What Gold Says About You

I always love studying the psychology of color; finding out characteristics and emotions that are linked to certain hues. This fall, we all seem to be loving pops of gold, whether it’s in our makeup, outfits, or accessories, and today I wanted to share what gold says about you. Gold is the color of luxury and royalty; of optimism and positivity; of wisdom and enlightenment. If you love the color gold…

You are a loving, giving person. There’s a warmth about you that does not go unnoticed. You’re a charismatic person who causes others to feel instantly calm. You love to be around others, as well, offering up a listening ear to anyone in need. You treat those close to you with respect and worth, and it’s clear that you appreciate having them in your life.

Gold jewels

You’re very optimistic. Your positive attitude magnetizes people towards you. They love to be in your presence, as you are exactly who they aspire to be. Just being around you fills people with confidence.

Gold ribbon

Gold bottles

You are a natural leader. You’re wise and knowledgeable, and share information willingly and honestly with others. You know the difference between right and wrong, and have a sophistication about you that seems to cause you to favor what’s right.

Gold painted eggs

You seek high quality in all aspects of life. You aspire to live a life of luxury, and your success enables you to do just that.

Gold shoes and jewelry

Is gold your favorite color? Let us know if these traits describe you!

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  1. My favorite color is definitely gold! The walls in my room are gold even. I think the traits describe me very well. :)

  2. Gold isn’t my favorite color but I do love it!! So many of these traits described me very very well! Love finding things like this :)

  3. Gold, white and green are my favourite colours! :) I only wear golden jewellery, never silver, since gold looks warm, wonderful and suits my yellowish skin tone.

  4. Gold is for most my favorite color. I like to wear it with my jewelry and in my house with different accents. I do feel that I am a good listener, loving and caring, always willing to share what I know, that’s why I created my blog Findin’ Grace. Love all your posts brigitte! xx

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