Photo Tour: Inside Our Digital Tech’s Simply Beautiful Home

When our digital tech began working here at Free People, I discovered her food blog, a Better Happier St. Sebastian, and immediately I was obsessed. Not only are her recipes to die for, there is a simple, light, crisp, and happy quality about her photos – to the point where I can’t look away. When I entered her home (where she lives with her boyfriend), it was no different. Big windows, open space, a beautiful white brick wall, and this incredible decorative window that separates their bedroom from the rest of their home. There was simple beauty wherever I looked, and I’m so excited to get to share it with you today.

White room, black bra

Windowsill, plant, camera

Beautiful window

Bedroom vignette

Free People top

Socks hanging on bed

Rolling rack

French door


Free People Digital Tech

Free People Home Tour - living room

Tarot cards

Free People Home Tour

Peaches on table

White brick wall, kitchen

Glass bottles

Free People Home Tour - kitchen


Refrigerator photos

Couple in kitchen

Product pictured: Lace Triangle Bra, Hiker Heathered Highland, Vertical Rope Thigh Hi.

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  1. Oh my, her home is adorable! I love kitchens laid out like that; it’s exactly how it would be if I could have a change to my current apartment. Way to go girl. That space is great!

  2. Was this shot in morning light? I absolutely love it! It really brings out the paleness of the bricks!

  3. A beauty in simplicity. This home’s loveliness is from the overall simpleness of the place that gives it a clean and clutter-free feel to it. The white walls make all other colors jump out and just be so visible. The decor is not cloyingly sweet or overwhelmingly vulgar. It’s just right for the place. The plants also bring a freshness that compliments the brightness of the home making it more relaxed.

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