Free People Horoscopes, Week Of September 16-22

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen.

zodiac sign illustrationVIRGO
August 23–September 22
Your mind is naturally gravitating to finances, self-worth and assets of all kinds, since your ruler Mercury has left Virgo and entered your values house. You’re thinking about what you have and what you need, but when Mercury opposes disruptive Uranus in your sharing sector, you could become anxious about what you think you should be getting from others. And Mercury’s run-in with excessive Jupiter in your group sector is apt to exacerbate expectations. Bring your thoughts back to self-sufficiency, and work behind the scenes to that end, doing something privately to start building up your security. It’s possible to combine brainpower and willpower in a very low-key way now that only you need to know about. A full moon in your opposite sign of sensitive Pisces falls in your relationship angle, reminding you to balance your aims against other people’s feelings and needs. Blend Piscean compassion with your own drive to solve problems and be useful, and you’ll get closer to the heart of service.



zodiac sign illustrationLIBRA
September 23–October 22
Career growth and relationship change could have your mind working overtime, but if you can get yourself to focus on collaboration, now would be a good time to channel your ideas into some type of group effort. You can also do some especially productive thinking this week about how to turn your latest goals into action steps. With your ruler Venus in your values sector, you want what you want pretty intensely, perhaps without even a tinge of Libra ambivalence. When Venus runs into oppressive Saturn and conflicts with unpredictable Uranus, you may feel you’re going to be denied and others will withhold what you most want them to give. Don’t get discouraged; get serious. Saturn’s job isn’t to deprive us of something. It’s to get us to work for it. He’s asking you how much you want it and challenging you to earn it. Deep-rooted emotional changes within you are shifting your relationship to your family and your past. They can empower you now to go after what you desire, so you’ll truly own it.



zodiac sign illustrationSCORPIO
October 23–November 21
If you’re unsettled by the lurking thought that things aren’t changing fast enough for you, try to concentrate on what you can do this week to chip away at current goals. Saturn and the lunar north node have been in your sign for the past year, giving you a tremendous determination to succeed and putting you on a progressive path. They come together now—with desirous Venus making it a threesome—and oblige you to define what you want in no uncertain terms. Not that Scorpio is the least bit wishy-washy, but this is a time to assess the work you’ve been doing on yourself and on your career and set appropriate limits that enable you to carry out your mission. That could mean anything from eliminating persistent distractions to jettisoning a strategy that’s not panning out. Both Venus and Saturn are clicking with Pluto in your mindset zone, giving you the perfect opportunity to pull it all together in your head. And Pluto is turning direct after a five-month retrograde period, further fueling an empowered attitude. It’s not a week to feel satisfied; it’s a week to renew the vows you’ve made with yourself.



zodiac sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS
November 22–December 21
Verbal Mercury in your group sector meets up with three other planets this week, complicating communication. Your unique brand of self-expression may not go over well with pals or professional contacts. Don’t force it if you’re feeling like others don’t get you. The opinion of someone close to you could clash with groupthink as well, but resist choosing sides. Despite all this, you’ll have luck recruiting friends to join you on a trip or other adventure, so keep talking. The full moon in your roots angle wants you to tend to your emotional needs, your home life or your family, to balance out the dueling pulls to socialize and get ahead at work. You do need to go within, because you’re in a finishing-up phase that’s clearing the decks for a new cycle in your life, and it’s subtle enough that the outer world has to be shut out at times. Releasing guilt, cutting losses, grieving the past, coming to terms with failures—none of these sound very Sag, but they’ll help you to move forward and transform your self-worth and your financial security.



zodiac sign illustrationCAPRICORN
December 22–January 19
You’re focused on goals, thanks to cerebral Mercury in your ambition angle, but Mercury’s battles with Uranus and Jupiter this week suggest family, home and relationships could pull your head away from work. It’s up to you to direct your efforts where they’re most needed. This is a big week for you, with Saturn in your future-objectives house having its last meeting with Pluto in Cap. Their first and second such meetings took place on December 26 and March 8, so you’re wrapping up a nine-month cycle of combining self-empowerment with a plan for what’s next. These planets aren’t changing signs, but they are moving away from the cooperative angle they’ve been in. Take this opportunity to think very hard about where you’re headed. Venus and the moon’s north node join the conversation to emphasize that your hard work should all be aimed at something you actually want, as well as something that will help you to grow. Instant gratification is not happening, but a strategy for a new brand of success that you sincerely value is, if you’re willing to fully commit.



zodiac sign illustrationAQUARIUS
January 20–February 18
Your own indecision or someone else’s opinions may unnerve you this week, as mental Mercury in your beliefs house runs into trouble with excitable Uranus in your cognition sector. Too many details or responsibilities could also overwhelm you, affecting your ability to think and speak calmly and accurately. But you’re able to clearly envision a productive one-on-one collaboration or a way to assert yourself in a relationship and can act on it with positive results. Inventive ideas come to you this week, so keep track of them. There’s a deep internal process going on in you that you’re not fully aware of, and it likely surfaces as an occasional emotional outburst. The shift in your psyche is so strong that you’ve probably been pulling away from people to be alone with your feelings. This emotional turmoil is an indicator of things that need to be released and left in the past. Face what’s happening inside you, and you’ll come to grips with your career frustration. If you know who you are, you’ll know what you’re here to achieve.



