What Does Your Eye Color Mean?

Eyes are one of the most beautiful and expressive components to the human body. They have the ability to reveal our inner emotions and they’re our window to the outside world. We can communicate so much with our eyes, from the slightest glance to a deep stare.

Since the eyes reveal so much, it made me wonder if the color of them can reveal certain aspects of our personality, and help us learn more about ourselves. After doing some research, I learned that eye color is all dependent on your genetic makeup, but psychologists have in fact connected certain colors of the eye back to personality traits. Here is a brief guide that explains what some of the different eye colors represent. Not to be taken too seriously, this is more of a fun test to see if any of the said personality traits match up with you and your eye color!

jana eye

Blue eyes– Blue eyes are said to be the most desirable. As babies, many of us are born with deep blue irises, but then they are quick to change within 2 weeks. Because of this, most people think of “eternal youth” whenever they see blue eyes. It is said that most people with blue eyes are attractive, in addition to having a very calm and peaceful personality. Blue eyes are also representative of knowledge.

brown eyes

Brown eyes– Brown is one of the most common of eye colors, and people who don this hue are said to be very independent, self-confident and determined. You are known to be trustworthy, and when people look at you they get a sense of security and stability.

green eyes and turquoise ring

Green eyes– Green Eyes are often thought of as mysterious since they are more rare. People with green eyes are curious about nature, very passionate in their relationships with other people and have an overall positive and creative outlook on life. These people tend to get jealous easily, but possess large amounts of love.

Hazel eyes– hazel eyes are a mixture of colors, but mostly green and brown. People with hazel eyes are spontaneous and will rarely back down from a challenge. If there is more green mixed into your eyes, you like to be mischievous. If you have more brown mixed in, you are more approachable to other people. Hazel eyes are special because they seem to change color depending on your mood.

jill and danielle eyes

Black eyes– People with black eyes are known to be very secretive and keep to themselves around new faces until they feel comfortable. They are very passionate and loyal, especially to their friends. People with black eyes are also very intuitive and have the ability to tap into powerful energy.

Gray eyes– If you have gray eyes, you are known to be very wise and gentile. These people are sensitive, but have a strong inner strength and think analytically. They can also very easily change their mood to suit any situation at hand. 

I have green eyes, and I thought it was interesting how spot on the personality description was to me. How did it match up for you all?

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  1. I have hazel eyes, I thought it was a good description, but my eyes also sometimes turn a golden/yellow color. Is there a description for that? <3 xoxo

  2. I have grey eyes as well!

    Buy my eyes were more green when I was younger and it does seem to describe me pretty well

  3. Same here. I also have gray eyes…Really light gray, like some wolves’ eyes are. No hints of blue whatsoever in them!

  4. I have blue eyes and I was surprised at how dead on it was! People always tell me how calm I am! Thanks for the post!

  5. this is interesting. my eyes are like kaleidoscopes; they constantly change between hues of green and blue, depending on what i’m wearing or where i am. if i wear green, they reflect the color i’m wearing. if i’m by the ocean, they turn the turquoise of the water, etc. it would’ve been interesting to see if there are any hybrid eye-color examples lol. but both the blue and green eyes description seem to fit very well with my personality. thanks for sharing this.

  6. By saying most of us are born with blue eyes you’re making the assumption most people are white. Most of the world ISN’T white and therefore most of us weren’t born with blue eyes. The rest post is absolutely ridiculous as there is no scientific evidence proving a link between eye colour and personality.

  7. so many blanket statements! of course everyone will agree with whatever it says for their eye color, just like any form of astrology.

    (Jasmine) there obviously isn’t an actual link between eye color and personality, it’s just fun to think about for some people. The same way there’s no actual link between our birthdays and personalities. Not that we have any evidence of, at least.

  8. I’m a brown eyed girl and this was dead on…nice post Jana!
    by the way your eyes are beautiful, I am sure u hear that alot…haha

  9. 99.9999% of Asians have brown eyes….and not all Asians are the same, obviously. Also, I have brown eyes and I am neither self-confident nor determined.

  10. I have green eyes and think the description was spot on. My younger brothers have green eyes as well- we were all blue eyed until we were pre-teens when our eyes changed colors. Their eyes went green when they were… 10 maybe? I colored my hair red for the first time when I was about 11 and then the next day I woke up and my eyes had gone from true blue to a very pale green. They’ve since darkened, but I thought it was funny how our eyes changed. My eldest brother and younger sister are both still blue eyed- I hope it stays that way because I think blue eyes are so pretty!

  11. I could use some Feedback !
    Let me break it down to you, I have Hazel Eyes… I would say the brown part is right around the the middle black dot in the center. My eyes do change color. The brown part is from my mom who has slightly over medium brown eyes(so between dark brown and mid brown) and my son has brown eyes (dark brown, darker than my mom’s). However, my brown part is very light..more like hazelnut brown that gets a wee bit more predominant only 15% of the time. My green part is usually very slightly below mid green to mid green,, However,, 20% of the time.. becomes Dark EMERALD Green and when this happens takes most of the eye, overshadowing the brown part.

    My daughter has hazel eye and light brown as well as me, but only 65% has the rest is fully grey.. (from her great grandma side of my dad’s) and she bores all three colors in her eyes at any given time.. but sometimes her eyes turn 83% grey..

    Sorry about percentages, makes more sense for me to use statistical data.
    Not sure what all that means.. but sure would like feedback,, all in good fun.

    Hazel seems to be spot on for me but the green part not so much as far as jealousy part..I am really not the jealous type at all…but do not confuse jealousy with indifference though. Some folks seems to think because your not jealous, that anything goes as far as your partner is concern… this is not the case whatsoever at all.. it’s just , i respect my partner’s life and action. If there were something that she would either allow or initiate by herself, I am not the control or jealous possessive type, but i would have a conversation with her nevertheless cause i Respect Myself(need i say more) .. the only time i would react at all is, … if someone would bother her.. and she would not allow it at all,, therefore, i would then step in, as it would be to protect her against unwanted attention that SHE would’ve made clear.

    I’ve read a few articles that seems to suggest there is actually a well funded science regarding analysis of persona in relation to eye color.. Let me know what you think !

    Peace :)

  12. What happens if you eye colors changes to yellow or red along with green, blue, reddish brown, or silver grey?

  13. My eyes are blue and green.. they are considered hazel.. they do not have brown in them.. and they change to my mood.. not sure with one of these would apply to me in this case.. would both green and blue apply to me or not??

  14. My eyes are green-gray with gold in the center and rim of blue around the gold…. So basically all colors. Aren’t eyes something?

