How To Mix Plaid & Floral

When done right, the combination of plaid and floral can look amazing — it’s such a cool mixture of boy and girl elements.  But perfecting this style can be tricky, so I asked our stylist Mandi to share her tips on how to mix plaid and floral in a way that works well.  Read her tips below and let us know which of these looks you would wear!

Shop Girl Gone Grunge.

how to mix plaid with floral

1. Choose your base color

To keep the mix of plaid and floral from looking too busy, choose your base color.  This could be the background of the floral print and the background for the plaid, which in this case is black, or one of the colors in the flowers and one of the stripe colors. In this case, Mandi matched the cream color in the flowers to one of the stripes in the plaid pants.  Add a leather jacket and black booties and this look is a perfect mix.

Get the look: Plaid Crinkle Trouser, Floral Printed Bubble Sleeve Tunic, Tuxedo Slip Oxford, Classic Biker Jacket, Trapped Crystal Pendant, Hard Bangle Set.

how to mix plaid with floral

2. Use black & white

When in doubt, use black & white! An easy way to keep this look from getting too chaotic is to use black and white for one of your prints.  This houndstooth coat has such a classic look you can pair it with pretty much anything! This allows you to have fun with the other print and pick something a bit more colorful.

Get the look: Recognition Maxi Coat, Lonesome Love Dress, Lucas Lace Up Boot, Art Nouveau Tear Drop.

Which of these two looks would you wear?

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10 years ago

the picture you used for the story with the girl wearing the tie waisted flannel…

10 years ago

This is my favorite mix of prints… although polka dots and plaid are a close second!!

<3 dani

10 years ago

Ahhh I love this mix of prints! So perf.

xo, Juliette Laura

10 years ago

love the looks!

10 years ago

Love these tips! I love both outfits. I had fun mixing the prints on my blog. I’m going to try using tip #2 next!

5 years ago

I’d wear the second look.
I really like how the houndstooth complements the floral skirt. Tres chic !