Dream Symbols & Their Meanings: Missing The Bus

Your eyes close, you drift into a deep sleep, and suddenly you find yourself in a state of panic, running to catch a bus, train, plane, or other form of transportation. When you arrive, you realize that it’s too late. You’ve missed your transportation — you had a feeling this was coming. You’re left with a feeling of frustration with yourself, and possibly a feeling of being lost; not knowing where to go from here. Missing transportation is a common theme within dreams – it’s one of the highest occurring stress dreams, and there are two main culprits.

Time management. If your life involves constant deadlines, your dreams may be due to a need for better time management. These deadlines could be work-related, or they could be personal deadlines you’ve placed upon yourself to finish a creative project at home or to reach a certain fitness goal. If these deadlines are out of your control, find a way to better manage your time. Write out steps on a timeline for yourself and do what you need to do to complete them. If your deadlines are self-created, consider allowing yourself some extra time to complete your goal. Once you take the steps necessary to relieving the stress of these deadlines, you’ll feel much more relaxed overall.

Time quote

Fear of missing out. These dreams could also be due to a fear of missing out on an activity you’d like to take part in. Think about what that activity may be, and take note of why you’ll miss it. Which of these two activities is more important to you? Do you feel obligated to partake in one although you may not want to? Realize that sometimes it’s okay to say “no” when someone invites you to do something you’d rather not do. At the same time, though, realize that some obligations are very important, even though you may not like the activity. By prioritizing these things, the answers will become much more clear – and that fear of missing out should begin to fade away.

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10 years ago

so interesting! i love this feature. i have a reoccurring dream that i am swimming in the ocean and i am very frightened of the creatures and fish beneath me. i find it so odd because when i’m awake i love swimming and this fear is only present in my dreams.

Very interesting. I love analyzing dreams and their deeper meanings.


10 years ago

I dreamed looking for my white big bus asking neigbors if they see my dead mom drove away my bus nobody saw her after running around i went ba chome and woke up

8 years ago

I dreamed of getting left by the bus for 2 years and today I was on the bus yay

7 years ago

I am constantly dreaming about being late to catch a plane trying to pack to be on time, also of hights where I nearly fall off into deep water gushing water. I also dream of that someone special (love interest) near by. I dream a lot of my house being ransacked fence fallen down, robbed. Does anyone have an idea what this could mean.

7 years ago

What a waste of time when there is no one responding

7 years ago

I dreamt of been in a bus bit how I came down from the bus is what I don’t know and I was left behind and I found myself in my street again please someone should tell me the meaning

7 years ago

Is dawn. Suddenly I dreamt of waiting for company bus to arrive. As it arrives I walk towards it n it left me behind. I was chasing n shouting but it did not stop n obviously appending away.
Than I venture into a fence garden trying to look for alternative for a taxi to work.
Suddenly I was in the office highlighting the account to my colleagues. Someone from no where answer that the driver said the bus is over weight but I m not.
Woke up feeling unpleasant. Before bed everything was alright so why this unpleasant dream so real?
Thank you

6 years ago

I always have dreams about me kissing my school bus

5 years ago


3 years ago

Significantly important! So true! Amazingly applicable! Thanks for those who study dreams.

3 years ago

this is crazy! i have reoccuring dreams about missing the bus to go home, and in these dreams i’m always worried about my parents thinking that i am in danger (since i always get home at a specific time).