  15. I posted something I found, on brown eyes.. and it is fu.. But ,is really pretty incorrect, in a lot of points… Actually very silly.. but I still like to read them!! ha ha ha

  16. I meant…. it is fun…. Oh ,and also, why is everyone saying… “It is spot on”. like a parrot?? lol lol lol

  17. I wonder how many people actually do research before posting… Just like the myers-briggs test, to me, its all in the science behind it all. I like to think there is a connection to personality and eye color. Though, there are exceptions to the rule. I see the majority falling into the categories quite nicely. I see astrology the same way. It’s the science behind it. I don’t believe that stars or the moon has anything to do with what is in our future though it does seem to be “spot on”. There are different personalities like type A and type B. That is a proven fact. So, whatever your belief, just enjoy the fun of it and don’t get all heated over something that you can’t control. That is what diversity is all about. Many belief systems coming together to play a part in this world we call home. :) Enjoy the rest of your day and Merry Christmas. Whatever your belief is.

  18. And btw… I have hazel eyes and don’t have a stitch of jealousy in my body. Though I am very loyal and honest. Plus, I am spontaneous. At least I use to be when I was younger and had more energy without the 4 bulging disks and herniated disk with a tear. :D

  19. I have blue eyes mixed with grey and green with an orange streak in the corner of my eye….I also have yellow/brown outline around my pupils:) I guess I have a lot of different personalities

  20. Green eyed guy though i have a tint of hazel, green is more overwhelming. they say green eyes are very rare is that really true, i don’t think so.
    the meaning of green eyes is correct with me although i’m not really sure
    i have a creative outlook on life. i find my creativity more in words. very interesting subject :) (meaning of your eye color won’t define you)

  21. Wow, I’m kinda confused about my eyes color. My eyes change from light brown with dark brown on the outer layer. But then it changes to green/brown color! Idk what color it is!

  22. I have blue and green eyes. My eyes change color. Idk why and I haven’t been able to figure it out but both descriptions fit me well. If anyone knows why my eyes change colors text me and let me know I would really like to know why. 8652300059

  23. I have green eyes with a BRIGHT yellow ring around my pupil and a dark forest green color cout ring that looks like it keep the color in (i know it doesnt but my 4yr old nephew says it all the time) but when i am sick or phsically injured in anyway they turn a very sliver gray color, and if i am anger my eyes turn this forest color but the yellow ring turns an orangy color with small red almost flares, but when i am extremly exited or have alot if addrenaline in my system my eyes turn this instense almost sapphire blue with these gorgous mint green color flecks where my yellow ring would normally be…i have actually watched my eyes transtion colors before and it truly is the most amazingly kinda creepy thing i have every seen….more offten then not though latly my eyes have been 2 very diffrent colors its very odd but i love my eyes they r very powerful and on the plus side i have natural white light golden blonde hair :) i love who i am andhow i am naturally diffrent ;D

  24. I have green eyes… I thinks it’s wierd how everyone always wants blue eyes…. I love green eyes. They express my personality well and I think they’re beautiful.

  25. Um well the irises of my eyes have a really dark ring around them and my eye colour also changes depending on the weather, lighting and mood eg: when I’m crying they turn bright green :P

  26. If you have like really pale blue eyes and a quarter of your eye is brown would the meaning be blue and brown? Plus why does some eyes have a quarter of brown in one of their eye?..

  27. I actually have green brown and blue eyes. My eyes are mixed but it actually looks really cool..not.sure what the prediction would be on that.

  28. my eye color changes to grey,blue,green, and sometimes i have a little brown around my pupil when my eyes are blue.my personality was pretty spot on, the blue eyed part I am very representative of knowledge and a little attractive I guess.The grey eyed part I am wise and gentile and I can be sensitive sometimes but I do have a strong inner strength and think analytically also I can can very easily change my mood to suit any situation at hand.Also the green eyed part I am mysterious. I am curious about nature, very passionate in my relationships with other people and have an overall positive and creative outlook on life.Thank you.

  29. my eyes change colors. a sunday ago one eye was a completely differet shade of brown then the other. an i have noticed when my eyes are light brown im in a good mood, which isnt seen alot. they are normally dark. but change colors from different shades of browns. its rather werid an i wanna know more into why my eyes do that.

  30. I have dark brown eyes that sometimes go in a medium brown I love green and brown so idk why everyone wants to have blue eyes and I bet you can’t find another race who has blue eyes or grey its few other races that have green or Hazel eyes just don’t the big deal of all this oh btw they are is no such thing as black eyes that would be so weird its just a very dark brown so please get correct before post stuff and really know thanks

  31. Around my pupil my eyes are a yellowish colour. Next its either blou- grey or a green grey colour. And the outline of the iris is a navey blue. Does anybody have comments?

  32. I have hazel eyes. But sometimes mines seem to turn either light brown or drak green depending on my mood and . I also thought that it was cool how it does that and the description was spot on. Another thing is it normal if they turn to yellow and what does mean

  33. My eyes are blue in some spots in my eye grey in other parts of my eye and green takes up most of my eye

  34. I have Brown just around the pupil of my eyes, then the color disperses into grey, green and blue. When the sun hits them they look brown and tourquoise or teal. If I wear purple they turn dark green. But the brown color is always around the pupil. My diposistion fits that of the Blue eyes and grey eyes.

  35. THE description was a bulls eye for (green eyes) but my eyes change determining on where i am they go from green to…(grey…bluish…brownish)…..honestly grey eyes seem to be more of a dullish pale blue that i think is pretty though…but i want brown eyes because they are so gorgeous and inocent looking GREEN EYES

  36. gray eyed guy. but they change. is there anything on gray changing? the are usually gray, however they look green or blue in certain lighting

  37. I’ve got blue eyes with green around the edges, the blue bit goes really dark when I’m upset and really light when I’m happy is that normal? P.s great post some of the blue matches my personality and some of the green matches too!!!!

  38. Actually, Jasmine, most people ARE born with blue eyes. Babies’ eyes will start to change color at around 6 months. But some babies are born with brown eyes. Race doesn’t matter. And regarding the “scientific” ridicule that you place on this, I’m pretty sure that was already established before the reat of the article was written.
    Now, what about blue and yellow heterochromatic eyes? Only brown/green were discussed…

  39. My eyes are green:) especially in the winter:p my eyes sometimes turns blue in the summer. My mom has blue eyes and my father has green. One of my sisters have greens eyes as well. (7 siblings). My other sister has one blue eye and one green eye. When my sister that i just told you that she has green eyes, she has both of her daughters have the one blue eye and one green eye. It runs in my family:) my sister is 25 right now. We both look identlical with our face features but yet we are 11 1/2 years apart. If this writing looks bad, i know it does cuz i dont really speak English in the summer. I had to learn english when i was 4. My language i origonally speak is German and i shocking live in Wi, Usa:) im right now 14:)

  40. I have brown eyes. In the past I have seen my brown eyes turn red. I been trying to find out what it means. When I focus on looking my eyes in the mirror after a few minutes I see the brown part of my eyes turn red. Does anyone know what it means?

