My Number One Travel Essential

It seems like everyone I know is experiencing wanderlust at the moment. The freedom of summer and the knowledge that fall is not too far away seems to have everyone itching to just go. I travel pretty frequently, and today I wanted to share with you all my go-to travel essential. This is something that I carry with me on every single trip I take – no exceptions. My number one travel essential is a poncho.

Poncho, flowers

When you’re traveling, a poncho can be so many things. Spread out, it’s the blanket beneath you while you’re at the beach. Over your head, it’s an umbrella to shield you from sudden rainstorms. Rolled up, it’s the pillow that comforts you during long, non-stop flights. Wrapped around you, it keeps warmth in, dust out, and adds an extra, beautiful layer to your outfit.

I once traveled for a summer through lots of different climates. I honestly never knew what each day would bring, but my poncho was forever my saving grace. Even during shorter trips, like the regular 2-hour bus rides I take between Philly and New York, I always make sure to take a poncho along. When someone or something else is controlling the climate – whether it’s mother nature outside or the airline crew up in the sky – you can never be sure what to expect. But, from my experience, I can honestly say that a poncho will never let you down!

Hat, poncho, flowers

Colorful Poncho

Poncho blanket

Poncho, maxi, field

Hat poncho, maxi skirt

Black and white, hat, flowers

Ponchos pictured: Geo Poncho, Mojave Reversible Poncho Vest.

Jana is also wearing the Tango Ruffle Maxi Skirt and Mira Pendant.

What’s your number one travel essential? We’d love to know!

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8 years ago

This is my travel essential too! It’s just so versitle. Perfect for wrapping around the shoulders on a cool night, great to sit on as a blanket while you eat lunch, etc.

8 years ago

A good sized, really versatile bag is my staple. Big enough to fit all of your goodies, including camera and water bottle (and a poncho!), compact enough to be a carry-on on a plane, lightweight enough to not give you back problems, and can double as a handbag when you get to your final destination.
I carry the kitchen sink with me when I go anywhere (not unusual to see me on the subway in the morning with two bags and a camera) so I definitely need a big, roomy bag.

<3 dani

8 years ago

a sarong! similar to a poncho, but i’ve used sarongs as everything from a dress, a scarf, a blanket, a pillow, and a potholder for cooking while camping. the versatility is endless, and they pack light and dry quickly. not to mention they’re usually cheap enough where you don’t have to worry about destroying them :)

8 years ago

A fabulous bag… big enough to carry the essentials but not too too big that it feels like you’re carrying the entire world with you… and something with a long strap! These fabulous ponchos though… they seriously are amazing and might just have been added to my cart!

8 years ago

The word poncho reminds me of 2006 when I got a sparkly blue one from limited too thinking I was the coolest, BUT these ponchos breathe fresh air into the word, and I love them! Definitely will be bringing one on my next trip!

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

I love the white skirt and grey top in these pictures! I can’t leave home (for travel or to the store) without blotting papers for my oily skin and a jacket.

TJ Evans