DIY Mason Jar Cozy

When I was in Portland, I had coffee one morning at a place called Courier Coffee.  They serve their coffee in mason jars, and also sell adorable handmade cozies to protect your hands from the hot glass. I have plenty of mason jars here at work, so I was inspired to make my own mason jar cozy so that this winter I can use mason jars for my coffee at work! Read on to learn how to make your own.

diy mason jar cozy

I was very lucky because our knits designers had a bag full of old sweater scraps that they didn’t need — I was happy to give them a home!  You could also use pieces of fabric from an old sweater that no longer fits, or from a scarf, hat, or gloves!

duy mason jar cozy

What you need: A mason jar, piece of fabric (large enough to cover mason jar), scissors, measuring tape, needle, and thread.

diy mason jar cozy

Use the measuring tape to get the dimensions you’ll want the cozy to be.  This size mason jar is about 10 inches around, and the flat portion around the middle where the cozy would sit is about 3 inches length-wise.

diy mason jar cozy

diuy mason jar cozy

Cut your fabric, leaving yourself about an inch of extra fabric on all sides to be safe.  Wrap it around the mason jar and pin it where you want the two ends of the fabric to meet.

diy mason jar cozy

Sew the fabric together where the two ends meet.  For this cozy, I liked how the raw edges looked so I did a quick whip stitch along the top and bottom to prevent fraying. Next, I’ll demonstrate another method that gives you a cleaner edge.

diy mason jar cozy

diy mason jar cozy

To give the cozy clean edges that won’t fray, leave yourself an extra two inches or so on each side when you cut the fabric.

diy mason jar cozy

Fold over the extra fabric on each edge and sew in place.

mason-jar-cozy (10b)

Once you’ve done this on each side, proceed to wrap around the mason jar and sew the two edges together.

diy mason jar cozy

Which of the three cozies that I made is your favorite?

diy mason jar cozy

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So cute!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog


Definitely trying this! I usually drink my wine in a mason jar, so this will add to the night’s wine fun!



These are soo cute! I’ve also made mason jar cozies out of denim too =) Love!
<3 xoxo Annejelina

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Awe so cozy and perfect for fall time! Wish it wasn’t still 90 degrees here in Dallas… :(

I love the one with the colorful fabric :) I knit my cozies, but this takes way less time and is just as cute!

That looks really cozy to hold! Does this work on other things like glasses and mugs? You know what the color reminds me of Kid’s t-shirt and baby onesies from little trendstar. I love how you made that jar into a wonderful piece of art.

cool, i gotta try this out for my wine jars! =)


Love this so much!! <3

I do something very similar, I absolutely love it!

xo, Juliette Laura

socks work great too. I live in portland and was inspired by these same courier coozies! I made a mason jar coozy from the top of an old high sock. I folded it over in half so it’s thicker and embroidered it to make it a little more special

And when you’ve finished the coffee, put some tea candles inside :)

so awesome, can’t believe it!
i will absolutely try this after my exams are done!