can’t wait to read your entries!

Official Rules.


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9 years ago

I live in a British overseas territory, am I eligible to enter?

9 years ago

I WISH I could enter. But I live in the US

xo, Juliette Laura

9 years ago

<3 Free people, and it would be my dream to post for you!

9 years ago

Hi, please check out my blog!
I love Free people xxx

9 years ago

I’ve attached my blog with my favourite local hotspot! Good luck everyone!

9 years ago
9 years ago

I wish I was 18, I love the brand!! If only this was a few months later…

9 years ago

If only this was next year. Can you do this contest again after I get married? haha.

9 years ago

Y’know, a lot of Americans I’ve met think Ireland IS Britain, so with that in mind, how about an Irish blogger?!! Free People is sold here through Urban Outfitters, and is very popular. Writing for Free People would be a dream come true, and I think I’d have a lot to offer readers and that my blogging style would be suited to the brand.

9 years ago

Do you have to be an established blogger or do you have the same chance if you’re just starting out?

9 years ago

I just entered! I am so excited for this competition!

My post is

My blog is

Can’t wait to hear the winners!

9 years ago

After 4 years wandering the planet I’m returning to my native London next month…here is my post about my home city ^.^

Lou xx

9 years ago

I want to enter really badly, as I really love free people and blogging- however I am only 14! :/ anyone have any alternative suggestions, I’d really appreciate some good advice.

9 years ago

Hey guys! I just read the rules and I’m confused by 4 (i). I’d like to talk about the hot spots in my city but they’re all run by businesses – even the art gallery. I’ve skirted around it but I’d really like to cover it in more detail, with names and places. I’m also concerned that if my blog post breaches any of the rules you’ll just disqualify me!

Sorry to be so nitpicky, but I’ve put a lot of effort into my entry and don’t want to get disqualified.

9 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Hi Sarah! It’s totally fine for you to name local businesses. If it’s a clothing brand, it may be best to leave out the name just because we are one also! :)

9 years ago

This is my blog post that I want to enter. (please ignore the first one)

I’d love to write for FP, it’s my dream job!


9 years ago

For my entry, a mini guide to my local east London neighbourhood:

9 years ago

Thank you Jana! Here’s my entry:

I hope you guys like. Let me know if you DO come to Manchester, I’m sure I could show you a FP-tastic time.

I live in Birmingham, UK and one of the things I LOVE to do is visit National Trust places. You pay a yearly membership and you can visit as many NT places as you like. They usually include a big house with lots of history and huge grounds to explore. I think it it oozes British culture, one that you imagine to be the sweet English countryside including afternoon tea, picnics and fields of green!

It’s about exploring the out doors and possibly *cough* pretending to be a character from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice! *sigh*

Here is my post:

Thank you!

9 years ago

What’s up Free People!?
=) Here is my ‘short and sweet’ Blog entry: …scroll down a bit and there it is!

It’s quite personal and intimate. I hope I don’t come across too pretentious – that seems to be the downfall of being an English Lit student… =/ It’s just I wanted my writing to be as inspiring as these places are to me.
Anyhow, cheers ma’ dears for having a gander over my stuff.
My fingers and toes are tightly crossed!

9 years ago

Hi Free People!

Heres my blog about my inspiring home town! :)—See-Cardiff/6261384

A cheeky little photo montage – and still not enough to show you what an awesome city it is!

Hope you like :) x

I write a travel and fashion blog, so here’s my favourite place in London and my favourite outfit :-) Hope you enjoy it. It would be fab to blog for Free People

I write a travel and fashion blog, so here’s my favourite place in London and my favourite outfit :-) Hope you enjoy it. It would be fab to blog for Free People

(All photos are © Bruised Passports)

9 years ago

How exciting!
Just to clarify, it says in the Ts&Cs that we are not allowed to include pictures of any other person? I have photos I’d like to post which show my friends. I have their permission but am a little confused,
Thank you!

9 years ago

Hello :)

This is my blog, at the top is my post about my town, Edinburgh in Scotland.

Hope you like it, have really enjoyed reading everyone else’s on here – good luck everyone!