Where Do All Your Socks Go?

Why is it that socks always seem to disappear? No matter how much you try to keep your pairs together and organized, they always seem to go missing. That’s what happens to me, at least. So today I created a little story; a possible scenario about where all of those lovely little socks hide out. I think I may be on to something.

It all starts with a brand new pair of pretty socks. Take the Daisy Lane Ankle Socks, for instance. You’re so excited to wear them – you put them on right away!

Crochet socks

Off to the coffee shop you go. Oh, how adorable those little frills look peeking out the top of your ankle boots.

Socks and ankle boots

You want to keep them fresh, so you give them a wash and hang them up to dry.

Socks on clothes line

A few days later, you can’t help but put them on again. You have to clean your house, and these things are so comfy to dance around in.


That night, you fall asleep with them on – quite the risky move. Lots of socks get lost after being sleepily kicked off in the middle of the night.

Socks under bed

…But you’re on top of it. You slip them back on as you get ready for your yoga class the next morning.

Crochet sock, yoga gear

Once you get to the studio, you change into your yoga gear. The socks come off, but — unbeknownst to you — only one of them makes it back into your bag!

Sock on floor

After yoga, you’re meeting up with a friend for lunch and you don’t want to be late, so you quickly slip back into your shoes – sockless.


The following week, after washing and drying your laundry, you realize you can only find one of those beautiful socks you love so dearly. You’re like:

Missing socks

Well, I’ll tell you where that other sock is. It’s at the yoga studio, under the bench – along with all of those other missing socks.

Socks in locker room

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8 years ago

Seriously always loosing socks, this is so cute, and those socks are adorable! I feel like everytime I loose a sock its just one, never both, just one! So frustrating! I wear them, I wash them, I put them away, no clue how they could always get lost.

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

This is adorable! I’m losing socks all the time, so I usually just pull on mismatched socks. Maybe there’s a little adventure behind every missing sock!

8 years ago

What a cute post! I’ve always wondered where mine go…my yoga studio must have them all :) Where is the black and white blanket on the bed from? I am in love and would love to have it on my bed

8 years ago

First of all that sock is perfection! Is there a freepeople store in the UK? If so I must get one (or similar at least)! Secondly, I love the little scenarioxx

8 years ago

Very cute ! :-P

This is too funny! And so true :) Love the creativity!!


8 years ago

I always lose my socks, so I just go without..lol..my cousin can’t ever find similar socks so she wears mismatching socks everyday on purpose…also, the white socks throughout are adorable ;)

8 years ago

this is actually SO adorable!

8 years ago

So cute and very true!

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