Homemade Natural 10-Minute Jewelry Cleaner

Cleaning your jewelry is the perfect way to give an older piece a fresh, new look. I have certain pieces that I wear almost every day, and I never realize how tarnished they’ve become until I give them a nice cleaning. Today I have a recipe for a homemade jewelry cleaner that can be made with materials that you’re likely to already have in your home. It’s incredible how well this cleaner actually works, and it only takes 10 minutes! I would recommend sticking to solely using this on metals, just in case the ingredients could react unfavorably on precious stones or gems.

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Homemade Natural Jewelry Cleaner

Baking pan
Aluminum foil
1 cup boiling water
½ cup white vinegar
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon baking soda


1. Line your pan with foil, shiny side up. Lay your jewelry in the pan, making sure all parts are in contact with the foil.

How to clean jewelry

2. Mix water, salt, and baking soda together, and slowly pour into the pan.

3. Slowly add the vinegar into the pan. You will see lots of bubbles form as the mixture does its work!

Natural jewelry cleaner bubbling

4. Let everything sit for 5-10 minutes, using a spoon, if necessary, to reposition the jewelry and to stir the mixture.

5. Rinse your jewelry with cold water, and then dry. Easy peasy!

Clean Jewelry

With a cleaner this easy, there’s no excuse for me to wear a tarnished piece ever again! Do you have any other recipes for a homemade jewelry cleaner? Let us know!

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8 years ago

I just purchased a gorgeous really old/vintage squash blossom necklace. I was scared to use anything abraisive as it is pretty black with patina. I used toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean the front areas of the necklace but Im not sure if I should clean all the history off of it? any suggestions on what or if you are meant to take off the patina on these old treasures. By the way, toothpaste works brilliantly.

8 years ago

Oooh! This is a new technique I haven’t heard of!
I make a paste out of baking soda and water and just buff my jewelry with it, but this would be a much easier way to do multiple pieces at once! Can’t wait to try :)

<3 dani

8 years ago

Melinda- my boyfriend used to sell Native jewelry here in Santa Fe, both vintage & new. He says concerning antique squashblossoms removing the vintage patina can lower the “value” of the piece. He says there are two basic types, those that have a “hammered” or “rough” finish, & those that have a sandcast “smooth” finish. Only the smooth finish are polished with any regularity, but even those if they have a patina on them should be left that way until sold. :)

8 years ago

this is great, i was thinking in the morning what should I do to brighten my silver necklace, this came perfectly, thanks! =)


8 years ago

Sometimes I use toothpaste. ;)
It works too!


8 years ago

hello! is this only to clean “real jewelry” or can it be used for cheap, store-bought jewelry that have been tarnished and brassy as well? Thank You :)

8 years ago

Hah.. did you know that coca-cola can do the same? Of course Pepsi as well. Just leave your silver jewelry in cola for a little while and it will spark.

8 years ago

In the case of the lion ring pictured: it looks like you actually just rubbed the patina out of the recesses. Patina is intentionally applied to give metal an antique finish.

8 years ago

wonderful, thanks!

8 years ago

I am using connisseurs jewellery cleaner . My ring is of ruby and diamonds. Is it ok to dip in the cleaner every day? It is also mentioned on the back of the container that that this cleaner can remove light scratces? Is this true.

8 years ago

Oh my goodness I NEED these!!!hello! is this only to clean “real jewelry” or can it be used for cheap, pearl bracelet

8 years ago

There are things that can help on a daily basis, just to clean your jewellery a little. But if you want your jewellery to look like new, take it to a local jeweller, and ask for a clean & polish.

8 years ago

Who could have though that cleaning jewelry can be so easy and inexpensive using what most of us have in the house, great advice!

7 years ago

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7 years ago

Wow! I had no idea that I can clean my silver jewellery at home! So cool! Thanks a lot for the article! I will try this method immediately! Cowley Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

7 years ago

Here is a trick I learned from a colleague in our cleaning company . Take a small piece of aluminum foil, about 1″ square, and put it in the bottom of a coffee cup. Add about a T of baking soda. Pour boiling water over it and dunk your jewelry. You can drop it in and swirl it around, or you can just dunk it a few times and it cleans any tarnish off in seconds. I like to put a twist tie or string on the jewelry and then just dunk it. When I pull it out, sometimes there are some little dark spots. I just rub them out with my finger. This works well on tarnished silver dishes or tableware as well.

6 years ago

Great tip! I just found my favorite silver necklace is tarnished, but I have no time to take it to a jeweler. It just needs to be cleaned a little, so as I see I can do it at home. Thanks for the good idea!

6 years ago

Most of the time i go to jewellery store to cleaned my all gold and silver jewellery as they are much precious but now a days i am very busy so i was looking for home made jewellery cleaning stuff on internet so got your website blog.Below tips are very helpful and time saving.

5 years ago

There was somebody on this site mentioned Windex for cleaning jewellery. I poured some in a bowl and filled it with winded. I put a fair amount of jewellery in the bowl and immediately could see them get silver. It is the most amazing cleaner I have ever used and I think I used them all but not with these results. Whoever posted it thank you.I used Bebbington glass cleaner that I purchase from Bebbigton on Wright avenue in Dartmouth. I buy it by the gallon so I fix and make jewellery and this will save me lots of money and get the most amazing results ever.

Renee Towater
4 years ago

I tried the recipe and, for the most part, on the front of my dime size sterling silver pendant or charm is much cleaner. The back only removed a small bright silver spot. The rest of it still is tarnished. I tried the recipe in newer batches, let it soak longer, then made the paste. Nothing. Any other ideas?

3 years ago

Look cool. Thanks for your sharing how to clean jewelry easily. What do you think about using cleaner machine? Which brand do you think we can go after.

3 years ago

I often use lemon or toothpaste.
It clean too!

3 years ago

I will try and report the results

3 years ago

Great info to share, thanks ., I’m looking for new machine, the article very helpful for me

2 years ago

It was great timing, I was thinking in the yesterday what should I do to brighten my necklace, this came perfectly. i will try your tips. Thanks, dear!