Free People Models Off Duty

This week, models Jessica, Alyssa, Linda, Sheila, and Martha seemed to be holding onto summer with stripes and tees, yet welcoming fall with sneakers, blazers, and light sweatshirts. Here’s what they wore to work!

Tied tee

Jessica looks fresh in a pair of cropped pants and a tee tied right in the center. I’m loving the neutral color palette!

Get the look: We The Free Retro Solid Tee, Easy Pleat Pant, Ryan Sandal, Castro Sunglasses.

Free People model Alyssa

White Converses

Alyssa tops her jeans-and-tee outfit with a fitted jacket, adding a sophisticated element to a casual look.

Get the look: Keep Me Tee, Lightweight Stretch Ankle Skinny, Fitted Utility Jacket, Charlie Converse, Essex Leather Tote.

Free People model Linda

Black studded sneakers

Linda is on the same wavelength, pairing her jeans, sneakers, and printed top with a white blazer for a bit of sophistication.

Get the look: Printed Off The Shoulder Top, Lightweight Stretch Skinny, Houndstooth Knit Slouchy Jacket, Skull Studded High Tops, Distressed Emery Tote.

Free Peoplep model Sheila

Kenzo sweatshirt, gold chain

Shelia looks cool as always in a sweatshirt and leather pants that she paired with running shoes and a gold chain.

Get the look: Going Back Pullover, Vegan Leather Skinny, Rye Trainer, Clover Fringe Hobo, Montreal Twisted Cross And Chain Collar.

Free People model Martha

Striped tee, aviators

Martha looks super adorable in a striped tee tucked into casual black pants and finished with a pair of aviators. The black and white color palette is awesome!

Get the look: We The Free Boxy Crop Tee, Petal Wideleg, Star Low Tops.

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  1. Also wondering where the pants in the first picture are from
    sorry the free people look alike pants are just not cutting it.

  2. Better yet, can you find out where Jessica got her whole outfit? shoes, tee-shirt, pants, sunnies? lol because lets be serious, the whole kit and kaboodle is just perfect!!! :)

  3. Hey, please restock or bring back the outfit Jessica is wearing, it’s pretty and looks effortlessly chic and comfy! xx

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