  41. I have blue yes but the turn gray what does it mean because it is all new to MRI am 12 and they just started turnin from blue to gray

  42. Why does everybody say brown eyes are independent and trustworthy, brown is such a common eye colour, I reckon you can’t label it!

  43. I know it’s really stupid, anonymous person above. I have green eyes which I love :) it matches me perfect!

  44. My eyes change colour, they are green in normal mood, brown when angry and blue when I’m in a normal mood

  45. I have blue eyes , my mum has brown eyes, my dad blue , I don’t know how, but one of my sisters has green eyes! So lucky….. The rest of my siblings have brown eyes.

  46. I did my own eyes and all the people I know with the eye colours you did, everyone matched perfectly, I couldn’t find anyone with black eyes or green eyes, though

  47. Green eyes have a normal amount of jealously, I have green eyes and all the people I know who have green eyes, have a fine amout of jealously, it’s just a stupid stereotype, but apart from that, spot on brilliant!

  48. I have gray eyes but act more like black and gray eyes… Is that odd? It seems so to me

  49. I have one blue eye and one green but they both change from blue green and even grey I think it is pretty cool :) but… It depends what some one likes, my friends stare at my eyes for ages watching the colour change.

  50. My eye colour is brown blue then green I must be a lot of thing yay lol swag sweg omg omd I’m so may things

  51. I have gray eyes but sometimes blue or green eyes or sometimes light brown my regular eye cooler is hazel all those descriptions met my full personality my eyes change coolers and tents on my mood

  52. My eyes are three different colors at the exact same time (brown,blue, and silver) and i think all these descriptions for my eye color would fit me

  53. I have blue-grey eyes. The grey eyes description is perfect to me. Yet, the blue is hardly anything like me. Yes, i can be a calm person but i’m evrything but attractive. (Said by some people i know. And said by myself.)

  54. I’m confused, I don’t know if my eyes are brown or just a deep brown hazel both are pretty close in color and personality.

  55. my eyes are green gray blue and yellow. all changing different hues between the 3 main colors. does that mean I’m supposed to be some awkward mix of all the personality traits?

  56. I have a wierd eye color. I dont think its rare though, I have all three, blue, green, and brown in my eyes. Blue is on the outer layer of my eyes then when the middle comes its brown and then near the pupil is green. I just find it weird.

  57. my eyes change color do to my emotions. if i am sad they are bright blue or green. if i am mad they are dark grey. if i am REALLY mad they turn black. sometimes they turn yellowish gold and red colors. they r usually light grey like wolf eyes

  58. I have hazel eyes and every one at my new school has blue or green or grey eyes and I’m tan and I don’t seem to fit in if anyone could help me with this situation my kik is- cookie_theif0 ugh life is so hard but anyway someone please help me

  59. Fazzeena,
    I donot think you should care popuilty. People DONOT Care about What’s on the outside., IT”S THE INSIDE THAT COUNTS. Trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It gets beter

  60. My eyes change color. Sometimes they are blue, sometimes they are grey, and sometimes they are a mixture of the two colors. And when I cry they turn green. And sometimes they are dark and sometimes they are light. What does that mean?

  61. Funny! I had grey eyes when I was younger and at the age of 2 they turned hazel. Both descriptions were spit on.

  62. Same here Bayli. I was born with grey eyes and then they turned hazel and i have a mixture of everything. The description was correct for all.

  63. i have hazel blue and depending on my mood there green instead of blue and everything that was said about all these colors was absolutely right i have every one of those personalities

  64. I was born with one blue eye and one brown and it was like that for a while into they changed now I have one light brown eye and one black eye, I’m mixed so I don’t know if it’s weird or not biracial babies tend to have different eye colors than other black or white babies

  65. I am a green eyed girl.. but my eyes turn dark,dark but only when i am mad and sometimes they are orange and yellow the most.. but at times my eyes are blue… i dont understand but also i have ALWAYS had my eyes remarked and called cat eyes because they are mostly yellowish and brightgreen with a dark outline around the color…. i have looked at so many websites to get answers but this website is accurate at matched the part about the green eyes..

  66. Well, I have greyish-blueish eyes. And they kinda like to go one day they have more blue and the other day the are more grey. People also say that I have some green in them but I can’t see it. What does that mean?

  67. My eyes are dark brown but from far away they could be considered black, and I agree with the Black Eyes interpretation more, but I’m a little bit of Brown too lol xD

  68. Black eyes….I really wanna have brown eyes….but I can’t. But why do my eye color change into dark brown when I look at the light or sun? Weird. I’m getting confuse now… :/

  69. I have green eyes but when I get sad they turn grey or silver or silver blue and when I get really mad they turn completely pitch black. So I am just really emotional? I guess.

  70. My eyes change colors within the hour, and I mean like at least 8 times a day. My eyes have been every color listed, also my friends say that have been purple or orange at times. Overall I think I’m a little of all of the descriptions, but more black, green and hazel.

  71. i have the ability to change my eyes at will, and take the best parts od those descriptions and that would add up to me.i have been all those colors and more.almost any color you can name i can make my eyes.

  72. I looked this up because I have hazel eyes, and today my eyes were grey. I didn’t know what it meant. My eyes change with my mood. I can do the same thing as anyomus.

  73. Chris, you just have orange, a kind of hazel that stays one color. Most people with hazle eyes have a dark green outline on their eyes.


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  76. Now what does it mean when u have eye color change from green to blue and sometime intermix with what looks like spider webs that are gold colored?

  77. I have hazel eyes but I have more blues green and grey so I’m a little bit of every color some people say I have brown tit I wish I had plain green eyes or plain brown I think it would be cool

  78. What about if you have 4 colors in your eyes.
    I have blue, green, yellow,silver in my eyes.
    What does that mean?

  79. I always wondered why my eyes changed color I knew by mood but why btw if you didn’t realize I have hazel once I had red eyes….

  80. I have blue eyes and I’m blond blue eyes mean smart blonde hair means dumb what is that supposed to mean.

  81. what about black eyes. I have completly black eyes… and if u dont belive me… look it up… but I can see perfectly i was born with black eyes i get it from my dad. THX

  82. hey…my eyes are blue and green…both descriptions fit but i also have a yellow ring around my puplils…whats that mean, can you help me???? if u can

    my facebook is Nicole Tait



  83. I have grey eyes and I was shocked to see the description seemed to describe me, and when I compared the eye colors with my friends the descriptions matched up

  84. I haves mixture. Brown in the inner layer, green in the center later and blue as the outer layer with a black circle around the colors and pupil. What does that mean?

