Makeup Inspiration: Blue Belle

We are all about the color blue this week, with our latest lookbook, Blue Belle. It got us thinking about the color blue, and how we would wear blue makeup.  Brightly colored makeup can be tricky — we like it done in subtle ways, with little other makeup.  We came up with three looks we love — one with blue liner, one with blue eyeshadow, and for the last we got a little creative with a blue eye pencil. Read on for some blue makeup inspiration!

blue makeup inspiration

blue makeup inspiration

Adding a thin blue line along the bottom or top of the eye (or both) can really brighten up your eyes! We love this with a little bit of mascara and no other makeup.

blue makeup inspiration

blue makeup inspiration

For more of a glam look we used a bold swipe of blue eyeshadow on the upper lid — again with just a bit of mascara and no other makeup.  A great look for a night out!

blue makeup inspiration

Lastly, we love the idea of drawing tiny stars under the eyes with the eye pencil! The blue especially works well with this — such a dreamy look for a concert or festival!

Would you wear blue makeup? Let us know how you’d rock it in the comments!

Products used: Chanel perfect blend pencil in “cobalt blue”, Cover Girl eye enhancers 4-kit shadows in “crystal waters.”

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10 years ago

I used to line my upper lashline with blue liner, like everyday. But I haven’t done it in years. But you guys have made me want to start again! Love it! Jana, you look beautiful as always!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

I love blue eyeshadow to vamp up a look! I do the smokey eye effect along with a little black eyeliner. It brings fun to any outfit :)

10 years ago

The stars! So cute.

10 years ago

Sephora brand has an electric blue liquid eyeliner, its so pigmented and vibrant. I use it to vamp up my signature cat eye.

10 years ago

The stars are really cute.

10 years ago

Oh my goodness. I love, love, love the little stars! I can’t wait to try that myself :)

xo Kailee Anne
spirit x annimal

10 years ago

Love the look. Have done some models like this in the past.

9 years ago

Apƿreciate the recommendatioո. Let me try it out.