Dream Symbols & Their Meanings: Being Chased

Being chased is one of the most common reported themes occurring in dreams. While it could definitely represent a fear of actual physical danger in real life, it could also represent something mental. Being chased in a dream may be representative of an anxiety you have in your waking life. In order to solve the problem, put some thought into who or what may be causing you this anxiety – it may even be an aspect of your own self that is causing you to run.

The way you react to your chaser shows how you choose to deal with this anxiety. Do you run away? Hide? Try to outsmart the person chasing you? Confronting the chaser in your dream may show that you’re ready to tackle the issue in real life.

Take note of the distance between yourself and the chaser, as well. The closer the chaser is to you, the bigger the issue is in your life. If your chaser seems to be catching up to you quickly, the anxiety in your waking life is likely to be becoming more bothersome. A chaser getting lost in the distance behind you, however, may show that the issue in your waking life is starting to fade away.

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The next time you dream of being chased, stop and ask yourself who or what you’re running away from in your waking life. Is there an issue in your personal life that you’ve been avoiding? Could you be avoiding confronting a certain fear or emotion within yourself? Once you ask yourself these questions, it may become clear why you’ve had such a dream. Think about how to confront your “chaser”, and take action to relieve yourself from these waking-life anxieties.

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  1. I have this dream at least once every three months…it’s a scary one and every time I dream it I’m like…here we go again. And what sucks about it, is that I can’t even run! or when I try to run, i can barely move… One time in my dream this person covered with a black sheet was following me again, I realized I was dreaming and I just stopped, turned around and said…”piss off”. And suddenly I was awake. Dreams are actually easy to manipulate, just gotta practice.


  2. Pretty much every one of my dreams is being chased and I can never run fast enough, like I’m running underwater or in quicksand.

  3. Many times over the years I’ve been pursued in dreams.
    Sometimes I’m running in terror and fear for my life and other times
    It’s in fear of the unknown and I feel weird.I know that I should
    probably confront It ,but when trying to take control it’s difficult
    because I feel sluggish.
    I watch and read a lot of different stuff and that also effects me,
    my mentality (and sometimes physicality)(, like shivers and mental images in my head.)
    Dreams can be warnings or challenges of mind and/or body and often are effected
    by our surroundings. Controlling dreams isn’t to easy for me so I try to
    influence them instead by influencing my surroundings

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    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Many thanks!

  5. I always dream I’m running in circles like up and down a stair case… Same dream.
    I also dream of drowning all the time or almost drowning and coming up the most recent was like a tsunami and swirling up and down then running around afterwards trying to survive…..

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