  85. My eyes are a mixture. I have green as the outer layer, blue as the center layer, a hazel as the inner layer, and a grey outline surrounding all the colors. The hazel also sometimes dissapears inwards the pupil but ends up coming back and I’m not sure why. Any thoughts?

  86. B-but…
    I have a greenish-blue color.
    It’s really confusing for me .
    In all the sites I’ve seen,
    None have any information on greenish-blue eyes.
    I also have three different colors of blond in my hair.
    Is that rare as well?
    My personality is that I control my emotions EXTREMELY well and seem glum to my comrades.
    When pumped up,
    I get happy and are more open to people.
    Also I love to write in my multiple notebooks.
    I feel as if I have a split personality and it’s creeping me out.
    I am SO confused.
    Help. Please.

  87. I don’t know if anyone would know what this means but my eyes are brown on the outside and sort of a light tannish color in the middle

  88. What does it mean if I have blue,green,and gray eyes but IT don’t know if I’m hazel because my eyes do seem to change when in cold,warm, and hot climates… please help!

  89. I am blue eyed but the description doesn’t really fit me, although I like the description. maybe I should try to be more like my true eye color haha

  90. Wow i can’t believe it ! I have hazel eyes and the definition is so true ! But my eyes turn deep green whenever I’m really sad or angry so then i like become a different person because deep inside me I’m an angry, lost, scared, confused and sad person… Sorry to everyone reading this I’m just spilling my feelings out haha.I hope the definitions fit everyone else too !

  91. what if you have multi-colored eyes? like me i have 3 different colors in my eyes but some of them i dont see listed here. do you have any sites or sources you would reccomend for people that have eye colors other than blue grey hazel green etc?

  92. I originally have hazel eyes. I agree with every description of each eye category. However, my hazel eyes are more green, although I have pictures, and memories of looking in the mirror and seeing myself having grey eyes, light brown eyes, and a few times baby blue eyes as well. My eye doctor says if there were a limit past having 20/20 vision, I’d definitely have it. Eyes are such an incredible feature of the body that most people over look. My hazel eyes tend to be more green, yes, but they always have gold/yellow specks in the center around my pupils. At first I honestly thought there was something abnormal and wrong with my eyes until my eye doctor explained how it’s pretty rare to find someone with this specific eye type. At this point I’m not sure what to call it, or how to describe my eyes anymore. If anyone has some information on this please inform me! That’d be great to finally figure out! Lol :)

  93. I was born with blue eyes but they change colors often. When I turned 16 they turned green blue and grey with silver streaks. I honestly don’t know what to call them. If anyone knows any thing please tell me. I’m half Hispanic with more white in me.

  94. I have green eyes and the description is spot on with me. Maybe not so much the jealous part though.

  95. I happen to know grey eyed people are NOT gentle because my friend has grey eyes and wants to kill everyone who doesn’t like her or teases her.

  96. I have blue eyes when I have a straight face and when I smile the outer edge of my blue eyes turn gray.

  97. The one you said was black its dark brown, I know because my eyes are the same color and their dark brown. It’s a common mistake i don’t blame you.

  98. I myself have eyes that shift between grey and blue. Does this mean I would have both characteristics? I ask this because both of these descriptions seem to fit me.

  99. My true eye color is green but depending on my mood they will change color,I have had friends tell me that my eyes have turned gold,orange,red,black but mostly wen I get mad or angry or frustrated or even curious,they have turned slightly grey , purple,blue, Brown,hazel.my friends like to say that my eyes r like my own personal mood ring. But I think the colors r absolutely beautiful. I don’t know y my eyes do Wat they do but on certain colors my eyes will dilate. I would like to know more on why my eyes do Wat they do.can anyone help?

  100. I have deep brown eyes, and the description is pretty spot on, except for the self confidence.
    However, my dad has blue eyes, but the description doesn’t fit him at all.

  101. How about yellow? My mom has clear yellow eyes, some like 2 orange dots in the right one but only sometimes.
    I have green eyes they have much yellow in them and the left I has 1 orange dot when it’s sunny , what the heck does this mean

  102. Ok, what happens if you have a mix from day to day of blue then blue and green mix on and on?

  103. My eyes are ice blue/grey with a green fleck near the pupil and EXTREMELY sensitive. I’m a gentle person by nature. I love the arts, film, nature etc

  104. What about blue eyes with a yellow ring around the pupil that changes color? I need to know!!!!!

  105. I have blue eyes with a dark blue ring aroud them and a lime green sunflower looking ring around the pupil, what does it mean?

  106. You were spot on! I have dark grey and brown eyes. Grey on the outside and brown near the inside. All of the statements fit me well but the grey one about being sensitive is different. I’m only sensitive on the inside sometimes but not on the outside and I never show that I’m sensitive. Thanks Jana!

  107. i have a mixture of all these colours in my eyes so t was very interesting to find out what my personality was like based upon that

  108. I am a brown eyes girl and I don’t want other people’s other eye color I have like a almost mid brown a little darker but slowly getting lighter and around my pupil I have a black sun, black lines that make a sun and I want to know what it means and how I got it my mom has light browns eyes but no sun and my littlest brother also has brown eyes no sun but I have another little brother 1 year younger he has different eye color don’t know but in the middle has a orange sun how did I get a sun but my parents dont?

  109. I have dark green eyes but just recently i gained the ability to change them to a bright gold with my emotion of rage. Its kinda scary and whats up with that?

  110. Actually,I am quite different. My eyes change from blue to blueish greenish then blueish greenish with grey then down right grey. But green and the blue fit me just right. This is a cool way to read about personality and all that

  111. I’m not sure what my eye colour is I have red hair and my brother has green eyes dad has green eyes and mum has blue eyes my eyes are both green and blue sometimes both and its so confusing I feel like I have no clue what the colour of my eyes is !!!

  112. Well. I have very light blue eyes, they turn white (literally), gray, light blue, and dark blue. So what’s that suppose to mean? xD

  113. Green eyes r the best,it is spot on and the part about jelusy ….. Can’t spell that word. Green eyes are the most rare and the most beautiful!!!!!!!

  114. Ok my eyes are blue/green with a dark yellow. When I was 14 my eyes would change to a grey or a bright blue randomly but my eyes would hurt when they changed.they will do that but rarley

  115. i have mixed eyes between gray blue and green .. I seem my mood is more like blue and gray more then green

  116. I have amber eyes, more of a yellow amber, bur when natural light shines directly in them, the red hues become visible behind the yellow. What does this mean?

