Saturday DO: Meet Someone New

I was on a solo work trip recently, that involved a lot of driving and a lot of time spent alone.  I love time alone, but it can get to you after a while — sometimes it’s nice just to interact with another human being.  One early morning, I stopped to get coffee. I was waiting in line and the person in front of me said something about my shoe being untied.  My initial reaction was to say “thanks” and go back to my phone, where I was scrolling through work emails. But he seemed friendly and when I saw his coffee order arrive on the counter, it looked delicious, so I asked him what it was.  He told me, and I ordered the same, and then he asked me to join him at “the best seat in the house.” Clearly he was a regular here, and I had nowhere to be urgently, so I did.  We proceeded to have a great conversation over our coffees, and without even realizing, it was just what I needed.  It was a nice break from solitude, and when I left the coffee shop I had a smile on my face and felt so much better — just from having that brief, friendly interaction. We didn’t exchange numbers or any information — it wasn’t like that — we just talked and then went on our way.  So today, I challenge you to do the same — meet someone new, and let them into your world (and vice versa), even if it’s just for a little while. It’s refreshing — and may even change your perspective on a thing or two.

saturday do


  1. When I go on vacations, no matter if its solo or with other people..I always try to make it a point to converse with other people around me that I don’t know. Great Saturday Do :)

  2. This is why I love traveling together with somebody or solo, there’s always opportunities to meet new people and get a different perspective :)
    Yasmine xx

  3. I love this! Such an inspiring and heartwarming little story. I’m happy to see the “Saturday Do” feature back on the blog, it’s my favorite!

  4. Thx for the inspiration! I need to do this more often. It’s so easy to pull out my phone and get lost in it. Agree with the comments above, traveling solo pushes boundaries and forces u to put urself out there. Never know who I’ll encounter but so amazing to hear ppl’s stories:)

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