Hair Inspiration: A Touch Of Grunge

When I get creative with my hair, one of my favorite things to do is to incorporate a piece of fabric or a scarf into the style. Since the trend on our homepage this week is Girl Gone Grunge, I re-visited this technique, but this time using a piece of flannel fabric to add in a touch of grunge. Using the fabric to wrap around braids or tie in your hair is a different way to do something creative with your hair and it’s so simple to do!

All you need is:

grunge fabric

Flannel fabric

…I found some cheap flannel shirts at a thrift store and cut long strips of fabric from the shirts. You could also pick up some flannel fabric at a nearby fabric store.


For this style, all you have to do is throw your hair into a low bun and find a good spot to tie in a piece of fabric. You can tie the fabric around the center of the bun, or at the base. It’s fun to get creative with it and try a few ways.


I love the way the fabric looks wrapped around two braids. It’s best to braid your hair first, then start at the top of the braid with your fabric and criss-cross your way down until you have reached the hair band. To secure the fabric at the top of the braids, you can add in a few bobby pins to hold it tight.


I used the same criss-cross wrap technique on this style, but tried it on a different look that incorporated two French braids.


Do you have any other style tips on incorporating fabric into hair? We would love to hear!

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Honestly, I just like to tie them like ribbons… also been know to take fabric scraps and wrap them around like headbands. A benefit is if you want to grunge look in the winter, the flannel scraps help keep your head warm. :)

I love wrapping natural elements and fabric around my braids, kind of like the Native Americans used to do. Looks really natural, like you were on a hike, grabbed a few pieces of leaves, and wrapped them around your hair to keep cool <3 Fun post! xoxo Annejelina

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This is such a cool look!
Even better than buying thrift store shirts would be to repurpose old shirts of your own.

The second look is my favorite. Now, why didn’t I think of that! Very cool.

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These hair bands are amazing!!!