DIY Wood Embroidery

I’ve always been drawn to any kind of embroidery…I love the delicate detail it adds to clothing or everyday items.  I love adding little stitches and touches of embroidery to my denim to make it unique and add character, and lately I’ve had the idea of embroidering wood on the brain.  At first it may seem incredibly difficult, but with just a few supplies and one handy tool, it’s pretty easy to do.  I tried it out on a picture frame and a jewelry box, and I can’t wait to experiment some more!

diy wood embroidery

What you need: A power drill with a thin bit, pieces of wood (thinner wood will be easier — I got this frame and small jewelry box at A.C. Moore), embroidery thread, and a pencil.

diy wood embroidery

Mark where you want to drill with pencil first so that you are comfortable with your pattern, and then drill the holes using the power drill.

diy wood embroidery

Thread the embroidery floss through the holes as you wish! The frame was a great practice run for the jewelry box.

diy wood embroidery

diy wood embroidery

I love how the little jewelry box turned out. It would make a great gift for someone!

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8 years ago

Awesome project! I can’t wait to try!

8 years ago

This is beautiful <3 It would also be rad to do this to a piece of wood and then just hang it on the wall. Love!
xoxo Annejelina

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8 years ago

I love this idea. I have seen pictures of driftwood that has been embroidered by artists and have been wanting to embroider wood ever since. Thanks for this post!

8 years ago

Great project!


8 years ago

I love that embroidery is making a modern comeback! Awesome project!

8 years ago

Aha! This is a must grab idea..heheh..I like your DIY idea which I can even do this with my other wooden stuffs. Thanks

8 years ago

beautiful idea!! ☺


8 years ago

Such simple thing can make wonders. Brilliant.

8 years ago

Brilliant & beautiful!

8 years ago

I was wondering if your idea would work for making a stamp type. Neat idea you came up with. :)

4 years ago

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Thanks for Sharing!