  117. Hi so I have Brown eyes and the description is good! I’m getting colored contacts (non prescription) because I hate my Brown eyes and I’m getting Blue! The description for my “Blue” eyes is spot-on ;)

  118. Can someone help me with my question? Ever since i was small i hade brown eyes but then in 7th grade we did a project on eyes and they looked at mine through a magnifying glass and appeared to be brown mixed with red not like blood red but a little more dull.

  119. Some people’s eyes seem to change color throughout the day. This is cause by different layers of muscle of various colors being exposed when their iris dilates. This phenomenon is especially common in hazel eyes (as in they’re hazelish most of the time). Many factors can affect the dilation of one’s eyes (i.e. blood pressure, which is sometimes influenced by emotions. Yes, some people’s feelings cause their eyes to change color.)
    By the way, I’ve black eyes.

  120. my eyes are grey-light blueish (but mostly grey you can see a tiny bit of blue ) how common is people with naturally mostly grey eyes anyway ?

  121. I was born with purple and crossed eyes thry turned brown but with a purple ring what does it mean

  122. My eyes are kind of neon yellow and green but turn more red when I’m angry and theye also reflect in light
    How commen are my eyes?

  123. I usually have green eyes but they change depending on my health and mood. One time I noticed they went red. Some say they regularly go white or grey. Should I be creeped out?

  124. I have blue eyes with a darker blue around sometimes changes to light blue with the dark blue around. I love my eye color

  125. Actually, people with grey eyes aren’t the rariest…. People with 2 different colored eyes are.. What about them? Someone should update this

  126. I must have green eyes in disguise, ha ha, but my eyes only look brown. The brown eye description doesn’t fit me, but the green eye one does.

  127. My eyes change color from Blue(Spring/Summer) to Purple/Violet(Fall/Winter). Is that normal, especially for a male…? I’m the only person(eccept my Great Grandfather) who’s eyes do that, both in my family and people at school…

  128. People with green eyes aren’t really jealous. Brown eyes are. I know, because I have almost every girl with brown eyes as a friend. They are jealous of people who don’t have brown eyes for some reason

  129. I have hazel eyes with a gold colored outline only when my eyes appear hazel. I’ve always wondered why. Also, the description fits me 100%. I’ve never backed down from anything. I notice this a lot in myself almost like I’m trying to show my dominance. Alpha male rawr xD

  130. I have Brown eyes and I love protecting others and lots of people do trust me a lot mostly family abd friends

  131. What happens if you have no freaking idea what color your eyes are? Me and my boyfriend have weird eyes. People don’t know if mine are green, brown, gray, or blue, and his are like, tealish. Not everybody has normal eye colors!

  132. my eyes change color from green to hazel to grey, is there something for that? my eyes are sometimes black as well

  133. Well actually I have grey eyes with like a dark grey ring around the outside and I love them. I notice the color now that I look. And I meant to say r grey eyes rare or something

  134. My eyes are blue but change to green some days my friends tell me my eyes are very interesting and mysterious.

  135. My eyes are hazel and the description fits
    me perfect! Also, sometimes I have a perfect circle around my pupils made up of black dots just like a cat. I’m wondering why sometimes I have those dots and sometimes I don’t.

  136. my eyes are actually surrounded by a black outline then grey then blue and I would say that all three are pretty spot on

  137. My eyes are turning yellow and very visible in the dark but I’m totally healthy and drink a lot of water but I’m scared I’m 13 my eyes are usually brow in the edge in the dark glows but when in normal light it turns normal I have been told by my sister that my eyes are Turing yellow

  138. My eyes used to be light brown, but recently, I noticed it turning orange as days pass by and I’m a little worried about it.

  139. my eyes are a medium brown:)when I’m mad they turn a dark brown.When I’m sad they turn a light brown .when I’m happy they turn a brown with a small shadow of yellow.i think that’s really weird.i only have that my family all have there eyes brown but I like it.

  140. My eyes are golden with a little bit of brown.I love my eyes when there golden.my eyes changed colors it’s so pretty when they do.my eyes mostly stay golden often.my eyes are like a mood ring cuz they change depending on my mood or what color clothes I’m wearing. I just love my eyes

  141. I have have red eyes (not from Albinoism however a family member does have that) is there a description for that?

  142. I have hazel eyes that was pretty spot on but I have more blue and green and not much brown my eyes change with wat im werein and my mood also my friends tell me when I get really mad I get red spots in my eyes wat does all this mean

  143. My eye were blue when I was growing up but now there silver my eye color would change all the time they go to gray to silver and if I’m lucky they would be beep blue
    That’s the story of my eyes

  144. And no one ever recognizing the few of us with yellow irises. Or the two or three with purple. How rude. My yellow eyes deserve recognition.

  145. One of the most fascinating things I have seen is that my daughter has hazel eyes, and her son was born with hazel colored eyes awell, my daughter’s eye color changed several times threw out the day, so I always realed the changes to how she was feeling more then what she was wearing. But want was fascinated to me was when ever she held her son, their eyes became the same color, so is it connection or or want they were wearing, we have taking several photos of this as well.

  146. I had deep blue eyes when I was born like most children but as I mature they turned dark forest green with a mix of grey and brown. Throughout my childhood they changed rapidly now I am coming up on 21 and the only remnant of my green hazel eyes is the middle slightly unnoticeable green brown hue which is fading every passing day however now I am sporting badasss deep blue eyes thee color of the ocean with slight grey rings around the edges i am sad that I barely have any green left to remember my childhood however the eye color I have now will probably change again and who knows they may become green again in the future I can only hope

  147. I have different eye colors they switch between blue , green, and gray and the u described them was perfect that it’s exactly how I am. Also my eyes turn silver can u explain what that means

  148. I have blue eyes and I am not mature at all XD. And almost everyone I meet notices me by my eyes cause I look like I’m blind my eyes are that bright. :P

  149. Blue eyes are not linked with knowledge. It’s dark brown/black eyes that are the sign of smart people. More melanin to insulate the nerves faster processing power. Eye colour is linked to the brain. Blue has no melanin but light reflects on it as blue outside due to more blue light while it changes colour as red is more indoors. Green moderate melanin. Brown more melanin. I don’t buy the blue eye brain part. Plus in grey eyed people they have no melanin but the collegen gives it grey. If lighter grey then its noted they have difficulty understanding as compared to darker version of grey.

