Trend Alert: Birks & Socks

There’s a trend emerging here at our home office that I’m really excited about. It’s a trend that I used to see back when I was in high school, but one in which I never personally took part (although I always wanted to)… until now. Every day I see more and more of our girls rocking Birkenstock sandals, and a handful of them are doing so with socks.

I’ve always loved classic Birkenstocks. They look — and feel — comfortable, casual, natural, and cute. They’re fun without being too attention-grabbing, and their neutral color palette means you can pair them with almost anything. We’re enjoying these last few weeks of summer wearing them as-is, and as the weather cools down, we’re adding some of our favorite socks to the look — all the way through fall.

Birkenstocks and thigh highs


Chaplin Leather Backpack, Vintage Sweater Tall SockArizona Birkenstock.

Birkenstocks, mustard cords, backpack

Birkenstocks, overalls

Washed Cord Overall, Golden Age Backpack, Arizona Birkenstock.

Birkenstocks and eucalyptus

Birkenstocks, eucalyptus

Birkenstocks, beanie, sweater

Capsule Slouchy BeaniePerimeter Cardigan, FP One Smocked Bike Shorts, Speckled Slouch Tall SockArizona Birkenstock.

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  1. I live in upstate NY and alot of ladies do wear socks with Birks…it all depends on how you wear them and only some people can pull it off. I think most people here wear the socks for warmth more than trying to pull off a fashion trend. I love the last photo that Bridgette is wearing them and the first photo.

  2. You guys totally have a way of making something that is a total fashion dont into a do. I love birks, never did the sock thing, but am about to go there. I too live in upstate ny and am a therapist too, its like this is made for me. Lets just see if I can pull it off. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I love my Birkis! Due to a chonic illness, comfy supportive shoes are essential. It’s easy to embrace this style as long as you add your own style twit with irony. Being an artist, I love the boho vibe when wearing these babies on my feet :)

  4. I love this trend, but I’m too shy to wear this. Most people are so judgmental about socks x sandals. I’d like to see more of this tough! :)

  5. Thank goodness they are trendy now, I was starting to et sick of people making fun of my socks and birks! ha ha ha, but seriously love em’!

  6. Love my Birks! I have a pair of classic ones like these and a pair where the top strap wraps around my big toe. Super cute and perfect for my high arches :)

  7. As a resident of the Pacific Northwest, I’ve got two things to say:

    1) Please don’t encourage this fashion trend. I mean, yeah, I get it’s comfy, but socks and sandals? Around here, that just says you’re too lazy to commit to one type of footwear because the weather is unpredictable.

    2) The name for this trend is: Birkensocks. ;)

  8. What happened, I see the Birkenstock on every fashionblog now!? When I was wearing them they were the ugliest shoe ever (according to my boyfriend especially)… I do still like them though.

  9. i love love love birks w socks! they were basically my wardrobe staple all throughout high school and now college. they’re literally the best and most comfortable pair of shoes i own… i love buying cute socks to wear w them when it starts to cool down. they are definitely a closet must-have!

  10. Purchased my first pair of Arizona Birkenstock’s this week. I love the trend and have a bad back so it’s a win-win in my book! My husband, on the other hand, is not thrilled with the Birks and socks concept and said he would not be seen with me when I described to him various outfits I wanted to “rock” with my new Birks…….Maybe they’ll grow on him????!!!!

  11. sorry guys…trend or not..birks with socks is by far the worst combination you can step out on the streets with..i live in hamburg (germany) and although you can pretty much wear anything here that combination will give everyone the chills….i love birks and cute socks, but not as a combo.

  12. I wore this look in high school back in ’95 when grunge was cool… not a fashion do now… sorry guys. Plus, the suede on the birk ruins the fabric of the socks.

  13. They are a trend? So NOW I am trendy!! Been wearing them this way for years – live in a cold climate so not always able to wear them on their own (although my Birk clogs ARE better for cooler days and socks with THEM are fine!). Must have nice socks though or it just looks BAD…

  14. Wow. Trendy? Ok. I’ve been wearing Arizona Birks with socks for many years. But I always knew I looked like a dork. But, who cares! Birkenstocks are the only shoes I’ve never wanted to shed the second I came home. I have four pair of Birkenstock socks that I bought almost ten years ago. Yep. Ten. They’re made from recycled plastic, I think. They look exactly as they did when I first bought them. I wish they still made them, it would be nice to have a couple more. But, I guess since they last forever, everyone quit buying them as theirs never wore out. So I wear my Birks without socks in the summer, then let the buckles out and wear them with socks all winter. I switch to wool socks when it’s really cold. (And occasionally I dress up and wear some cute, trendy, uncomfortable shoes for a date or something.)

  15. I’ve been fitting Birkenstock Believers for 29 years at our family owned Birkenstock Store and All Brand Shoe Repair. I love hearing the stories from my customers why they’re getting a pair of Birk en stock sandals, clogs or shoes.

    Many have had friends recommend them, some have been referred by their podiatrist. Whatever the reason they’ve been convinced Birkenstock is worth every penny they’re spending. Quality footwear, the majority of the styles repairable. New heels, soles and footbeds. My slogan: Wear repairable
    Birkenstock foorwear good for you and Mother Earth because of their repairability.
    Mrs. Pat Hamilton, Owner
    Aaron’s Birkenstock Store and Shoe Repair, St. Peters, MR

  16. What color are your birkenstock?
    I want to buy a pair! What color do you recommend for someone who wears cool colors? I don’t usually wear Browns, so I was thinking maybe grey or a really light brown.

    Thank you!!

  17. this has been the number one foot wear combo in the PNW for like….ever. everyone does it. it’s even a joke in insurance commercials.
    long live the socks and stocks.

  18. I’m a junior in high school and it’s actually a huge trend right now
    Happy to say I was one of the first few (if not the very first) at my school to do this. Something about it is just classy. Classy yet comfy and actually, kind of cute.

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