zodiac sign illustrationPISCES
February 19–March 20
Up-and-down confidence or over-romanticizing could make it difficult to talk to someone this week. Apply your mental energy to researching something you can do to improve your health or your job, then take that first step. You’re determined to build a better future, and your role with friends and colleagues is shifting as your perception of your potential grows. This is one of those times where the pieces can fall into place, so pay attention to the connection between your ambition and finding a better fit with people. The full moon in your sign is bound to overshadow other planetary happenings this week, as you’re flooded with feelings—a very Piscean state. Seek a safe space for expressing your emotions so they don’t engulf you. You need an outlet for them, and it could be something as simple as dancing alone in your room to your favorite music with your eyes closed. Get a sense of your feelings moving freely through you—to prevent them from getting lodged somewhere and leaking out later, causing problems. Follow what your instincts tell you you need in the moment.



zodiac sign illustrationARIES
March 21–April 19
Verbal Mercury in your relationship angle emphasizes the importance of dialogue this week, and the key to valuable exchanges with other people seems to be finding the sweet spot between emotional objectivity and passion. Speaking from the heart about something important to you while still allowing space for others to have their own reactions to your message will establish a healthy synergy. Go ahead and let your feelings come through in your words, then step back enough to avoid taking anyone’s response too personally. You’ve been learning about the serious work of fulfilling your agreements—spoken and unspoken—with those closest to you. You may see a glimmer now of the role your investment in people plays in your evolving life direction. The full moon in your releasing sector reminds you to tend to inner needs as well, and it may highlight something that’s coming to a close in your life. Carve out quiet time to reflect on your subtler internal processes—you may experience spiritual burnout if you don’t.



zodiac sign illustrationTAURUS
April 20–May 20
Whatever part of our chart Saturn is traveling through, we’re called to do work in that area of life. We learn hard lessons that compel us to grow up and become more accountable. The house that the north node of the moon is transiting also indicates an area of potential growth. Saturn and the north node don’t point to the easy road or the thing we feel like doing, but rather, they show where we can make lasting progress if we step up our game. Both have been in your partners angle for the past year, and this week your ruler Venus aligns with them, underscoring the value of close, committed relationships. She reminds you that rising to the challenge of making serious relationships work will pay off. Whether it’s a business or romantic partnership or an important friendship, a serious relationship requires effort. An impulse to break free has been hiding out in your subconscious the last few years, and that impulse is at odds with this realization. But take a good look now at how your closest connections can shape your belief system and strengthen your courage to face the future.



zodiac sign illustrationGEMINI
May 21–June 20
With your ruler Mercury in your creativity-and-heart house and interacting with three other planets this week, it’s all about expressing yourself. You’re impassioned to speak, and your ideas are especially clever and innovative. But people on the receiving end may fail to recognize your genius, which could easily make you impatient. Teamwork has been uneven for quite a while now, so as driven as you are to share what you’re thinking, don’t sweat it if others don’t agree with everything you say. Enjoy the process of telling your unique story, whatever form it may take. Overconfidence could push you to think way outside the box, and not everything that comes into your head will materialize as reality. But your increasing ability to execute a plan will prove valuable in the long run, so take a moment to recognize the importance of doing things in a fastidious manner. The full moon in your ambition angle can get you to notice a certain goal that should be crossed off your list rather than futilely pursued. Check in with how you’re feeling about current objectives, and ask yourself if it’s time for a course correction.


zodiac sign illustrationCANCER
June 21–July 22
It’s a little complicated this week to reconcile your safety-mindedness with your urge for career movement and your drive to take on the world—all due to mental Mercury in your foundation angle grappling with revolutionary Uranus in your ambition sector and confident Jupiter in your sign. Your momentum to accrue wealth or build up your resources is in line with where your head is at, since your bottom line is security. You tend to fall back on playing it safe, but it’s clear now that you can’t operate from a position of self-protection and still shake up your life in an exciting way. Saturn is teaching you to take your unique contribution to the world very seriously, and to some extent, he may also be depriving you of romance, play and childlike joy. But Venus’s meetup with Saturn could show you the value of this pocket of gravity in your life. And further, Saturn’s meetup with transformational Pluto in your relationship angle can remind you that you’re playing for keeps in your personal interactions lately and stand to build something substantial when you respect yourself and the power of a real connection. The full moon brings to light an aspect of your perspective that’s due to shift. If a long-held belief has outlived its relevance, bid it goodbye.


zodiac sign illustrationLEO
July 23–August 22
You’re disposed to changing your mind this week when you play devil’s advocate, undermining the chances of settling on what you believe. But if you do choose a line of thinking, you’ll be in a good position to act on it. Clever Mercury in your mindset zone is syncing with doer Mars in your sign, so once you get clarity on your position, you can take effective action. Your underlying feeling of wariness colors social and emotional situations now, but notice how viewing this inner caution as self-discipline and then directing it toward your work can transmute your personal power. The full moon in your mergers house clashes with Mars in Leo (and of course opposes your ruler the sun, as a full moon always does), bringing up issues of emotional trust. At the moment, your need for closeness contends with your will to do things your way. You probably want to share your feelings with someone, but aren’t sure what to say or do. True intimacy requires vulnerability.



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