  150. I have hazel eyes and that was a very good description beacuse I will never back down from a challenge, and I tend to make huge life changes beacuse I want to take on new challenges. On the other hand, my eyes change all the time depending on mood, if I have a bad day, my eyes are a dark brown and orange (my family always knows my mood lol, can’t hide), when I am happy there a bright blue with an orange ring, if I’m just waking up there grey with an orange ring, and when I’m determined on something enough to effect my mood, my eyes are almost a gold with dark orange ring. I love my eyes :)

  151. It’s kinda funny I can’t really tell if my eyes are grey or blue they might be mixed but I’m not sure

  152. My eyes are green but sometimes they change to gold (would that be considered hazel, is that even normal?)

  153. I couldn’t find my eye color its a reddish-brown but they are mostly red how do i find out what my eye color means if i can’t even find it

  154. I have green eyes, and this is spot on! I was wondering what my eye color ment and this seems like me! I love my unique green eyes!

  155. Alright, heres a start, i’ve been known to have hazel eyes but yet it says that hazel eyes have two colors which are, brown and green, well i’ve been wondering… I have brown, blue and green and they are like evened out exactly the same… What does that mean… I’ve wondered this my whole life and im desperate to find and answer… Like its true i don’t back down from challenges… Its just not my thing but…. How rare is it to have three eye colors?… What does it mean?… Will you be able to give me an answer was it never found out?… I just really want to find out more about me and what my eye color really mean…

  156. I have blue and green eyes, but the blue one was dead on and green only had one part that matched

  157. I have dark green eyes and people always tell me I am a beautiful girl and now that I know more I am a lot more self cofodient thank you so much

  158. I have blue eyes one day then green eyes the other day. They both describe me pretty well except for the jealous part on the green eyes.

  159. I have gray eyes and man I have a hard time switching my personality in any kind of matter. My eyes also Chang to blue, green, hazel, and brown does it just mean I have many personalities, because some reason I can sense it for some reason. But it feels good to have that feeling

  160. I have blue eyes, and the post fits me perfectly.
    Also, I’m sure this isn’t made up, because both my siblings have hazel eyes and it describes them precisely.
    Great work, Jana!

  161. I have brown eyes, but sometimes they change color to purple or blue. I’m also sure I didn’t misunderstand it, because it happens quite often these days. Maybe it’s because of my parentage, because my mum has blue and dad has purplish, but I don’t think that’s the case.
    Is that normal?
    (If anybody has any ideas or knowledge, please tell me. This has been confusing me for years.)

  162. This article is so interesting. I have hazel eyes, that lean heavily towards the green side. And I like to be rebellious ;)

  163. I have very blue eyes and could not be farther from the description, and my dad has cold blue eyes and is one of the kindest people I know. This has been affirmed by more people I can count, including every one in his direct and extended family. They are Roman Catholic so that’s over 80 people.

  164. Jasmine is clearly looking for racial issues in the topic, maybe some photos of folks of variable colors on this page is a good idea. I know all colors of people with blue eyes. But I suspect hers are common normal plain brown. Mine are hazel that change green/brown/golden/whittish gold. Kinda spooky but the personality traits for me are scary accurate! This is awesome thx!

  165. My eyes are green and blue, and i dont know what it means my eyes are a light grey/blue on the outside of my eye then on the inner side of my eye are a light green, people say my eyes are very pretty, but im not sure what it means!! D:

  166. I have blue eyes. The description is pretty much spot-on but I still don’t understand why people love blue eyes so much.

  167. Hey I’m a black girl in my eyes turns blue and then sometimes it turns brown what that means

  168. My eye color goes from dark brown to hazel and then a bright green and all of the personalities fit perfectly with the eye colors when I have them

  169. Mine are teal but i didn’t see anything about mine but its ok then again I geuss i have two of the rarest eye color in the world but i still want to know what teal means if anyone knows please tell me

  170. I have hazel eyes, but my color is more of a grey and yellow. Yet my eyes are known as green. The description is nothing like me.

  171. I have dark grey eyes but sometimes they look really really really dark blue. I can be gentile but not really. I am not SENSITIVE! Every thing else was pretty O.K.

  172. Well I cant really tell if my eye color is a dark blue or a kind of grey. I read the blue eye one though. I am pretty intelligent. I can be calm. I can be calm. I AM attractive. What does this mean?

  173. Myeyes are green and blue mixed so……what does that mean or is it both of those personalities put together please reply.

  174. My eyes are brown (I think) ando I can’t really identify with the description, like at all, but that might be because I read the wrong description. What description should I read if my eyes are a light honey with so many black specks that they look black?

  175. I am hazel but it turns a slight bit green upfront and in the sun, and in from a far and in the darker areas it’s more brown… But then from another close angle they are hazel

  176. I have green eyes, and I didn’t like having them, I wanted blue eyes till I read what greens eye represent. Spot on! With me.

  177. My eyes were green when I was a kid not blue and then they turned hazel but now when I dyed my hair blond they have a yellowish green color to it. Should I go with what my first eye color was or what?

  178. I just read the green eye one and it was pretty spot on! I just read the hazel one too and it also is pretty spot on

  179. I have blue eyes and are in top set for everything at school. It says that people with blue eyes are a sign of knowledge.

  180. I have GREEN eyes. They never change color as far as I know. I never have actually held up a mirror to see if they have changed. I am wondering how all of you know that your eyes changed?

  181. Because we are always looking in the mirror for change, for example: my eyes are blue and silver most of the time, but when I am bored they turn completely silver. So overall we just pay more attention to the big things which may seem small to you. If you ever do start to wonder if your eyes change color, pay more attention to your eyes. Hope this helped.

  182. I have green eyes only 2% of the world does, and it’s true I love nature and science. Usually I’m curious. I’m also trust worthy because I’m secretive. I also tend to get jelous often, but I still love so many things

  183. Who else is jealous of people with hazel eyes. I think they are the prettiest color of eyes and if you do have hazel eyes:
    1. You are so lucky
    2. Appreciate it
    3. I’m extremely jealous of you.

  184. I’m a green eyed girl and I’ve always been confused if my eyes were green or Hazel but really my eyes are a pretty olive green Color and from the description for eyes it describes me very well

  185. I have purple eyes which is actually the rarest eye color and it is very unique the doctors thought I was bling because of it but I’m not, PS I’m black

  186. my eyes are brown around the pupil, mostly green with an outer black ring. my friend,[we`ll just call her crazy] said i have beautiful eye balls. i wasn`t sure how to respond,so I said,”I`m sexy and i know it.”after a hair flip. my hair is brown, but in the sun flashes red. so, judging by eyes and hair,i might be,… irish …mabey. still, I`m not that attractive. only a few have ever shown slight signs of a crush, then, regretably, i kicked them to the curb. now, much older and mature, i would say curvy country with heavenly hazels. btw, has anyone seen the hobbit or at least a pic of kili?

