Cornwall Road Trip Diary: Part Two

Here is a final photo diary from our road trip through the beaches of Cornwall! The second leg of our trip was jam packed. With our van parked at Fistral Beach on Saturday and Sunday, we had waves of people stopping by to check out our DIY table, scope out the van and learn about Free People. The hair plaiting was a hit (what we call a braid here in the states is actually called a “plait” over there!) — it was so fun to see all of the different styles that girls were requesting. With long work days that went into the night, the early morning yoga sessions with Aimee at Synergy Yoga Studio was exactly what I needed. I hadn’t done yoga in a while, so it was so nice to take an hour and let go of all the stresses. It really encouraged me to start taking more classes back here in Philly!

yoga pose


dog and sea gull

shells in the sand

people in the water

far away house

tolcarne beach

walking on beach

fish and chips


pink flowers


hair braiding

doing a DIY

girl picking a pocket

fistral beach

free people van

girl in flower crown

surfboards at the beach

fistral beach rocks

fistral beach


waves and sunset

After Fistral Beach, we drove through the countryside and made it to Polzeath. We spent a day here, meeting people and exploring the town.

in the van

English countryside

van on the beach

clothes by the van

shells in town

meal at polzeath

kite in the sky

girls with free people bags

We were so lucky to have great weather during this trip. The sun was out most days and the temperatures were perfect. The beaches of Cornwall are absolutely amazing. When the tide is low, the beaches almost triple in size, making it a trek to reach the water’s edge. Some of my favorite moments of the trip were taking a few minutes to explore the cliffs up above and look back down at the packed beach. These were some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen, and in those moments, it really made me appreciate the experience I had been given. I have traveled to many parts of the U.S., but I’m fairly new to traveling outside of the country. Seeing different landscapes and experiencing a new culture made me eager to see more parts of the world.

polzeath flowers

walking on trail

people doing yoga on beach

polzeath cliff

beach at sunset

The Free People Cornwall Road Trip was an experience I won’t forget. I look forward to seeing the UK again soon one day!

airplane shot

Click here for the Cornwall Road Trip Diary: Part One

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8 years ago

You have a real talent with the camera Jana, these captures are gorgeous!
& the little girl with the fish braid and the crown of roses~ she was such a sweetheart, I just wanted to put her in my pocket! ^.^ xxx

8 years ago

Totally agree with Louise there; your photos are beautiful. Mind sharing the camera that you use?

8 years ago

I came to see you guys on the Sunday and won a free surfing lesson :D


8 years ago

I absolutely love the tapestry you guys made with pockets on it. Adorable!
<3 xoxo Annejelina

Visit my shop:

8 years ago

Oh my goodness! These are such lovely photos! Looks like a wonderful time!

xo, Juliette Laura

8 years ago

Looks like a great JOB to have! So tell me…..what is the job title of the folks who get to ride around in the van to various locals? I want in! Get in the van!

8 years ago

I love the pics, especially the ones of the VW van :) I recently want to go back to Cornwall again, especially after I read my mate’s post on the place and now seen these pics!

7 years ago

Wow. Between the fish & chips & the yoga, this is pretty much my dream vacation! LOVE Cornwall.

7 years ago

Great photos! There’s nothing better than summer travel! The photo of the strawberries was my favorite, they look absolutely delicious.