Dream Symbols & Their Meanings: Flying

Dreams are an incredible thing. Sometimes they last a mere split second, whereas other times they seem to go on forever. Sometimes a dream is so lifelike that you may actually believe the events occurred in real life, whereas other times a dream is so ridiculous that you can’t even comprehend what’s going on. Dreams are a subconscious reflection of what’s going on within our mind. Oftentimes our dreams can teach us things about ourselves that we may not have otherwise realized. I think that it’s important to look into our dreams to find out what our subconscious mind is trying to tell us. This month, we’re going to feature a new dream symbol each week, describing what the symbol might possibly mean and how to deal with the information it reveals. This week, that symbol is flying.

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Have you ever had a dream where you yourself were gliding through the air, soaring over buildings and trees, and loving every minute of it? This type of dream suggests that you are on top of something. Maybe you’ve overcome a recent struggle at work; maybe you feel in control of your life in general. Think about how the feeling of being “on top” specifically relates to you, and make an effort to keep doing what you’re doing in order to stay there.

On the other hand, you may have a dream that you’re having trouble staying in flight. Maybe a tree is in your way; maybe you just can’t seem to stay up in the air. Obstacles like these suggest that someone or something is in your way. Someone or something may be holding you back from moving forward in your life. It could be a friend or family member; it could be a lack of resource like time or money; it could even be your very own feelings of fear or self-consciousness. Take the time to think about who or what could possibly be in the way of your path and formulate a plan to overcome the situation, even if it’s one baby step at a time.

Have you ever had a dream that you were flying? Describe it for us below!

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  1. I used to fly in my childhood dreams all the time and those dreams are still fun to think about. It started with a recurring dream about me standing in my living room, lifting off the floor and feeling like it was the most fun thing in the world. Eventually I was soaring over lakes, amusement parks, and San Francisco (weird, I think that one stemmed from watching full house).

  2. i was flying from rooftop to rooftop in some kind of village, angry people were chasing me a yelling. i couldn’t fly for long or very high that is why i was using the rooftops. my wings were small.

  3. I have been dancing ballet my entire life and in high school i used to dream of dancing in a beautiful flowy dress. It was night time and I was dancing on an outdoor stage alone with the stars shining bright above me. There was no audience, I was just dancing for myself, and every time my feet left the floor for a jump, I would fly into the sky. It’s my most magnificent and favorite dream by far.

  4. I was flying over the streets of London with Peter Pan and all of my friends. We were children again. It was the most exuberant feeling in the world. We would zoom past each other into the stars, twirl around in the clouds and there was this wonderful person leading us somewhere magical. It was the hardest dream I have ever had to wake up from.

  5. A few weeks ago I had a dream I could fly; it was the most incredible feeling! I physically felt weightless, like I could just lift myself up and over buildings or wherever I wanted to go. Even now I still hold that feeling. Every night I go to bed hoping that I will fly again! x

  6. Two nights ago, I dreamt I was meeting some people for a fun night on the town. Instead, my youngest daughter showed up. We had a nice time, and after awhile, I began flying in the air over people, trees, buildings. I would only touch down occasionally. I had these dreams all the time growing up – whether it was outside or inside. I soar several times a year. It’s very refreshing.

  7. Had a dream monsters were chasing me and i was trying to get away. I was flying frim roof top to roof top tree yo tree but never gettingvaway of far enough! What is the meaning of this??

  8. I was running from cops and it was in my apartment complex and i kept jumping and gliding though the. Sky but. I started. Crawling. First

  9. I had a dream that mud formed into a potato I then threw the potato at what I thought was black garbage bags till I
    found out it was a bear then I ran on all fours and pushed off with my feet suddenly I slightly glided feeling like I had power. I then had another where I jumped off a building then I suddenly I glided.

  10. i had a dream before i woke up this morning where i flew, very fast in a position like superman would fly, just above the surface of a beautiful blue lake. during midflight i changed to where i became upright and “skated” above the water like an ice skater. it was very exillerating and i felt joyful. can’t remember how the dream ended. i sure would love to know what this dream means!

  11. i fly nearly every night I sleep, it’s been going on for years, I start by taking large bounding steps, then with my arms by my side I simply push down with my hands and take off, I seem to then just glide trying not to be spotted but some people see me and point upwards, if I loose altitude I flick my hands up and down again and climb higher, I always land safely on my feet and just walk away.
    I’ve searched for a meaning to this for many years now, with no results, it happens so often, I remember more of my dream than I do of what I did at work that day!!!

  12. When I dream of flying I am trying to get somewhere or away from something. Usually in a frantic. I cannot ever stay in flight but I sort of soar through the air and my landing is rough. Sometimes I can land on things like rooftops or trees but to fly again I have to get a running start. I am usually in familiar surroundings but in some sort of frantic state. I even flap my arms like a bird. I wake up exhausted but wishing I could go back to finish whatever it was.

  13. I often have dreams with me flying but only by flapping my arms and always from the ground. I mostly do my flying while other people are around me. I do remember often wondering if my flying is impressing these people and , if so, why am I trying to be impressive? I am not being threatened with bodily harm at any time during my dream which would cause me to want or need to fly. I must say though, it is so realistic that I would rather stay dreaming and never wake up because it gives me a sense of freedom and the feeling that I can be special because I can fly. I hope someone can help me understand this. I have been curious about these dreams for many years. Thank you for listening.

  14. when i was young about 7 i remember a dream i had where if i exhaled i could float up and fly and by thinking move there where others there my age we flew through a beautiful orchard and there was a bright figure with us first walking then we were in the air together it was a most wonderful experience and if i could i would have never woken up.

  15. My dreams are always flapping my arms. I get tremendous thrust and soar high above trees and power lines and feel exhilarated.

  16. Always, in dreaming, its like I am returning to the same area… same body of water, same neighborhood, and I am always able to fly. I can float, or fly high, sometimes I feel like Im going too high, or just fly as high as if Im just walking thru the neighborhood. I hate when I wake only to realize that dream was not the reality.

  17. I hover a few feet off the ground so that I glide over steps or glide a few feet off the ground outside. I wish I could do that in my waking state, like having a hoverboard!

  18. In a dream I saw a child flying a kite. As I looked up the kite was a real entire tree and it was laying flat, not upright, it floated in the air as the child held the cord. It was gray and without any leaves. It was a real tree and not a man made kite. I looked at it and said, trees can’t hang in the air, they’re to heavy.

  19. I love flying in my dreams. Last night I dreamt that I had what I’ll call a flying carpet except it has a steering handle bar and I lye, flying kind of like Super Man with my arms streatched out. Sometimes it sputtered and came down and I had to start from the ground and go up again. Beautiful ocean water, buildings, people, and children. Very nice to dream like this. I want to hold onto the feeling.

  20. When I dream I am flying I am dressed as a ballerina and I dance and soar up and down qith pink ribbons and pink ballet shoes and costume white panyhoae. Very peaceful. I am also fully aware that I am asleep and dreaming.

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