  187. I have blue eyes bit I’m not calm or peaceful I’m hyper wild and competitive so I think that someone dyed my eyes blue because my personality matches hazel eyes and I have a little green color in there. Bit my personality also matches black and- u know what I’m going to stop myself there, my personality marches all of them I can be loyal mysterious I love making doing pranks and I’m very self-confided (I didn’t spell that right did I XD) so all in all I’m a mixture of all of them…….X’D

  188. it’s exactly like me-Grey eyes and i’m intelligent and i’m usually quite compassionate to living things but I can get pretty sensitive to things people say to me.
    though my eyes are grey they usually have a blue or green tinge to them>:3

  189. I think hazel eyes are those with hazel layer that changes color from medium brown to amber, especially under the sunlight. Hazel is a European Sprout.

    I compared mine with my relatives, those without look more ‘Asian’, those with can look more Russian.

    My real outer rings vary from is Slate Grey in general that can be seen with slight Blue, Aubergine and Yellowish-Blue when I don’t feel well.

    The outer rings look much more thinner when the amber color can be seen.

  190. I have brown eyes. For me I was happy I found this because my friends would ask me what does brown eyes mean when I did not know.;-)

  191. I have black eyes. I was happy to find out and it totally fits me. I never knew this and I thought I just had VERY dark brown eyes but when I took a picture on Snapchat of my eye with the flash I barely saw brown! I only saw black!

  192. I’ve got blue on the out line, then yellow and a little bit of brown in the centre, what’s this mean???

  193. I have blue eyes and I seem to have had girls call me “cute” or “adorable” but at this moment, I am single. I haven’t had a real relationship since I was 17, I am now 22. I will be 23 in July 2017. I am a Cancer obiviously, I’m ashamed to say I am still a Virgin. I’d like my future girlfriend live close to me, I live in between Carmel & Indianapolis Indiana right in the middle. I’d also like my future gf to be a Pisces, Virgo or a fellow Cancer. You can e-mail me at the e-mail listed below. I know this isn’t a dating site or a pick up site but, I thought I give this a try.

  194. Continue of #447……
    I am like a crazy girl in front of my friends at school, but when in their house I am very inisent. If I meet someone I never met before, I just say hi and never talk to until I start trusting them. I am very smart at school and the best in math. My friends always trust me & they all love me.

  195. I have brown and gold eyes but I’m not sure what it means as there kind of a dark hazel with gold but they don’t change colour.

  196. OMG! This is so cool!! I have Green Eyes and i love nature and i love everyone i meet and im creative cause i like to draw im so excited to see what is next in my life!

  197. I have brown eyes and hair. I do appear to have a lot of self confidence and when I met my friends in 5th grade they all told me their deepest secrets and to this day I have not told a soul. Those secrets I intend to take to my grave.

  198. I have blue eyes most of the time, they change colors though. They change between blue, green, and grey. Around the pupil they are green, then in the middle they are blue, on the ends they are grey.

  199. I’m not sure what eye color I have some people say they are blue ,green others say gray…one thing everyone does is compliment on them.

  200. I have blue eyes and guys seem to pay attention to them. I have lots of people who like to look into my eyes, and my eyes turn to a darker color in the sun light.

  201. My eyes are brown and a lightish yellow mixed in. I have no idea why. Does anybody know what it means?

  202. My eyes are blue and a little brown around the outside. Can anyone tell me what colour eye mine would be called and what my eyes mean?

  203. I think I have hazel? But honestly my eyes change so often it’s weird like is winter they’re more brownish-green, in sunlight blue-ish, in the shade green, and sometimes gold-brown, oh and by there way there is not certainty to which color is the rarest. So don’t go saying that your eye color is the rarest. Also around 10-15 I think is when your eye color can change a little bit but not like drastically just a little like blue to green or brown to hazel not “Oh my eyes were green when I was 10 but now there RED!” Not like that⬅️

  204. I have mostly blue, then green, then yellow and then my pupil. I think blood type has a lot to do with eye color. I have one of the rarest blood types AB- . I know I’ve been created by my parents and aliens. I’ve done my research.

  205. Maybe the yellow means you’re more alien. All of our vessels were created by aliens. This is time to wake up! Ascension time. Watch YouTube on Ascension. Also watch The Secret. I always knew that the rich people knew a secret. Once you master the law of attraction you can really have it all. I’m going to be living like a billionaire on Gaia and you can too. Now is the time to do some self healing of the body and mind. Love yourself, we all have God’s light inside of us. So much that we could power-up a city for a week. The 1% at the top of the pyramid (the Elite) have kept the secret to themselves. Every word and thought we have manifest. Do your research. My unconditional Love to you all, and good luck. ❤️

  206. That must be really pretty. I’ve never heard of that eye color. As for what are you, a beautiful soul. Love and appreciate yourself, everybody, and everything. I know I’m alien by watching Dolores Cannon and reading her book The three waves of volunteers and the new Earth. It’s just an inner feeling that someone would be a hybrid if they have yellow in their eye color. I’m the only person that I know of that has yellow in their eye color.

  207. To learn more about colors and it’s meaning from the Bible verses. Read it and you will be amazed how much you will learn. Enjoy!!

  208. I have three different colors in my eyes they are hazel green and blue what dose that mean if u have three times of colors in your eyes

  209. my eyes change colours between blue, brown, green, hazel and grey and all of them are spot on, because like it said about grey eyes my eyes change colour a lot depending on my moon.

    my eyes sometime have a mix of blue, green and brown with an orange sort of colour around the pupil so what does that mean?

  210. I have green eyes, but it’s weird because a brown reddish line connects to the pupil and the circle where it ends. Only on my left eye, I’ve been trying to look this up on Google but somehow I can’t get answers. Which is really weird and some people especially my family have been calling me rare and I don’t think it’s very common because the only people I saw don’t have what I have. It’s strange and weird but cool at the same time!

  211. Only green and hazel are rare I have hazel and green mixed together in my family me and my older brother and my dad have green or hazel then my dad is a very rare color there is green and gray and blue and yellow mixed in his eyes then my mom has brown eyes and so dose my other older brother

  212. It was very accurate what you wrote! I’m kind of scared a little but I have very dark brown eyes which are black I’m the only one in my family who has black eyes my mom and dad have brown it’s weird but grey, black, red, hazel, and pink are very rare in my opinion.
    But I’ve never seen anyone with black eyes before except for me I have black eyes, it’s so sad but yea I hope I meet someone with black eyes like me. Okay and pls don’t be freaked out by me just saying WARNING WARNING. And whoever wrote this you have a,mixture of hazel I love the color hazel just saying.

  213. I have blue-grey eyes. Sometimes they look blue (pale crystal blue) and some days they look grey (pale clear grey). So is there a personality type for blue-grey eyes, or just a mix of the blue and the grey?

