Blogger Diary: Light & Shadows

Sunlight is one of my favorite things in existence. I love when it wakes me up first thing in the morning. I love the energy and happiness it brings out of people whenever it shows itself through the clouds. I love how natural it is, how fleeting it is, and that it plays games with us at all times. Most of all, I love the shadows and patterns it creates by shining down at all different angles. Everyone who knows me can probably tell you how excited I get when the sun filters through lace curtains and shines on the wall, and when its rays beat down on trees and flowers just right, causing beautiful plant life paintings on the sidewalk. Sunlight is an unbelievably inspiring thing, and it reminds me to appreciate the beauty around us at all times. It blows me away every single day.

Lace shadows on leg

Metal shelf brackets

Tree shadow

Lace shadows on wall

Sunlight, sock, bed

Sunlight quote

Mirror reflection

Sunlight vintage dresser

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  1. This is such a lovely post! When I first got my first decent camera I obsessed over taking shots of light and shadows – I had two of my favourite prints blown up! – and it’s still one of the most magical things in daily life. Love!
    Julia x

  2. Sunlight is a heavenly gift from God. The way you portrait here is exceptionally good. Adorable. For your future savings while shopping online take a tour of my blog soon.

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