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This guest post is from our contributor FP Naomi.

Each of the seven main chakra centers in our body is represented by a color. Around this connection, we can assign a whole world of meaning to each color based on the chakra it is tied to. The energy centers correspond with certain emotions and physical body parts, and so do the magical hues. Recognizing each color’s meaning is useful when it comes to channeling color in your everyday life to manifest the emotions and healing that you’re after.

Applying the theory, you can use intention to fill your world with color. Here is a little rundown of the hues and what each can be used for. The aromatherapy and gem stone callouts are tools to boost the corresponding emotions or to heal ailments associated with the correlating physical body parts. Download the color theory chakra chart at the end to have these meanings on-hand for your everyday reference.


chakra color theory

Purple represents the Crown Chakra associated with spirituality, peace, consciousness and thought. It is located at the top of your head and sends energy to the central nervous system, cerebral cortex, and upper spine. Surround yourself with purple if you’re looking to channel a meditative state of mind or heal a bad upper back. Jasmine and tourmaline help to bring in the Crown Chakra energy with their purple hues. Clear quartz is simply regarded as very spiritual, and can help to do so as well.


chakra color theory

Indigo is associated with your Third Eye Chakra. This is the chakra connected to long-term vision, intuition, and imagination. Because of its location, it also ties to your autonomic nervous system and eyes. Surround yourself with lavender, lapis, and amethyst to help bring about clear goals for the future and healthy eyes to see them with.


chakra color theory

The color blue represents your Throat Chakra. Not surprisingly, this means that blue connects with your communication, openness, and ideas. If you have a big interview, think about wearing something blue to help with your speaking skills. The Throat Chakra also ties the respiratory system, sinuses, thyroid, and ears. To help heal any of these body parts, try eucalyptus. Turquoise and azurite help to channel Third Eye energy a well. If you tend to get anxious, it might be good to hold a tiny turquoise rock in your hand next time you speak in front of a crowd.


chakra color theory

Green ties to the Heart Chakra and represents all things love. It also houses energy for sharing, trust, and coping. I recently painted my new bedroom a pale green because I wanted it to be a place of love, trust, and sharing for my boyfriend and me. The hue also relates back to physical connections with the heart, blood, and lungs. Heliotrope is a great green healing herb, while green tourmaline and kunzite gem stones bring the loving energy into your life.


chakra color theory

Yellow is a very passionate color. Representing the Solar Plexus Chakra means that it houses will power, purpose, efficiency, and overall passion. This is also the chakra that anger is derived from. If you’re feeling angry, you’ll need to balance things out with less yellow. You can even go as far as to surround yourself with its opposite, purple, to bring in feelings of peace and serenity. For all of you with digestive system problems, yellow is the color here. Try adding ginger, a yellow root, to your diet for healing, or meditate with amber and citrine.


chakra color theory

The Sacral Chakra, located at the bottom of our bellies, is represented by the color orange. This energy center represents emotions of intimacy, letting go, and desire. If you’re in the need for some emotional cleansing, fill your home with happy orange flowers. The body parts associated with the chakra are the urinary tract, spleen, and kidneys. Dragons blood is a great aromatherapy solution, and coral and carnelian are the assisting gem stones.


chakra color theory

Last but not least, red represents the root chakra. Healthy energy in the root makes us feel secure, safe, grounded, and overall vigorous and healthy. It relates to our sex organs, legs, feet, and tailbone. In my mind, this explains the red heel phenomenon. Not only do they make our legs and feel look good, but they have a certain amount of sex appeal as well. Cinnamon is an herb that relates to the red chakra, while hematite and bloodstone can help channel its energies.

chakra color theory

Click to download the chakra color theory poster!

Poster is sized to print on 11” x 17” paper.

Visit Naomi’s blog Numie Abbot!

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10 years ago

This is a fantastic post! The pictures are gorgeous and the info is so interesting. I love learning about chakras!

Much love,

10 years ago

Just the post to pique my interest! I’ve been researching chakra healing all week after starting an everyday yoga practice and getting in better touch with my well being. Thanks for the poster download, hanging it above my yoga gear. :)

10 years ago

Very informative and concise summary. Thanks!

10 years ago

One of my all time favorite posts. I wear often wear a necklace with all the chakra stones represented, but I just downloaded the poster to hang near my closet so I can remember which colors to wear when I want to influence energy from a specific chakra!

10 years ago

Great post, I just think the colors should have been shown with red first, since the chakras ascend from root to crown.

10 years ago

Ahhhh! So so perfect. Definitely downloading!

xo, Juliette Laura

Alex Deanne
10 years ago

Love this! These colors also represent similar meanings in your auras, which should come as no surprise as they are greatly influenced by your emotions and the balance of your chakra.

10 years ago

Hi Guys,

Loved this post. I´ve been wondering if you can do a tutorial of editing vintage photos, i want to make that effect in my ohotos too.

9 years ago

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I wish to inform you concerning the high quality.

5 years ago

I wear a Chakra gem stone bracelet that incorporates aromatherapy and combines all the Chakra colors as you mentioned in your post. If you want a free Chakra bracelet check out my post on my blog. I explain the Chakra bracelet meaning and it’s healing powers.

5 years ago

Chakras are regularly raised in connection to contemplation rehearses and enthusiastic recuperating. Each and every one of these potential vitality focuses has its own vibration recurrence – and when we see how they function, it tends to be utilized to mend specific injuries or simply accomplish better physical and passionate prosperity.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point ended up befuddled about the entire importance behind chakras – I’m here to enable you to out! In this post, I will separate the importance of each chakra and additionally approaches to offsetting each chakra adequately with the assistance of pendulums, gems and hues.