Styling Inspiration: Making It Unique

One of the first things I noticed when I started working at Free People was how different everyone’s style is here at home office. You could give every single one of us an LA Nite Tank and we’d each style it in a completely different way. It’s what makes us all unique, and it’s what makes this office a never-ending source of inspiration. I asked a few of the girls in the office to share one little thing they do – whether it’s with their hair, accessories, or clothes – to make their style their own.

Vintage tee, maxi skirt

Above: Jill, Design Intern

“I love personalizing my look by layering outfits with old band tees! My favorite move is throwing a vintage top over my Free People slips and dresses, which occupy most of my wardrobe. I’m a huge music buff, so this idea is a great conversation starter. Plus it makes outfits one-of-a-kind, so I never run into someone wearing the same thing as me. This Rolling Stones shirt is from our Vintage Loves collection, and it’s the perfect piece to disguise that I am wearing a nightgown as daywear! :)”

Rawhide bracelets
Rawhide braid

Camo, beanie, backpack

Above: Jana, Blogger

“A while back, I bought a bunch of rawhide cording to use for making jewelry. Ever since then, I’ve been using the leftover cording to accessorize with. Sometimes I’ll tie a long piece of it together and wrap it multiple times around my wrist to make a bracelet, or I’ll braid some pieces together to make tassels. I’ve been wearing one on my backpack more recently, but I like to tie them to the straps of bags, as well. I like that I can add my own personal touch with something so simple.”

 Free People braids
Blonde braids

Above: Kate, Assistant Accessories Buyer

“I love wearing my hair down, but that can get boring pretty easily, so I mix it up by adding random braids all over. I change up the amount and positioning of the braids, giving my hair an entirely new look every time!”

Frayed vintage dress
Floral vintage dress

Lastly, I’m a thrift maniac, and I’m constantly finding printed maxi skirts and dresses that I fall in love with. Oftentimes the pieces fall at an awkward spot that isn’t flattering on me, so I just take a pair of scissors and chop them up for a whole new look. This way, not only are these pieces unique because they’re vintage, they’re also unique because they have a totally new silhouette!

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  1. I love all of these ideas! I’m very similar to Kate in that I prefer to wear my hair down, so I’m always adding random braids or pulling back a piece to mix it up and make it less boring. And I am absolutely fascinated by Jill’s idea! I’m always admiring Free People’s slips, but I’m never sure how I would go about wearing one since I don’t want to hide them under dresses because they’re so pretty. Pairing the pretty slips with a vintage tee is a brilliant idea!

  2. I love Kate’s braids, whenever I do small braids like hers they seem to undo themselves. Does she use any product to keep them braided? I’m not a fan of using bands to keep them in, the natural look is more my style.

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