  214. I have heterochromia eye color. For a long time I thought I have hazel but I don’t have orange around the pupil I have it in one eye my right eye has orange in it. Then for the longest time I thought I had green eyes move one orange eye and then I learned I have heterochromia eyes both green but one eye had orange in it.

  215. I think i have a Mixture of Green/Blue/Yellow/Red Colors for my Eyes, What does that mean? I think I might have Hazel Eyes

  216. I have hazel eyes that often turn grey, it’s pretty spot on, but hazel doesn’t have only brown and blue, don’t forget the tint of green. The eye color descriptions are very easily spot on though, I am a logical thinker and don’t usually make decisions with my emotions, sometimes my eyes turn grey or silver, other times they’re blue, green, teal or in between, but never brown or black.

    Thanks for sharing the article, it was very interesting and direct! :)

  217. I have hazel eyes but mine are pretty much brown mixed with hazel and I’m different cause I have one eye that is little, but that Is just the way I was born, but I dont think I’m known as attractive but I do tend to get jealous over other ppl who I like and stuff like that.

  218. And not only that I don’t really notice if of my eyes change color or not?
    But so far all of the sentences for hazels were accurate for me :)

  219. I’ve got brown eyes and the description is pretty good, if I do say so myself. ;)
    However, the description for green eyes: ‘Green Eyes are often thought of as mysterious since they are more rare. People with green eyes are curious about nature, very passionate in their relationships with other people and have an overall positive and creative outlook on life. These people tend to get jealous easily, but possess large amounts of love’, might be accurate for others, but for my friend, who has green eyes, is NOT ACCURATE. She’s not mysterious, she’s positive and outgoing. She loves being with us and she can be really crazy, but in the best way ever. PS. her name is samantha. We call her sam. Her eyes are really cool, they change to blue when she’s near water.

  220. Hi my name is Marie. I have green,blue and grey in my eyes and they change colour depending on my mood. Sometimes they are more green. Sometimes people think i have in contacts due to the fact that they change colour. I love nature and all animals. Can be quite possessive with the ones i love although if i’ve been wronged i can hold a grudge and don’t easily forgive wrongdoers who hurt my nearest and dearest. I have a long memory. The longest i have held a grudge is for over 40yrs

  221. This is cool. But I’m seeing women “BASHING” these kind of stories. I’m a red head with brown/green/gold eyes depending on what I wear or my mood. It’s all in tub ladies jeez.. most of us think it’s true. I DO lol HAVE*FUN*don’t be so serious… :'(

  222. This is cool. But I’m seeing women “BASHING” these kind of stories. I’m a red head with brown/green/gold eyes depending on what I wear or my mood. It’s all in tkub ladies jeez.. most of us think it’s true. I DO lol HAVE*FUN*don’t be so serious… :'(

  223. This is cool. But I’m seeing women “BASHING” these kind of stories. I’m a red head (deep auburn red) with brown/green/gold eyes depending on what I wear or my mood. It’s all in fun ladies jeez.. most of us think it’s true. I DO lol HAVE*FUN*don’t be so serious… :'( ☆♡☆♡☆♡

  224. I have brown in the center and it becomes yellow as it goes farther away…. But the description’s pretty bang on. Does it say brown-eyed people are very, VERY hyper?

  225. i have green eyes,when im happy they are a very dark green but when i am sad they are a very bright and viberant green. i cant find any websites about my eyes im very confused

  226. i do plus i would like to know IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!p.s.EVERYTHING MACHES I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. i am a gray , blue and green and does anyone know what to do if u like some one and he hates u

  228. I have blue and gray eyes because my eye colors switch between the two but i will on rare occasion have a bright green eye color so what does this mean

  229. I have hazel eyes and it’s not really spot on… I have a mixture of all these personalities, but my eyes do change color depending on my emotion. I have more green in my eyes then brown though.

  230. The blue and green eyes are spot on apart from the jealous part, I don’t get jealous, I’m too chill. I have heterocromia in my eyes leaving me with blue eyes with green in them.

  231. The girl I like has gray eyes and I was curious as to what it means. I also wanted to know if it was rare or not.

  232. I was born with blue eyes, but then heterochromia developed in my left eye, so my left eye is green while my right is blue. Would this mean that I have both the characteristics of the blue and the green, or do i have the characteristics of the blue eyes because that is what I was born with?

  233. Reply to Arwen~ I too I have the heterochromia but mine is in my left eye due to an eye problem that developed. Is your heterochromia very noticeable or is it only seen when people look at you in the eyes?

  234. I used to have solid blue eyes when I was younger, now I have white and silver/grey.
    Not that my eyes are different colors, but the irises of both my eyes are mirrored. One half white, the other half silver/grey.
    They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what does this mean?

  235. I have blue, green and grey eyes …they are all a mixed together. But one of my eyes are more blue/ grey and the other more green/ grey …so what does that mean…what do my eyes really mean ???

  236. I’m not really sure what color my eyes are categorized under:(, but my iris is a Kinda brown, then there’s a thin strip of greenish yellow and then there’s a dark grey is blue. Then theres that black circle inclosing, the iris. What eye color would that be filed under?

  237. Mine are grey and the description is pretty relatable my eyes used to quite blue up to the age 12 then they started changing and they have been grey ever since

  238. I have hazel eyes and they Change everyday. Once I was taking a photo and my eyes were purple because I was happy

  239. What’s weird is I had yet to read anything about people with eyes like my dad and I. We do have hazel eyes but my dad goes to this brilliant blue at times and then back to hazel. Where I stay at a green hazel with gold flex mostly and change to a light blue at times. Has anyone else ever met anyone like that?

  240. Blue and green are not hazel. I’m not sure why everyone who has a mixture of blue/green or blue, green and any other color is saying they’re hazel. That’s not true. Hazel is very specifically a golden-brown, and if you want to go way back to the origin of the term, it’s actually a reddish brown. Blue is not involved. A blue/green combo is simply a blue-mix or green-mix, depending on which color you have more of. But it’s not hazel, especially if there’s no brown. Hazel is brown by definition.

    Some people need to chill out, though. Of course there’s no link between eye color and personality. It’s a fun article. You’re not supposed to actually take it seriously. lol

  241. I have bluish greenish grey eyes their are days my eyes change to green some days the change to blue their all three so I guess i might have all different personalities right

  242. I have grey eyes and it’s spot on… I’m pretty sensitive yet I don’t know why it really just happenes :/

  243. I have dark blue eyes but they change colors even in the same lighting.
    the colors they change to are green blue grey or blacks and white , or to of them are mixed at the same time

  244. My eyes are mostly green now. around a month ago my eyes were going crazy one day they were yellow then the next grey then brown then blue then a mixture of them all including a bit of green then after a few weeks they would either be green or grey now they a mostly green now but sometimes they will turn grey.

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