What Does Your Eye Color Mean?

Eyes are one of the most beautiful and expressive components to the human body. They have the ability to reveal our inner emotions and they’re our window to the outside world. We can communicate so much with our eyes, from the slightest glance to a deep stare.

Since the eyes reveal so much, it made me wonder if the color of them can reveal certain aspects of our personality, and help us learn more about ourselves. After doing some research, I learned that eye color is all dependent on your genetic makeup, but psychologists have in fact connected certain colors of the eye back to personality traits. Here is a brief guide that explains what some of the different eye colors represent. Not to be taken too seriously, this is more of a fun test to see if any of the said personality traits match up with you and your eye color!

jana eye

Blue eyes– Blue eyes are said to be the most desirable. As babies, many of us are born with deep blue irises, but then they are quick to change within 2 weeks. Because of this, most people think of “eternal youth” whenever they see blue eyes. It is said that most people with blue eyes are attractive, in addition to having a very calm and peaceful personality. Blue eyes are also representative of knowledge.

brown eyes

Brown eyes– Brown is one of the most common of eye colors, and people who don this hue are said to be very independent, self-confident and determined. You are known to be trustworthy, and when people look at you they get a sense of security and stability.

green eyes and turquoise ring

Green eyes– Green Eyes are often thought of as mysterious since they are more rare. People with green eyes are curious about nature, very passionate in their relationships with other people and have an overall positive and creative outlook on life. These people tend to get jealous easily, but possess large amounts of love.

Hazel eyes– hazel eyes are a mixture of colors, but mostly green and brown. People with hazel eyes are spontaneous and will rarely back down from a challenge. If there is more green mixed into your eyes, you like to be mischievous. If you have more brown mixed in, you are more approachable to other people. Hazel eyes are special because they seem to change color depending on your mood.

jill and danielle eyes

Black eyes– People with black eyes are known to be very secretive and keep to themselves around new faces until they feel comfortable. They are very passionate and loyal, especially to their friends. People with black eyes are also very intuitive and have the ability to tap into powerful energy.

Gray eyes– If you have gray eyes, you are known to be very wise and gentile. These people are sensitive, but have a strong inner strength and think analytically. They can also very easily change their mood to suit any situation at hand. 

I have green eyes, and I thought it was interesting how spot on the personality description was to me. How did it match up for you all?

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I am a blue eyed girl. ;)


I have blue eyes :) and the personality description is pretty spot on.




Im a black eyed girl…n it is spot on.


What about gray eyes???

Green eyes here… everything is right except the jealousy part. I think anyway, haha. I either trained myself out of it, or don’t notice it.



I agree with Meadow’s comment. What about the rarest eye colour in the world: grey? I have grey eyes.

Adrienne Michel

This eye colour is so rare there was not enough population to study the personality traits….lets say….grey eyes….the rarest color is the most mysterious. Can see into your soul and know your deepest thoughts and desires. Approach carefully,even though they make the best most loyal friends if you hurt them they will never forget, be true and a grey eyed friend you will have till death party ye…


I have hazel eyes, I thought it was a good description, but my eyes also sometimes turn a golden/yellow color. Is there a description for that? <3 xoxo

Adrienne Michel

My eyes also change colors…from green to aqua to blue…dependant on my moods….i see we can be a mixture of the eye color descriptions…

Beth C

I have grey eyes as well!

Buy my eyes were more green when I was younger and it does seem to describe me pretty well

I have hazel eyes :) Love this, eyes are such a reflection of personality and soul :)



Grey eyed girl over here!

Stephanie H

Same here. I also have gray eyes…Really light gray, like some wolves’ eyes are. No hints of blue whatsoever in them!


I have blue eyes and I was surprised at how dead on it was! People always tell me how calm I am! Thanks for the post!

this is interesting. my eyes are like kaleidoscopes; they constantly change between hues of green and blue, depending on what i’m wearing or where i am. if i wear green, they reflect the color i’m wearing. if i’m by the ocean, they turn the turquoise of the water, etc. it would’ve been interesting to see if there are any hybrid eye-color examples lol. but both the blue and green eyes description seem to fit very well with my personality. thanks for sharing this.


My eyes are gray and hazel and both fit me perfectly!

This is such a fantastic post! The photography is inspiring as well!



By saying most of us are born with blue eyes you’re making the assumption most people are white. Most of the world ISN’T white and therefore most of us weren’t born with blue eyes. The rest post is absolutely ridiculous as there is no scientific evidence proving a link between eye colour and personality.


so many blanket statements! of course everyone will agree with whatever it says for their eye color, just like any form of astrology.

(Jasmine) there obviously isn’t an actual link between eye color and personality, it’s just fun to think about for some people. The same way there’s no actual link between our birthdays and personalities. Not that we have any evidence of, at least.

I’m a black eyed girl!! Interesting post!


I’m a brown eyed girl and this was dead on…nice post Jana!
by the way your eyes are beautiful, I am sure u hear that alot…haha


Green eyes, everything was true! Very interesting post.


99.9999% of Asians have brown eyes….and not all Asians are the same, obviously. Also, I have brown eyes and I am neither self-confident nor determined.


Im a green eyed girl and this was spot on! great post, its fun and not meant to be serious :)


Haha there’s no such thing as BLACK eyes! Deep deep brown maybe.

I have those black eyes (deep deep brown eyes)

I have green eyes and think the description was spot on. My younger brothers have green eyes as well- we were all blue eyed until we were pre-teens when our eyes changed colors. Their eyes went green when they were… 10 maybe? I colored my hair red for the first time when I was about 11 and then the next day I woke up and my eyes had gone from true blue to a very pale green. They’ve since darkened, but I thought it was funny how our eyes changed. My eldest brother and younger sister are both still blue… Read more »


I have green eyes as well, and this totally hit home for me.