Scenes From The Office

It’s amazing what you’ll notice around you when you take a moment to really look. It’s usually Jana who shoots our “Scenes From The Office” posts, but this week I gave it a shot, and I found myself discovering new things all over the place. We are surrounded by gorgeous colors, textures, and objects at all times — all it takes is a little change of perspective. This weekend, open your eyes and, for the first time, see things you may have been passing by for quite some time.

Beads and fabric

Beads and fabric come together in harmony.

Scissors and scraps

Bamboo Leaves

Black iron, wooden floor

Free People Model

Fabric scraps

Pretty little scraps on a meeting table.


Transporting dye

Julia ever-so-casually assisting some indigo dye in its transport across the office.

Concrete wall

I love this concrete wall so much.

Positive post its

Positive vibes.

Roller skates

Roller skates!

Fringe shadow

A lovely afternoon shadow.

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10 years ago

Great post Brigette, I think people would be so much less stressed if they just stopped and smelled the roses every so often…

10 years ago

these pictures are really beautiful, i love the roller skates and the positive vibes, might have to put some up in my room. this is a really nice post fp Brigette, and i love the last sentence of the first paragraph, its so inspiring and that is exactly what i will try to do this weekend! :)

10 years ago

Great job Bridgette! These are beautiful photos. It is also interesting to see the difference between your take and Janas! Both wonderful!

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

I love that concrete wall so much too. Super down for that.

That model is so beautiful! Love your office.