What Your Hands Say About You

UPDATE: This post originally ran on July 23rd, but we are still so fascinated with this topic we wanted to share it again!

Hands. We are constantly using them. Throughout the day they are always at work, but have you ever wondered what else they can do? From your palm lines to the size and shape of your hand, each part holds a special meaning that is specific to you and your personality.

Palmistry has been around for thousands of years, and it is the art of telling the future through the study of the palm — but it can also teach you a lot about your character. I have always been very fascinated by this aspect of palm reading. I think it’s awesome that you can learn so much about yourself just from looking down at your palms and deciphering the lines. After doing a lot of research, I’ve put together a fun little guide that you can use to help read your own palms. This is a fun thing to do with your friends or a cool party trick, and just like most things, you get better with practice!

reading palm

Hand Shape

Earth hands– Earth hands are defined by a square palm — where the width is equal to the length — and having shorter fingers.

Air hands– Palm is square or rectangular in shape, with long fingers, defined knuckles and low set thumbs.

Water hands– Water hands tend to have a short and oval shaped palm with long and flexible fingers. The length of the palm from the wrist to the bottom of the fingers is equal to the length of the fingers.

Fire hands– Fire hands are defined by a square or rectangular palm, pinkish skin, and shorter fingers. The length of the palm is normally greater than the length of the fingers.

*Earth and Water hands tend to have fewer but deeper palm lines. The major lines are normally well defined, where air and fire hands tend to have a lot of lines and creases with less definition.

palm diagram

Defining your palm lines

There are three major lines that are found on almost all hands that are the most commonly read. Palm readers tend to pay the most attention to these lines. In determining which hand to read, it is most common to choose your dominant hand. This represents your present and past life, and your less dominant hand represents your life ahead.

Heart line

The heart line is found towards the top of the palm and represents love and attraction, matters of the heart, and emotional living.

If your heart line starts under your index finger, you are satisfied in your love life.

If your heart line starts beneath your middle finger, you tend to be selfish when you are in love.

If your heart line starts between your index finger and middle finger, it is believed that you fall in love easily!

Short line– You may be interested in other things other than romance.

Long line– You express your emotional and romantic feelings very easily.

Wavy line– You may have many relationships during your lifetime, and a few of them have the potential to be very serious!

Head line

The head line sits just below the heart line, and represents the human mind and the way it works. This includes intellectualism, creativity and the amount of knowledge you crave.

A general, curvy line means you are creative and spontaneous, where a straight line means you are more practical and structured.

Short line– You like physical accomplishments. You would choose to go for a run or hike rather than watch a movie.

Long line– You are a clear and focused thinker.

Wavy line– You have a short attention span and tend to get distracted easily.

holding crystal

Life Line

This line starts at the edge of your palm above the thumb and arches downward towards your wrist. The life line represents your general well being. Don’t worry, a short life line does not mean you are going to have a short life!

If your life line is close to your thumb, you tend to have low energy and like to sleep a lot.

If it is wide and curvy, you have a lot of energy and feel rested most of the time.

If your line is straight and stays close to the edge of your palm, you take extra caution in most of your relationships.

A long and defined line represents inner strength and vitality.

A short and shallow line means that you could be easily manipulated by others.

If there is a break in your line, this could represent a major change in lifestyle, or a physical move.

hands in focus

The art of palm reading can get very deep and technical due to the amount of lines and creases we all have on our hands, but it’s fun to learn about the basic lines and try it out for yourself!

Have you ever had your palm read? Post a comment about your experience below!

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10 years ago

One of my old coworkers really liked palm reading and astrology. Every once in a while she would look at my hands and tell me a little tidbit. I would like to get an actual reading sometime. I’ve always liked the idea that my hands could say more about me than I could ever know.

10 years ago

love this Jana…the lines that match my palm are right on point! This is so cool, now I might want my palm read…I also love that picture for the story – it’s perfect!

10 years ago

So, I have air hands. That’s probably why I am always waving them when I talk


10 years ago

Oh so fun! All of lines are so accurate! I love things like this. And the top picture, tooo cool.

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

Hi Jana! love love this! great post.

10 years ago

I read an article in National Geographic about the different hand in mammals and the opening sentence was soo inspiring – The hand is where the mind meets the World. Thanks for posting, So remarkable.

10 years ago

This is really accurate! Thank you for the lovely post, Jana!

10 years ago

I’ve always been fascinated by palmistry, and this post just made me all the more curious. For the most part, everything seems to match up, save the shape of my hands. I just can’t figure which mine are… But I love the article all around, the images you used to illustrate it, especially the third… You beautiful souls there at FP never cease to inspire!

10 years ago

I love this post, Jana! It is very inspiring and makes me want to look more into palm reading! I’ve had my palms read once by a classmate a few years ago, and she made my palms seem so depressing. But reading this gave me a much more positive perspective to the art! Thank you for showing the positive side of it!

10 years ago

Do you read the dominant or other hand? Lines on my hands are different. Pics or line drawings of samples would have been helpful to supplement the text. Thanks.

Sarah K
10 years ago

Hello :-),
I just read my dominant hand . I love this post and your great illustration :-)

10 years ago

AH! Thank you for this, I just spent a good 10 minutes trying to decode my dominant (right) hand. Thinkin about seeing a palm reader. :))

10 years ago

I have friends that are Romanian Gypsies, Rita would always read the dominant hand, and something interesting is IF your lines are not deep, it means you haven’t had a “hard” life!

10 years ago

I am a tarot reader but palmistry is definitely a weakness of mine (both for having them done and for my inability to read beyond the basics) but I recently had a palm reading done. Great experience! I’ll be living a long time and will eventually travel like I want to :)

10 years ago

This reading was almost exact for me and my friends readings.

10 years ago

thats so beautiful! i love this palm reading so much, apparently i have earth hands (which i just love to think about) my heart line starts under my index finger, i have a long heart line and a curved life line and its deep and defined.
this post made me feel better about myself as a person and i thank you for that!

10 years ago

Very interesting! I have to give this one another read!

This is super interesting!! And lovely photos as always!


10 years ago

Fun idea! I tried to do it, but honestly it got kind of laughable at a certain point, “Thick, thin, long, shot, close to your thumb, wavy, straight, deep, shallow,” EVERY single one of these descriptors is pretty subjective and I could not for the life of me really define any of them by looking at my palms. Only clear one was the first. Kinda has me jonesing for a real palm reading now though …Does my palm reflect how suggestible I am?

10 years ago

The only thing I could figure out is that I have air hands. Palm reading is so interesting, but I think I’ll leave it to the professionals. It was a fun read though! :)

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10 years ago

Thanks for sharing this article! I apparently have fire hands which makes me happy, so I decided to read on. ;)

I found my answers to be incredibly true, and found the other options to not really fit me at all. That was really fun. I’ve always thought palm reading was interesting. Once, I was at a festival and had my palm read and she was 100% spot on. Down to where I wanted to go to school, the relationship I have with a guy and my favorite color (which no, I was not wearing). I really wish I could find her again.

10 years ago

Gorgeous photos. Lovely idea.http://www.psdaimaandsons

10 years ago

i have a straight line between my head and heart line…its not the simian line… cause the head line and the heart line dont merge but their in contact with each other through these lines what does it mean please help.

9 years ago

what do it mean if you have a k in your life line